Training for a shorter Tri



  • Well done DB, 5ks are always tough.

    Steady, onwards and upwards.
  • Nice one DB image  You must be well chuffied!!!! 

    Steady, keep plugging away at it! you find it will build quickly.

    10miler done last night. 9/1 ratio of run/walk. All in Z2. Slowly getting a bit quicker image Performane Cycles mini sportive tomorrow. 

  • Well done Mrs D, Z2 is your friend image
  • well done DB, CJ and MrsD

    had a bit of a mixed week - last Sunday I pulled out of the race at 7 miles with knee pain, I was only half way, getting slower and just didn't think it worth forcing myself through it. First DNF ever but it was my fastest 7 miles for a long time so not all bad. Annoyed though, if I had switched to the 10k before starting, I would have had a good run and gone home with cheese

    Tuesday, I went to my running club for the first time in ages and just had a gentle run with the beginners group that was starting that night. It was nice to see old faces and after Sunday I felt it would give my confidence a bit of a boost.

    I am pretty sure my issues are related to weak hips/glutes and lack of stretching so haven't been to the physio but am doing all the exercises she gave me about 18 months ago

    my youngest son was telling me how frustrated he is that they have shut the kids gym at the leisure centre and he wants to get fitter, so we are doing couch to 5k together and started today. Lovely run/walk in fallen leaves with one of the chattiest people I know image He is happy so I need to make sure he keeps up with it. There is a 5k race with medals at xmas nearby so we are hoping to do that together image

  • That sounds cracking MC! Hope he keeps it up image

    I know Razor - I'm trying. Although today was not quite the fun filled experience hoped for image

    A 45mile sportive. Eventual total climbing 2706ft! It hurt, I fell off! I walked up hills and it took over 4hrs. Not my best day image

    How was everyone's weekend?

  • Well done Mrs D, a great effort, not been on my bike since Outlaw.

    Ran 5 miles this morning , pace is getting better in zone, 9.52 average . Definitely getting cooler now 3 layers on t.oday

  • well done MrsD

    I did a 10 mile race today, just took it easy, it was trail in a park in North Notts, beautiful and I nearly got trampled by a herd of longhorn cattle (I was a bit scared). I was the last finisher and the race director came and had a chat and gave me a hug at the end! I'll definitely do more events with them. The medal is beautiful too

  • Hey folks,

    I'm in texas. I saw the bike leg of a local race yesterday and they were struggling in the 30deg heat. I'm not looking forward to that.  Or cycling on the wrong side of the road. But before that I need to regain my fitness and adapt to the weather. Its back to couch to 5k for me. 

    Hope you are all doing fine. 


  • So with my first Tri being next Sunday i had a good training wkn, my legs feel like they worked for a change.

    Saturday was 40mile 2650ft climbing ride before work

    Sunday morning i was pressed for time so instead of a 12km gentle run i opted for an "unofficial" 5km TT. my previous best was 27:00 and completed it in 24:18 this time around. My admit i was barely hanging on in the last km even though according to my Garmin it was my fastest km of the run and that with a slight incline.

    In the afternoon i did a 70min session on the trainer following one of the Sufferfest videos (Violator to be exact)

    As our public pool is closed on wkn and Mondays i shall be back in the water tomorrow till Friday.

    PS: What is all this pirate shirt, talk, symbols on the website?

  • Hey Pete sounds like life on the other side will take a little bit of getting used to! 

    Back on my bike yesterday the planned 30-40 mile turned out to be 51 but we did get to stop for ginormous cake half way through image  Feeling it a little bit today though.


    TimeToTri - this will explain


  • Aye check the link above and read all about the Pirates. Not a bad bunch of people to be a part of.

    Just got back in from my second midweek ride with the cycling club. Rode out to meet them and then doubled back with them, covered about 22 miles. Really enjoying group rides, and enjoying being out on the road bike in the dark. Did have a couple of interesting moments though going too quick on descents I've not ridden before. Wasn't climbing well tonight, mojo was way off, but enjoyed the ride. Was at the back with another lad who was struggling away behind me, but every so often he silently put in 110% to get infront and do a shift pulling me along. Think I've found a good club

  • Parkrun again for me today, twice in as many weeks. Was off my pb time from last week by about 40 seconds, but felt slower than that. Strava reckons I've set new pb's for 1k, 1 mile and 2 miles though so I'll take that. Looking at the splits it's my last mile that let me down. Cycled down, then rode into town to pick up my new phone and see about buying some trail shoes ready for next month's Whinlatter Duathlon and to start preparing for the Brutal Half next year. Bought a shiny new pair of very colourful Asics Gel Sonoma shoes but not been out to try them yet. Might give them a morning or evening christening one day next week.

    Planning to cycle to the mother in law's for Sunday lunch tomorrow, so that'll be 10 miles out followed by a very full 10 miles back. Club midweek ride again on Tuesday night and might see if I can make the Thursday one too. Marshalling at their cyclocross race on Saturday but not needed until 11 or so, so planning on Parkrun again beforehand, and then get down in time to take my CX bike around a lap or two before the races start.

