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  • Going to do an hour or two on the turbo tonight at the sort of effort I expect to be doing for Outlaw. Going to line up Outlaw 2013/14 on YouTube and sit there watching whilst spinning away. Last time the bike will be used before getting boxed up ready to go on it's hols on Thursday. 10 days in sunny Spain for some last miles before the big day. Looking forward to doing some running in dry heat too!

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    schmunks - good to hear from you! 

    DB - have you got a massive fan for the turbo or something? I don't think I could cope with the heat

    razor - sounds like a perfect Sunday

    I have been mainly running and swimming. I am hanging on now for the end of term..

  • Did 45 minutes on the turbo whilst watching Outlaw 2013. No fan. We now have an indoor swimming pool. The sweat was running off me!

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    I guess if you put the turbo in the garden it would be better!

  • Nice work people. I have mainly been feeling pants so have slept most of this evening. See how I feel tomorrow!

    Oh Schmunkee image 

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    DB you are set up nicely for the heat in Spain, yesterday was 38 and only a light breeze.


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    I will be back from the rest and recovery in Spain on Saturday. Still not 100% but getting better each day. Have done a few tiny swim but mainly jumping in the sea or pool to cool down.

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend Steady.

    There must be something in the air at the moment, I did 1hr on the Turbo this morning, I now have power intervals to do in order to try and increase my speed and with a turbo and trainer road I can't hide and it allows me to put in a constant effort. I can't believe how rubbish I am now compared to over the winter when I was turbo-ing all the while. More sessions required.

    I think I may be back in the pool once a week soon to do the same for my swim as the turbo is for my bike. But I survived my 2nd ever sea swim last night, it was very calm but once we got out a way there was a bit of swell, oh dear I could hardly make any headway. I think weekly sea swims are required as well, thankfully it looks like there's a group of us keen to do these so I will have company.

  • Looking forward to that heat!

    Going to use the turbo properly next winter, and try to use it into the warmer months too for the same reason
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    DB it's too hot for me I prefer about 30-32. Most cyclists going out in the evening but the roads are good.

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    Ali - well done on the sea swims. Yes, turbo is really good for hard, specific sessions and I love doing the sufferfest videos. I would like trainer road too, and now I have a better laptop that doesn't take 10 mins to switch on it is possibility!

    ran this morning, and intended to do an ow swim this evening but was shattered after a long day at work and I have an even longer day tomorrow so decided best thing was to come home and relax a bit

  • We'll be heading out morning or evening. Might do a couple of shorter blasts in the middle of the day just for the crack.

  • Good to hear you're feeling better CJ - still lurking image still running - doing a 25k event on Saturday image hope it's not too hot!

  • Great efforts everyone on your training. Since pulling out of outlaw and stopping training due to a foot issue my body seems to be shutting down. I now have my old knee injury playing up and now have possible gout in my other foot. Also i feel so bloody tired Since i stopped

    I cant wait to get back training. 

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    Hi Gang, long time no 'see'.

    Been lurking on and off but not done a tri since June 2014. That was also the last time I swam and 'ran'. I injured myself in January 2014 trying to train for a half mara and the tri. Hip flexor strain that also affected my psoas and took ages to clear, about 8 months in fact as in August that year I managed to start running after a ball/bus etc without feeling any niggle in the hip.

    Now I want to start running again (had another injury in October 2014, patella tendonitis in both knees due to volleyball that stopped me doing anything) but not sure whats the best way to start as have put quite a bit of weight on, and I think that was partly why I had the hip flexor injury. Cycling to work now, about 4 miles each way and playing vb again so fitness is slowly coming back. I've joined the gym for couple of months and could start on the treadmill and then go outdoors, running on grass and stuff to lessen the impact. Weight loss is starting to go the right way too.

    So any recommendations how much I should do to start of? Hoping to do some HM's and tri's next year.

