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  • It was good fish and chips. Initial plan was to go to North Shields, which has the best fish and chips, but I was knackered after Saturday's run so we opted for the slightly shorter route and stopped in South Shields instead.

    Got home tonight to find my Manchester Marathon race number waiting on the doormat. Number 3071, pink, start zone F. Need to remember to take it to Spain when we set off on Thursday, otherwise I'll have a problem, as we're going straight to Manchester on getting back into the UK

  • DB, not got mine yet.

    Ran 13 1/2 miles yesterday and felt shit for most of it so had quite a few walk breaks to keep HR down but mostly cos I was knackered hence my slow pace 10:53 m/mile , 2 hrs 31 mins.
  • well done everything

    swimathon was tough, mentally more than anything, although my right shoulder did start hurting about 150 lengths in. Made it though without any cramps which I was pleased about image

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Hmm, I always thought cycling groups were for scary serious people! Maybe I'll have a look when I can go a bit faster/further.

    Huge well done on the swimathon Maths! Think I'd still be there now if I tried to swim that far!

    I'm up to 30 lengths swimming front crawl (25 metre pool), which is further than the triathlon distance so at least I know I can do it.  However, I still feel like I need to stop at the end of each length to catch my breath.  If I try to swim back straight away I start feeling like I'm drowning and panic! At the moment I'm stopping for about 20 seconds after each length which is really slowing me down, but then I can carry on and feel fine.

    I'm pretty sure it's all in my head so I'm not sure whether to gradually reduce the amount of time I stop for, or whether to just give myself a kick and get on with it and hope I don't need to be rescued!

  • Find the right cycling club and you'll be made to feel very welcome. My club is absolutely spot on and very welcoming to newcomers.

    Right, time to get packing for our road trip to Spain. Bikes, running and swimming gear getting packed. Particularly looking forward to the drive from Le Mans in France to Manchester the day before the marathon...

  • MrsL - it might be that you aren't breathing out when your face is in the water? I only learnt front crawl a few years ago and a year after starting to learn I did my first 5k swim. Not fast but fast enough!

    DB - have a great time in Spain!

  • DB got my race number, pink, start area F.
  • Boom. See you there then Razor! I've got my Pirate top, cap and buff packed

  • Left home on Thursday evening, currently we're in a place called Oloron Sainte Marie on the French side of the Pyrenees. Lovely town and we're staying in a gorgeous little apartment that the owners of the house rent out for a bit of extra income. Get brought a huge continental breakfast every morning of fruit salad, yogurt, croissants/pain au chocolat, bread, jam, huge bowls of coffee and fruit juice. Tonight's our last night here before pushing on to Spain tomorrow, first to Elda to meet a Skype friend of Mixed Grill's before we get down to Nerja, our final destination. Also discovered another pirate lives close to Elda, so Wednesday morning we're meeting up for a couple of hours on the bikes.

    Only proper exercise so far has been a 48 mile ride yesterday, as Friday and Saturday were both long travelling days. Lovely ride though, the intention of which was to check out the ride to the foot of the Col d'Aubisque climb to decide whether or not to ride over before climbing it today. However, as the risk was at this time of the year, the summit is still closed off due to snow, so we've abandoned the idea of tackling it, it's either the full climb or nowt! The scenery here is stunning, and a surprising mix of challenging climbs followed by fun downhills, and flat, fast roads. We rode out on the more challenging route, being rewarded for the tough climb with a couple of miles of twisty downhill through the woods, averaging 25mph without turning the pedals other than to get the feet in position for each bend. Rode back on a flatter road and banged out a 20mph average for 10 miles without breaking a sweat even with tired legs. Nice weather too, but I forgot to put suncream on so I've now got proper cyclist burn marks...

    Planning to go out for a run later today, and planning out some bike routes for when we get to Nerja.

  • DB - sounds like heaven!

    I managed to fit a turbo and run in yesterday, didn't feel like it but actually had a fantastic run image

    today got up early to go to decathlon before the bank holiday crowds to get a wettie for my son and have spent the afternoon being really lazy, just watching TV! never do that so I will allow myself the one afternoon of laziness

  • ooh Nerja is lovely.  I stayed there several years back.  I really enjoyed it although there are a lot of British folk around...several times I attempted to communicate via broken Spanish and then got a perfect London accent reply.

  • DB & Mixed Grill, Have a great time in France and Spain and I will see you at the Manchester marathon when you get back.

    I ran 5 miles this morning in the wind and rain, first couple of miles were tough then got into my stride, no HR monitor today so ran on feel, avg pace 9:43min/mile so I'm happy with that.

    Maths, DB, not been near my bike or turbo since outlaw last year image

  • We've found a couple of good bars and restaurants there where it's properly Spanish, and the dive centre too. Go every year, either 2 or 3 times per year. It's why we sometimes drive, to make sure we see other places too.
  • razor - are you doing outlaw this year? what plans do you have?

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I was busy over the weekend, for a change I even did some sport.

    Friday I went out in the sunshine for a 22 mile bike ride, then  in the afternoon Mr Steady and I went for a walk along the River Wey near Guildford until reaching a huge mud patch with a stream running through, so we turned back and went into the town centre for an ice cream.
    Sunday I drove to the cycle club but when I took the bike out of the car, I realised that I had picked up the wrong bike shoes, so could not ride, drove home in the rain. As I was dressed for cycling I decided to wait for the shower to finish and head off on my own. Amazingly I managed to do almost the whole route of 23 miles before it started raining during the last mile home. Got through the door and bike in the garage when the heavens opened up.

