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  • wow DB - you have a lot coming up!

    MrsL - which one are you doing? I am sure you will love it

  • hey, how is everyone doing?

    had a bit of a bad week and I have decided to withdraw from outlaw half - my mum has been diagnosed with colon cancer and will be having an operation, so I am assuming that she will either still be in hospital or out of hospital and needing help. I have 2 brothers and a sister, but I live closest so will be the only one around to help

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    MC, sorry to hear about your Mum, hope all goes well. A sensible decision to withdraw from Outlaw Half, I should have been sensible last year but have paid the price.

    Mrs L, glad to hear you are getting excited.

    I took part in the Ups and Downs sportive yesterday, the plan was to cycle there ( 6 miles) do the short route and then ride home or if too tired get Mr Steady to pick me up. The reality was cycled there and got 3/4 round before cramp set in that would not go away as soon as I went up any hills and there were 2 large ones still to do, along with the lower back beginning to seize up. Somehow I had a brain working and decided that it would be better to call up the broom wagon rather than slog it out for another couple of hours just to say I had done it but be in no fit state to do anything for a week.
    So total of 43 miles, not 51 ( it should have been less but roadworks meant the course was longer than planned), but I have sore legs that will be able to do more training this week, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of the century ride. Total elevation gain was over 4000ft, so it really was quite hilly and I managed more of them than I thought I could do.

  • well done steady, sensible to stop rather than continue and you still did a big distance

    shame about outlaw half, a week ago I decided I needed to start even if I didn't finish, but being there for my mum is more important. And if things don't go well, my kids are going to have a hard time,, well, even if the op etc goes well, with the recovery and seeing her unwell they are going to struggle - she has been childminder for them since they were babies while I have worked, so they are close - and although she is nearly 73 you wouldn't know it, she is very active, spends her days digging the allotment, doing voluntary work etc. Hopefully that activity and sprightliness will help her, but depends how advanced it is I suppose....

  • Sorry to hear that maths, fingers, toes and so on all crossed. Tough decision to take on the Half but there will be other years.

    Good effort Steady, you gave it a go and then used common sense.

    I should have been doing the Lakeland Loop sportive yesterday, but due to a change in personal circumstances I didn't go. Got out for an 8 mile run though and kept my pacing nice and steady, working on a strategy to make sure I get around the Outlaw marathon in a reasonable time.

    DIY Half this weekend though, looking forward to it immensely. A weekend out of the house and a chance to clear my head whilst enjoying the company of Pirates.

  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭

    Anyone suggest good gels that can be diluted for on the bike and any suggestions of ratios of gels to water? 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    HIgh5 Isogel does not need water as it is a watery gel, best to try it out in training.
    I find gels too much faff and chomp on Clif bloks which means I resemble a hamster for a few minutes and then swig electrolyte drink to get the remaining bits off my teeth.

    MC, you are being very sensible as nothing can beat being a close family and everyone will need support at some time, including you. If I can give a hand please ask.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Durhambiker, shame you didn't do the sportive but if the weather was anything like down south it would have been hard work, plus at least you got a decent run done.  All the best for the DIY weekend, with the pirates.

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your mum Maths, what awful news.  I hope her operation goes well. It sounds like the right decision to not do the outlaw half - there's always next year. x

    Well done Steady!  It must have been difficult to decide to not finish, but that's still a really long way!  I'm very impressed!

    Good luck for this weekend DB!  I spotted a few Pirates on the London marathon coverage.

    I ran 7 miles yesterday, which I was very pleased with.  Now trying to read up on bike tyres.  My bike is just a general hybrid bike and a friend has said it would be easier to ride if I change the tyres.  I am a complete bike idiot though and plan to spend the afternoon trying to figure out what all these mysterious numbers mean!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Mrs L, changing the tyres on your hybrid would mean swapping to a road tyre rather than a mountain bike style tread pattern, it makes it easier, but the size would be the same, so first look on the side wall of the existing ones and then speak to the local bike shop or back here for further help.


  • Simo429Simo429 ✭✭✭

    How many of you having your bike shoes attached when you leave transition and how many leave them attached when you enter?

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Thanks Steady.  I think I'm more confused than when I started!  Apparently my wheels are an odd size so there are limited options.  The guy in the bike shop said lots of things I didn't understand so I just nodded and smiled!  Starting to think it might be easier to just buy a new bike!

  • thanks steady

    MrsL - you can just ride your hybrid how it is but you will be slower than with road tyres. If you think you are going to use it a lot then getting a road bike could be a good idea, but it is expensive and you start the slippery slope to spending lots of money!