  • mikasa as a fellow glass leg sufferer my recommendation would be start with a good 30 min road walk 3 times a week for a month, then start on the good old couch to 5k program on the same route with a 5 min walk warm up and cool down on the route. All the above needs to be done in a good pair of trainers that have been fitted for you as you are now.

    I went round the coach to 5k loop getting to about week 6 or 7 for a full 12 months stopping every time due to leg injuries. Then I did the above and haven't looked back too much since image

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    mikasa - good to hear from you - injury and losing fitness is so frustrating. Ali's suggestion is sensible

    outlaw is getting a bit close.....image


  • Hi Mikasa,   You could always run with HR monitor so you don't over do it, you can roughly work out your max HR by deducting your age from 220  , not the most accurate but would do until you get fitter.

    Went out on the bike today with Horse, rode out to Garstang, 80 miles in 5hrs 20min, happy with the time as we didn't really push it and I'm feeling really good and strong on the bike, my run I'm good with and I know I can easily beat the swim cut off, so I'm feeling really positive and looking forward to the Outlaw now. image

    DB    be careful in the sun you dont want sunstroke .image

    Happy training everyone  image

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    Thanks for suggestion AliBear. I think my recent injuries have been due to my weight as I never used to have any problems. I do actually have to get a new pair of trainers so need to sort that out too. I do usually do lunch time walks of about 3 miles. Not wanting to run at lunch time atm as I'd be up to 3 showers a day.

    Is Outlaw this weekend?

  • Outlaw is on the 26th.

    7 mile run done today at a steady pace in the sun and it was a bit on the warm side image

  • Hey mikasa. Nice to read you again. 

    I still ain't dun nuffin'  but thankfully that scary yellow ball has gone from the sky and we're back to cloud and biblical floods. 

    I'm of to germany on thursday for beer and thermal hot spa with the inlaws. I'm hoping for some gentle jogging and lots of swimming. And lots of beer. 

  • 2k swim done tonight at Salford Quays in 50 mins,  at that pace it gets me well under the cut off, image

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    had a big day yesterday to make up for staying in bed on Sunday! 10 mile run and a 4k swim image and a training course for work (which was close to home so I had time to fit the swim in beforehand)

    pete - have fun in Germany

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    I missed swimming this morning, the insect bite on my leg is a massive blister, but went to Pilates class as it was the last one before the summer holidays.

    Hoping to be able to start doing a little bit of training next week, going to keep all sessions to 30 mins max to start with, especially as I am now following a low carb eating plan.

  • Well done Maths, a good day.

  • Monster day maths well done, 4k swim , ah yes I need to be doing some of those and soon!

    Had our clubs annual race last weekend and over the Olympic distance I was 16 mins slower than last year image  I know some people do slow down as they train for longer distances but I need to speed up to make the cut offs. Ah well keep faith in the plan and keep doing the sessions.

    Is is sad that I'm rather proud that my bike needed a new chain at is service? I have ridden that many miles that I wore the chain out image apart fromt hat they said I've kept it in very good condition image

    I'm doing the work just not quite getting the results... yet

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    This morning I got up at 4.30 and did 16 miles on the bike then swam for 45 minutes. Going to run for 60-75 minutes tonight before I have my tea. Seem to be getting slower with the swimming not faster, thinking about getting a bit of one to one time with a coach.

  • So, been a busy time... MrD completing his first Ironman distance. Ive been marshalling. It's been all go! My boy did really well and now looking forward to Mallorca next year image

    Looks like everyone's been working hard. Welcome back Mikasa image Ive popped out on the bike today for the first time in a while. Now back to doing long days at work so can have the time for Outlaw. Leaves little time for training. Doing what I can. Hope everyone is continuing to be well image


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    well done to digger!

    Ali - trust the training - you will get there

    Simo - are you just swimming by yourself? I joined a masters club and it is really helping. Sessions are tough but so much better than just swimming alone

    trouble with the 4k swim before a training course was that I was starving and ate loads of the snacks etc that were laid on!

    nice 6 mile run this morning

  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭

    Yeah just on my own don't really have a chance to go to a club because of work commitments

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