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  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I have not run or jogged. I have done everything else in the way of sport this week instead, so I don't feel too  bad.

    Good luck Marathoners.

    I may be entering a mini sportive for next month, mini as in only one distance of 35 miles, but I can cycle to and from it to make it a long ride.



  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I am worn out, cycled 28 miles this morning, then Mr Steady suggested going for a walk this afternoon saying it would do me good, but we ended up doing around 6 miles and everything ached by the time I got back indoors. Even needed a nap to recover.

    Oh well cleaning the bike will be on the to do list tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has had a successful weekend.

  • well done steady

    hope all went well for everyone at Manchester today

    I have been mainly clearing out at home today so just a short run squeezed in while dinner was cooking

    broke a tooth yesterday so not risky swimming, it is annoying enough trying to eat and will probably cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done steady.

    I should really try to do some longer cycles as well. All I do is my cycle commute and anything else will be mountain biking.

    I went for a proper 'run' today. Walked to the start of the nearest parkrun (half a mile) and then did the first loop, it basically 2x 2.5k. Pretty slow, average 12:54 m/m but really happy! Parkrun can wait for a few more weeks though...

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done on the run Mikasa,  I have only done 2 parkruns in total in about 4 years.

    Evans cycles are doing a mini sportive on May 22 from Guildford if you are interested 35 miles is the only distance on offer, I will either get a lift to it, do it then cycle home or cycle both to and from to get a really long ride.

    MC hope the dentist bill is not too large, but you will need to have masses done to beat Mr Steady's last bill for root canal work and crowns of just over 2 thousand pounds.

  • good god steady - think I would rather loose the teeth than pay that much!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Hi steady,are you able to send a link as I can't find the event?
  • ooh...I did a 10K at the was sponsored by an icecream company so free icecream was the turns out that there are hilly bits in Texas.  I've had 6 months of running on the flat and mocking the locals about how more difficult it is in Scotland.  It seems that I now have lost my hill running legs and I suffered along with the locals.

    But I did get some free icecream.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good incentive to get ice cream at the end of a race, I am sure you will find your hill running legs soon Pete.

    My legs seem to have survived.

  • well done pete

    I have run and turboed today image and eaten cake

  • Free ice cream, wooo! Good work everyone.

    Back from the Spanish road trip and Manchester. First marathon completed, but it wasn't pretty. After a late start due to the combined factors of waiting for people to drop bags, waiting for Digger to go to the loo, and being sexually harassed by Cake, I got under way. Racked up a half marathon pb, a 10k pb, and a 15k pb in the first half according to Strava, a good sign of where things started going wrong...

    First half felt (mostly) good. The support was great, the marshals were all great and it was brilliant to be running around my original home city, a place I don't visit anywhere near enough. I had been planning on going for a 10:30/mile pace throughout or thereabouts, but I could tell you exactly where the best support was by looking at my splits. Don't think a single mile was above 10:00, and 3 miles were around 8:30. If I run that pace normally I end up knackered after 5k...

    Saw some of the speedy Pirates on a long straight that was absolutely full of support, and got a huge cheer from a couple of COLT lads who were supporting. Plenty of love for the Yellow and Black at the Manchester Marathon!

    At mile 12 Mixed Grill, Silent Assassin and the amazing Jordy were cheering/shouting abuse ("what took you so long?!") which gave a good boost, and just after the half way arch I caught sight of Razor stopped at the road side. Stopped to see how he was, and then Horse appeared too. Walked/ran with them to mile 14.5 where we passed the "support" crew again and blagged hugs off all 3. From then on the pain started to set in. That brief stop had signalled to my legs it was time to start recovery I think, so it was a real battle from then on. Walking was painful, running was worse. Watched Razor and Horse slowly get further and further ahead. There were some dark(er than the rest) patches in that half for me, mainly around the Carrington section. It felt rural, and seemed like it was a million miles from the Old Trafford finish line, and I just wanted it to be over. But there was no way I wasn't getting that tshirt and medal. The lowest point for me was when the 5:30:00 pace group passed me, who I had steamed past in the first half after starting way behind them. My ideal target was 4:30:00, 5:00:00 I'd be happy. I knew I had a bit of a time advantage due to my late start, but any time goals were now long gone.

