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  • mathschick wrote (see)

    it isn't pleasant when your body does something stupid like breathing in when your head is still underwater image

    Ha funny you should say that. We were doing fly sets in masters swim this morning and I managed to time my gulp of air just as a bow wave from someone else was coming towards felt like I had swallowed half of the pool. Infact I still feel a bit sick from it now.

  • Maths, shorts,gloves and a long sleeve running shirt. It's the tips of my fingers that start to freeze off, even with the gloves! Oh and the ears and face seem to go a little num too :/ A balmy 2C tomorrow though for a longer run after my day of today.

  • Afternoon all,

    Thought I should jump back into this thread after an absence of a few years as I have entered Ocean Lava 70,3 in August. Been training again since 30 December and just building up time on the turbo, running and in the pool. Coming up to the end of 4th week of base training now so will be setting a little more structure I think. Managed to lose 6lbs so far though!

    Good to see some familiar faces on here still!

    CP - I'm doing the same with swimming. Trying to either reduce down the rest periods or increase the number of lengths each session though. I progressed onto 4 lengths last week!
    BamBam - this is what puts me off Masters sessions...I don't think I can face doing different strokes!

  • CP - try mitts rather than gloves? and a buff round the ears?

    alex - I go to masters swimming, I have no idea how to do fly and am ridiculously slow at backstroke. So I just adjust the sets according to what I can do, which is fine by the coach - though he does make me do some backstroke!



  • Been cracking on with the Fink plan last few weeks but on the last few runs over an hour my foot is hurting again so i have booked an appointment on Friday to see they guy who made my carbion orthotics over a year ago. The pain is roughly in the same place as a lump in my insoles so maybe my foot has repaired the previous damage and now the insoles are causing the pain.

    Going to miss this weeks run sessions and change then for S&C and cardio in the gym until i find out whats happening. 

    On a plus note my run times are coming down and feeling easier and im losing weight.

    Happy training everyone and remember to enjoy it

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    *knock knock*  I am going to be doing my first tri this year and I am a complete beginner.  Is this a good place to hang out?  I can't see a thread for beginners and don't know if you're all very advanced?  

    I'm quite scared about the whole thing and feel some counselling is needed over the next few months!

    I did see Barry B above.  *waves*

  • Hi minni, when and how far is your tri? can you do all the bits separately or are you needing to build up too? I have entered an IM but no way can i do the distances yet let alone put them together so using shorter tri's to practice transitions, getting used to jelly legs and learning how to fuel. 

    Buffs are brill especially as when you do warm up you can whip them down or tie to a belt/ strap. My hands always feel toasty just as i get to the end of my session... Tried my neoprene diving gloves today on the bike and they were useless which was a disappointment. 

    BS - good luck getting foot sorted, gutting when training is going well to have a set back. 

    Alex - wish i could drop 6lbs....  Have you done that distance before? 

    Struggling to stay with fink and it is only the base weeks!! 

  • minni - you will be fine. Ask any questions you have here! there is some information here: for beginners


  • Minni - welcome! This is a great thread to hang out on. I've only just come back on here but used to knock around here in 2012. The ones on here that I know of from back then are all really nice and supportive.Bristolsparks - Hope you get the foot sorted. Saw your previous run on the Garmin Connect group - you run *very* close to my workplace.
    Camlo - No, only done sprint previously. Although have run half marathons and a marathon before. The swim volume in Fink terrifies me. I have IM ambitions next year and I'm not sure that I can go for the volumes that he recommends.However, I will reassess in August after my 70.3!!

  • Should add - great training day today. 1600m swim done at lunch. Felt really good. Fellow swimmer highly recommended the masters class there as well. May bite the bullet and go week after next. Followed up with easy run this evening. Deliberately very slow to keep HR down.

    Hoping to take the bike out tomorrow...depends on overnight frost though

    Oh, and Camlo - trust me...I had 6lb to lose! image Lost considerably more pounds on kit this week though!!!

  • Alex - i guess you work in filton? Live here aswell? Which masters class do u go to as im looking to improve my swimming

  • Alex - Did you brave the bike, too icy for me yesterday so indoor bike instead.

    Minni - waves back, I think a lot on here are going long, but hopefully that will be us next year.image

    BS- Have you any experience of the Bristol Tri Shop, me and OH need wetsuits and are planning to book a session in their endless pool in Feb to get sorted.

    Good run for me on Thursday - 10 miles including 3 x 2 mile repeats with 1 mile rec.  Swim club on Friday night, coach tried to move me up lanes but after previous "meltdown" I declined. 20k on the indoor bike yesterday, a lot quicker than before - chose a higher gear and tried to keep the cadence around 90, followed by 30 mins S&C and swim club in the afternoon.  15 miles run this morning.

  • Barry - trishop are great bunch of guys and they all know there stuff. Always smiling and helpful when i have been in

  • I work in Filton but live on the other side of the Severn Bridge! I swim in the local leisure centre. Haven't tried the Masters session yet but heard good things about it. If any of you guys are local to Bristol and fancy it, we could do an OW swim at Bradley Stoke when the weather is less cold.

    Didn't get out on bike...should have done but other things got in the way. Another hour on turbo later then.

    +1 for the Tri Shop. Great shop and really nice, knowledgeable staff. They have some really good deals on at the moment too. 

  • Alex - where abouts are on you? There are a few people on the 'dodgy' side of the Severn! image

    Are the tri shop really busy for wetsuits trials? Do you have to book really far ahead? I'm guessing the weekend is the worst
  • Hello everyone and welcome Minni, I have just read back after a busy weekend.