    Glad to have a day in between to recover, then this morning forced myself out to go swimming.


  • Hi Maths,

    Not doing Outlaw this year maybe on the feed station with Horse. Doing Manchester marathon on the 10th April then I am doing Salford Olympic Tri in July, might enter Chester Half Mara or enter Race to the Stones 100k it takes place over 2 days and my son is doing it.

    What you got planned?

    Steady, Well done on your bike ride.

  • well done steady

    razor - I have already missed a couple of half marathons this year image but the year has started off better than last. I am doing the run at outlaw for a relay team. I have entered the outlaw half again, but need to work on the bike! I am struggling a bit due to work pressures and feeling knackered most of the time. Having 2 teenagers doesn't help....(well, the youngest is nearly 12 but counts as a teenager)

    then later in the year York marathon again

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi all *waves*

    Managed to do some mountain biking at Easter weekend but took it easy. We went to Coed-y-Brenin and I only did the blue and the red. On Sunday we went downhill mountain biking at Antur Stiniog. Bit of a different kettle of fish and was only  happy to go down the blue after mistakenly doing some red bits. But wrist seems fine so back to cycle commuting to work. image

    Still not sorted myself for running, kind of need new shoes but may do for a while with the old ones. Planning to get bit fitter/slimmer with body pump and yoga before looking at learning to front crawl.

  • Got out for a Pirate ride in Spain this morning. 4 pirates, 1 crash, 1 puncture and 1 rabid dog desperate to get it's teeth into some flesh. It failed, but boy did it put the effort in trying to catch me. I've found out now how the Spaniards do intervals on the bike, and it makes you sprint...

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I have been cycling with the club the club this morning, pleasant in the sunshine. I had to take off my jacket as I got too warm, spotted bluebells out in flower in a wood at the furthest south part of the route which was in Sussex. 24 miles achieved.

    Tired now and Garmin is down so I can't upload my data, also husband has gone out, not sure where but expect him back in about an hour.

  • Aye Garmin is being stupid, just had to manually upload my ride to Strava. Just a slow, steady 10 mile ride up to a lovely village called Frigiliana for a spot of lunch (and possibly a cerveza or two). Mixed Grill did an olympic distance tri (sort of, weird distances for the bike and run, 35 miles for the bike and 11k for the run) in Seville yesterday, so recovery was the name of the game today. Long day that was, the race wasn't due to start until 5pm, and it was late getting underway. 3 hour drive each way resulted in getting back to the apartment at 1am today. Great atmosphere though, and the bike was on fully closed roads with a strong police presence to keep it that way. Would have done it myself but didn't think it was a good idea a week before Manchester marathon

  • well done to mixed grill!

    Frigiliana is beautiful! I am so jealous of where you are.

    We are in Pembrokeshire for the week, weather hasn't been great so far but we have been out walking and messing about and I haven't killed the kids so all is good image

  • Got out for a 10 mile run with Horse this morning the sun was out and it felt good avg pace 10:43. 1hr 46 mins. That's it now till the marathon next Sunday.

    DB, well done to Mixed Grill on her olypicish tri ????????
  • Well done Razor, I'm just going to do 2 or 3 short runs of 3 to 4 miles between now and then just to keep the legs working. Another couple of bike rides up to about 30 miles too.

    Aye Frigiliana is lovely, we always ride up there now as it's just under 5 miles, but 3 miles of that is an uphill slog in the heat. Lovely/scary coming back down though....

    Woke up this morning to grey clouds and wet ground, how rude, it's supposed to be sunny out here!

  • Sense of humour failing today. It's rained all day, and just been informed that the Lakeland Loop sportive we're doing on the 24th has had to be extended from 69 miles to 86.5 miles as the Highways Agency have decided they can't use the temporary bit of the A591 that is supposed to be open to pedestrians and cyclists. Apparently the only option is the 17.5 mile extension which also takes the number of mountain passes from 3 to 4 with the addition of Kirkstone Pass. Tough day in the saddle!

  • DB - well done on the run. When I lived in Spain April was always a rainy month!

    We did a 6ish mile hike today then I got out for a short run this evening. First 3/4 of a mile to the end of the lane is all uphill, which felt fine when I walked it yesterday, but running it is another matter! Nice downhill to finish off the run though as I did an out and back image

  • Well I went out running, 3 very soggy miles, Costa Del Pissing It Down more like. Enjoyable but not at the same time...

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Great training everyone. 

    Did body pump yesterday and not too sore today. Hoping I have a yoga class later but it's a work one and I haven't been able to contact anyone about it so we'll see... Cycle commute to work today too. Had a bit of a hail shower here at lunch time but sun is shining again now.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I've finally been running! Well that's bit of an overstatement, I did some walk/jog/walk where there were 4 jog bits. But I've started. Now I just have to think a bit more structured way to get back into proper running.

  • well done mikasa

    last day  of our holiday in Wales. I have done some running, but lots of walking with the family. And lots of eating image

    good luck to everyone doing Manchester this Sunday

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