  • Ended up walking and chatting with a few other people, which helped morale a bit, and started to enjoy more of the sweets being handed out by kids (it's alright for strangers to accept sweets from kids, not the other way round) the highlight of which was a Drumstick lolly. I practically sprinted over to that kid when I saw those. Now the marshals were starting to say things like "Just 2 parkruns left", then "1 parkrun and a walk home, that's all!". A woman next to me said "But my parkrun is really hilly", and she didn't seem to appreciate my response of "Well you'll get yourself a pb easily now then won't you?". She glared, so I said "I'll file that under Unhelpful shall I?".

    I always figured even if I was walking I'd get to within 2 or 3 miles of the finish and then run again. Running 3 miles is easy, right? Well, it turns out, that miles actually get bigger exponentially with the distance you run. Just shy of a mile from the finish Mixed Grill found me and got me running. Left to my own devices, I would have got to the finish straight and then run, but I managed to keep going the whole way. Another high 5 from Jordy and SA, then a sprint (or slightly quicker jog more like) to the finish, passing a few people who were walking even then. Through the finish, some sarcastic congrats from M&M ("you look like you enjoyed that!") and Digger then a quick trip through the race village getting medal, tshirt, goody bag, mistakenly knocking one of the SIS recovery gels back and nearly chucking it straight back up, downing the pint of Erdinger Alkoholfrei to get rid of the taste then off to the car to get home.

    Final time of 5:49 after a first half of 2:09. I'll be going back next year to do it properly.

  • well done DB, a great write up and you finished your first marathon! well done on those pbs in the first half. 

  • oops, managed to save that without finishing!

    last few miles of a marathon are always the longest and toughest.

    back to school for me, and a 4 mile run after work. I had planned to go to running club but was shattered, so just a run alone

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done on your first marathon DB, glad to hear that you will be back next year.

    I have swum and done Pilates, now knackered so off to bed before I fall asleep in front of the screen.

  • Hey DB, well done!  It just gives you something to beat in your next one...and all that mental toughness is what you should be proud of.

    It's the MS150 over here.  Cycle from Houston to Austin over two days.  Recently I've been seeing some really posh bikes.  One of my mates suggested I surf cragslist next week as everyone will be selling their bikes...should be able to get a bargain.

  • Well done DB, I love that Parkrun is now a universal unit of measurement!

    Hope you pick up a bargin Pete.

    I'm having my worst year ever training wise, knee means no running so I will be learning to power walk. Work stress means I'm very poorly, digestion is shot and I'm missing lots of training sessions, probably too many.

    But thanks to some cracking therapy, I've decided to stick at it,  do what training I can and turn up and start. I've worked really hard on understanding the world won't end if I don't finish again.

    With the year I'm having it will mean a lot to just be there on the start line and I'm on track with my swimming so I will finish that bit at least image

    Took the bike out on the road twice this week, only 13 miles each time in the 1 hour and I felt it, but I seem to remember transitioning from turbo to road is usually like this so hopefully if I can get out a few more times in the coming weeks it will all start coming together. It was also so nice to be outside training; I think I may have over done the computer training and it was adding to my stress as I was missing the targets.

    I'm doing the Welsh 3000s in May should be a good test of the walking legs and I can decide after that if I'm going to give the run bits a go. It's a shame IM don't allow walking poles for the run image Mind you I suppose we're all so befuddled and grumpy by then that fights might break out!

    I managed a really good swim set last night but when the alarm went off at 6am for this morning session I was wiped out , felt like I'd been hit by a bus so it was a no go.  But as last nights session was so good I'm hoping it makes up for missing today. I can happily swim 3000 meters in 1:20 so I'm on track image

    Oh forgot the joys of training, as I can't kick I'm using a pull buoy for my swims, which has given me lovely callouses on my thighs. It's such a glamourous sport this!

    So to sum up Alibear is down but not out.. image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Oh Alibear, I can understand where you are coming from. Last year was my horrible year, just take care of yourself and do short sessions consistently. I am also not running at present, even really long walks aggravate the hip but as you say down, but not out.