    Saturday was a rest day from training but not a rest day if you know what I mean.

    Today did my long bike ride and rode from home to the club and just made it in time to join the slow group going out for 21 miles. It was cold but I was snug apart from my feet which is normal for me. After stopping for hot chocolate and cake the ride home was a bit more hard work and I decided to go the 2nd most direct route which involves a long but manageable hill, I had to get into granny ring and spent 10 minutes climbing to the top. At least the last bit was downhill home.

    Tired and sore this afternoon, but to be expected as that was the furthest I had ridden this year.

  • Rocco - I'm in Chepstow (The Welsh part!) Plenty of decent rides around here and very little is flat! I just haven't got out there as yet.

    No idea how busy they are for Wetsuit trials or what the procedure is. I'm considering having swim analysis done there and that is reasonably easy to book. I suspect it will be a case of arranging a suitable time with the shop but doubt you would have to wait long. After all, I'm sure they would rather they had your custom!!

    Steady - Well done on getting out! Hope you aren't too sore!

    Taking a rest day today as I am away Wed-Fri next week and this will allow me to turbo Mon and Wed. Taking the usual rest day of Monday would make training more awkward next week and I'd need to take the bike and turbo away with me. Not a good idea if I end up with a tiny little hire car. Ah, I love being constrained by logistics!

  • steady - well done

    alex - joining the local masters sessions was one of the best things I have done for swimming, means I am in a lane with people more or less the same speed as me so I don't get lane rage like in a public session and there are good coaches. Everyone is friendly too which is always nice image

    well, today didn't turn out the way I wanted it to - didn't have chance to get my long run in, so just did a short run and squeezed a turbo session in instead of heading to swimming

  • BarryB.......Have a look on My triathlon website, they have ex hire wetsuits some only have 1 or 2 hires at big discount prices.

    I took 3 rest days this week as I was feeling shit  imageso no swimming for me but did manage to get out for a run today, only 3.5 miles at a steady pace of 10:28 min/m and felt ok so back on it again this week.  image

  • I've now managed 3 days exercise in a row, I may slowly be getting back into things.

    I'm very tired and sore but I remember this from last time so no excuse to stop. I lost 1lb last week so that's a little step in the right direction. I have also just discovered that you can now connect fitness devices to the WeightWatches app so it works out your activity points for you. I see Garmin is on the list so I will have a go at that later.

    I also feel I can confess here to my guilty please, I'm off to see Jillian Michaels on her UK Live tour at the O2 this Wednesday. If that's doesn't kick my motivation back into action nothing will. Hubby has bravely agreed to come with me.

    My day light alarm is working well too, I'm going to keep getting up at the same time weekday mornings even if I don't currently have an exercise to do as I need to get back into the routine.

    Hopefully this post will also work as a little motivational kick next time I'm feeling down.

    It looks like everyone else on here is cracking on well and we're all set for a good 2015 image

  • Actually went for a swim today. And exercised twice on sunday. Still don't have my mojo but I guess I need to battle through it. I need to book in to a race to get the fear motivation going. 1st triathlon of the season on the 26th april. I will not be last out of the pool!

  • 5 mile run done avg pace according to my nike app 10:04min/m . my garmin says it was 9:50min/m. my garmin is set to auto pause so its proberbly right, still my pace is improving all the time. image

    Pete... so what if you are last out of the pool just enjoy it. image

  • I was last out of the pool last year, but got most of them on the bike and a few on the run, but I want to go sub 1hr 30 for our local sprint tri so I need to knock 5mins off my terrible swim time. I don't really mind being last. It gives me a chance to be cheeky to the fast group waiting to go in after me. I don't mind being last at that point, but I do mind the fast group catching me before the end. 

  • It is hard knowing where to focus your efforts. i am not sure i can ever knock more than say a minute off my 400m swim but the same training could take 5 mins off my bike or a few mins off my run? 

    razor - glad devices seem to match up, would be annoying if not. 

    Pete - i dont mind being last from a mass swim either - more room in transition! 

  • alex_h wrote (see)

    BamBam - this is what puts me off Masters sessions...I don't think I can face doing different strokes!

    There are plenty of people in the session who don't do fly, infact the coach generally runs two different sessions.

    He writes on the board what the session consist of, and as the fast lane work their way through it he adjusts the distances, times and stroke for the slower lanes to ensure eveyone 'keeps up'.

  • Pete

    ,     Its harder to shave 5 mins off your swim, greater savings on the bike would be more effective IMO, you would pick up more places. If you have Don Fink's book read the section on limiters.

    1600 mtrs swim today with Horse we did 4 x 400 mtrs sets with 30 second rest, total time 35 mins ish. happy with that. image

  • My mojo went missing today a few hours before the snow arrived, not sure if it knew what was coming. So today was a rest day, think the body needed it as FiL situation is getting bad again.

  • Chin up Steady   ((((()))))

  • imageimage I'm to far south now for snow.

    Sorry for silent running been enjoying not working with conputer's to much last few weeks hope your all going great and getting ready to rock. Just got paid so been on a race entry bender. image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Thank you all for your welcomes. image. Unfortunately just after I posted we lost internet connection at home and because I'm off work had no access to da net. Grrr

    Anyway, will read the beginners link, thanks mathschick, and (hopefully) now keep up.

    This will be my first tri. The swim frightens the hell out of me, as does the bike but I know I'll be ok once on it and I'm not bothered about the run.

    Q. Since I started to try to get my technique right I'm getting slower and I wasn't very fast to begin with. Is this normal?
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