    And to top it off Mixed Grill has been looking into sorting our Easter hols, and we've now got part of it booked. Road trip from Durham down to the Costa Del Sol, with an overnighter in Le Mans, then stopping in Oloron-Saint-Marie just on the French side of the Pyrenees for 3 nights to allow a couple of days of cycling some proper big hills. There might still be some snow about at the end of March but even if we don't hit the summits it'll be good training with stunning views. Then down to Nerja for a week or so with some nice, sunny and warm rides along the coast and up into the hills.

  • well done DB - I like the sound of your holiday image

    this week I have mostly been running with a long swim on Weds night

    worksop half tomorrow - I think bookie and cake are going to be there so hopefully I'll see them at the start

  • So with my 1st Tri coming up this Sunday I think I over did it a bit last week. Everyday for the past few weeks I would either run or cycling (Sufferfest video while on IDT) in the morning before work and then swim in the afternoon. On the Saturdays I would do 40miles of Hill repeats and Sunday Run and Cycling (Sufferfest Video while in IDT). Anyway come Wednesday I ran 9miles and then swam in the afternoon and in the evening did strength training with weights. Thursday morning I ran another 9 miles but my knee started to hurt. Friday I rested it Saturday did the usual Hill repeats but then again yesterday I was forced to rest my knee.

    So my plan for the rest of the week is swim Tuesday - Thursday. Cycle on the IDT but not to sufferfest , just a normal cadence , no violent speed or resistance jumps and no running to avoid the impact on my knee.

    Rest Friday, and loosen the muscles on Saturday. Race Sunday.

  • TTT - looks like you are overdoing it somewhat, that is a pretty gruelling regime

  • DB any room in the car for the holiday trip as it sounds fantastic image

    TTT yep go steady it sounds like you've been doing too much, whilst regular training is important there's no gain in cramming in too many sessions. You are having a rest day each week aren't you? You have to give the body a  chance to repair, thats the bit that makes you fitter image 

    It's silly season for me so I did this on Friday  Couldn't stop laughing but then we did some conditioning work at the end and boy do I need to work on that over winter I was rubbish.

    Then on Sunday I did Gt Withinghma 5k steeplechase , basically you go round a horse XC course backwards! It included a 150 meter river wade which was a tad refreshing image

    Stupidly proud parent alert as my son came 6th overall image I'm now wondering what to do, he's only ever really done football and quit that last year. Doesn't want to do triathlon, is interested in running but did a junior session with the local AC and that was too much for him. I think good old Park run may be the answer image 

  • Ali - well done to you and your boy! I would say just go along with what he wants to do. If he fancies parkrun, go for it. It is hard as parents as we always want the best for our kids and they don't always want to join in our activities in the same way as we do them.

    Having said that, my son is on the second week of c25k and I managed to run along with today, nice gentle two miles in beautiful afternoon sunshine

  • Sadly there won't be any room in the car, Hyundai Coupe with 2 adults, 2 road bikes and luggage doesn't leave much spaceimage

  • A nice steady 5mile Z2 run this morning in the lovely sunshine. image
  • Nice one Razor. I'm going to aim for a morning run on Wednesday. Would do it tomorrow but want to stay fresh for the club ride tomorrow night. Need to try out my new trail shoes so might venture off-road if it's light enough

  • DB, Rain forecast for Wednesday  image

  • Booked in for Kettlebells tomorrow night and yoga on Monday. Throw in a swim on Thursday evenings, a park run on a Saturday and a club ride on Sunday and my off season it set image 


  • AliBear30 wrote (see)

    Booked in for Kettlebells tomorrow night and yoga on Monday. Throw in a swim on Thursday evenings, a park run on a Saturday and a club ride on Sunday and my off season it set image 


    Oh is Outlaw a "Shorter tri"? image

  • Well if I get as far as my previous attempts, then yes, it's shorter than a full! image image

  • And in my case very short image I will be supporting next year Ali!

  • first session with the running club for ages and just about managed to keep up image

  • Club ride done on Tuesday night, great fun in the fog and dark. A mate dragged me out for a run last night so I decided to christen my trail shoes. A slow steady 4 miles into town and along the river with a few hills thrown in
  • 5 miles ran last night, it felt really tough but pace was a bit faster 9.50 avg so not worried about being knackered image
  • Survived Kettlebells and Yoga without any ill effects, I suspect I might be given a heavier kettlebell next week. Not sure it's going to be what I'm after but will give it another go. 

  • I ran for the first time in ages this morning...a very warm 3.6km...I think I'm going to switch my runs to evenings when its starting to cool down. And I start work next week so there won't be any other time.  I saw vultures on the side of the road yesterday which is a good motivation to keep moving...

    Good to see folk getting back to it/keeping going (delete as appropriate).

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