  • As you say accept what you CAN do, and do that. And listen to Chumbawumba, get knocked down, get up again!

  • ((Ali))

    I always seem to have bad years and never really get where I want to in terms of training. Work seems to require more and more time and energy! No idea if I am going to manage to bike part of outlaw half this year.

    And on Sunday I have my first tri of the year - weather forecast is to be really really cold, so I am in 2 minds. I haven't been outside on my road bike yet this year! I was planning to put the new tyres on that I bought and give it a spin in the morning, but the forecast for tomorrow morning is sleet - I am not going to risk freezing/skidding in sleet so Sunday (if I make it) will be the time outside on my road bike with cleats for ages

  • It'll be character building stuff Maths...

    Well, was planning to go on a decent ride today but sacked it off, foot still suffering and don't fancy 5 hours putting pressure on it. Just going to have to cross my fingers and toes for the mental sportive next week (86 miles, 4 Lakeland passes, up from the original planned route of 69 miles and 3 passes). It's going to be a long day in the saddle. I suspect we're all going to aim for the earliest start time and just plod on all day long.

    And it seems my next marathon is booked. Saw Ghost at Manchester and she was talking about changing her Outlaw entry to a relay so she could book IM Mallorca and focus on that. Well she's done it, and is doing the swim and bike, and it would seem I'm going to do the run. It's far enough off that I can dial my long runs right back and build up again gradually, get plenty of mid-week shorter sessions in and give my fitness a decent boost, so I should be able to get the sort of time I wanted at Manchester, possibly better. And it'll be good prep for my second solo attempt at Outlaw next year.

  • hey, DB, marathon at outlaw sounds good. I am doing the run as part of a relay team too image

  • Looking forward to it, going to get out running again next week. Tomorrow I'm going to work on a long term training plan to get me ready for Outlaw next year, and the short term goal will be that run.

    Got out for a ride today, 22 miles from a high point where me and a mate were dropped off. It's downhill the entire way with a couple of little climbs, but we treat it almost like a time trial and try to beat each other's times. Conditions weren't up to it today (very painful sideways hail at the top) and my mate was suffering a bit after an ale or 2 too many last night, so was a slow steady one instead.

  • well done on that ride

    I managed to change the tyre on the rear wheel - it has been on the turbo for a while and a bit too smooth, and gave the bike a quick spin this evening. I knew if I didn't ride it today I would probably chicken out tomorrow. Think I will take my pirate bike jacket for the bike leg or I will be freezing

  • had a great time this morning, pirate jacket and woolly gloves were just the thing to keep me snug on the bike. However, my lack of outside biking really showed - the hills killed me, and my run suffered as a result

    Not sure whether to try to change the outlaw half entry to a relay and ask around for someone to do the biking. It is 6 weeks away........ any advice will be gratefully received 

  • Come on Mathschick we have the full distance (relay) to do in 14 weeks and there ain't no hills really at Outlawimage

  • effing madness - yes, but thank goodness I am not cycling at the full outlaw! My running is rubbish but I do know I can do the marathon within the cutoff!


  • Well done for getting it done!

    Been out for 30 miles on the road bike today, with a pint of Adnam's Broadside halfway. Back onto the running tomorrow to start getting ready for my Outlaw run

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone - it's been a while!

    Well done on the marathon DB, sorry you didn't manage the time you wanted though. And well done Maths for the triathlon, and to everyone else who's been working hard.

    I've been slacking off with a week of illness and then the kids off, but I'm back on it now and have done my long run this morning and planning a swim for tomorrow.  The triathlon is only a few weeks away now, but it's still far enough that I'm excited rather than nervous!

  • Good luck! Just got back in from my first run since Manchester, my usual 4 mile local route. Blagged a PB knocking 2 minutes off my previous best effort, and felt comfortable. Nice clear evening and the sun was still just about up when I finished.

    Big bike ride this weekend, the Lakeland Loop sportive. Originally was going to be a tough 69 mile route with 3 big passes to climb, now they've had to extend it to 86 miles with an extra pass due to road closures. Gulp. Then next weekend it's the Pirate DIY Half which will be a laugh. Keswick Mountain Festival short triathlon next month with some friends, and then Outlaw marathon. Back into training mode now!

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