  • Simo, I've never even tried leaving my shoes attached. The couple of seconds it could potentially save me is outweighed by the possible disadvantage of me completely cocking it up. Shoes on the floor, put them on, mount bike. Then reverse in T2

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I am in DB camp for wearing shoes then getting on bike, I just know I would make a complete fool of myself trying to do what the elite do. At my speed it would not make enough difference.

    Mrs L, as MC says you can just ride your bike as it is. Bikes wheels seem to come in 4 sizes from what I understand and some hybrid bikes will have the less common size hence the limited options, save your money for now.

  • simo - I would fall if I tried the leaving the shoes on the bike thing!

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Thanks Steady and Maths!  I had a slight moment of madness yesterday and almost bought a new bike.  I recovered my senses today though and just went and did 12 miles on the perfectly good bike that I already own.  Although I may have popped into the local running shop to have a look at sunglasses on the way home!

  • image well if you aren't buying a new bike you can have the sunglasses.....

  • Gone a bit quiet in here...

    Pirate DIY Half was awesome last weekend, although I only got 38 miles round the bike course before calling it a day due to knee pain. Decided stopping was the best bet as pushing on and making it worse would cause issues for my training for the run at Outlaw. Weather was horrible, in fact the race was stopped on Saturday due to the hail and amount of standing water on the roads. But it was a good chance to catch up with some friends old and new and let off steam.

    Training has been a bit lax recently as I've not been in the right frame of mind. Big changes in life as me and the wife have realised it's just not working and we need to go our separate ways. Coming to terms with it now and reaching the point I can start to focus on training again. So far my only booked event is the run at Outlaw, so I think I need to find a shorter tri or two to look forward to in order to retain some focus on cycling and running. Also decided now is the time to get hold of my diet and get my weight heading in the right direction in a sustainable way, and having done some research I'm going to give the Low Carb High Fat method a go.

    Hope all's going well with everyone else!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Big changes ahead indeed DB.

    I have not popped in since my birthday and then Mr Steady's birthday, plenty of eating going on though.

    Yesterday I tried doing the Downs Link (disused railway line from Guildford to the South Coast). The leaflets say MTB is best, so caught a train to Guildford and then found the route, not bad mainly flat surface went from good to typical off road. as it is much harder on a MTB I did not get as far as hoped to, stopped and had a picnic lunch in a beautiful bluebell woodland hilly section, then pootled back. Forgot to restart the Garmin at one point so did about 25 miles in total.

    My hip and hip flexor is complaining today. Not good as I should be taking part in the bike club treasure hunt tomorrow which mixes up the different speed groups.

  • Good getting out anyway! I did a little run on Thursday through the local woods, was great running past all the bluebells. Only managed 2 and a bit miles but then had a gentle walk back just enjoying being out there. Sat on a bench and enjoyed the peace and tranquility for a bit

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done steady

    DB  sorry to hear your news, hope life takes a turn for the better for you

    I am chugging along, running. walking, run/walking, swimming with a bit of cycling. Took the mountain bike out along the trail (disused railway turned into bridlepath) the other evening - fab to get get out in sunshine in the evenings

  • Got out on the cross bike for a 36 mile loop along the old railway lines/C2C route to enjoy the sunshine. Plenty of dodging dog walkers involved but averaged just under 14mph which I'm happy with on that bike on shared path. Great to be out

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done DB

    I managed 10 miles run/walk but depressingly slow - mind you mum has had a bad weekend and I have been a bit upset so I'll take the 10 miles and just be glad that I did it

    spent the afternoon by the side of a lake while youngest son kayaked, he decided he didn't need me to go on the lake too, but I did feel a bit left out....

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    oh, and the red arrows did a flyover while we were at the lakeimage

  • well, I'd to tell you I've spent the last 6 weeks training...but I've mostly spent it faffing and eating.

    I did go for a short run today and it was my arms that hurt, not my legs. lol.

    DB sorry to hear that, what doesn't kill you...

  • Ach well unfortunately I'm now both down and out. My knee cap won't hold up to more than 25 miles on the bike and it's just getting worse. So no racing for me this year and apart from Welsh 3000s this weekend (eep!) that's it for training for a while to give my knees a chance of recovering. 

    So lazy summer ahead, might risk a few dips in the lake when the weathers good.
    I have re-joined WW-ers which is where al this madness began as if I can shift some weight it will help the knees.

  • Hey Ali,

    There is always hope.  My knees were giving me grief for a whole year after doing the marathon and then this year I'm only doing 5K and the very rare 10k and my knees are a lot happier.  There are still a lot of stupid sports things you can be are your elbows? Do you fancy canoeing? 

    keep the faith, rest and recuperate.  Good luck.

  • Rest up and recover!

    No training again for me, might drag myself out for a run tomorrow. Been a big day of decision making. Notice handed in at work, though to help them out I'm being generous and giving them 10 weeks. Once August rolls around I'm heading back to Manchester. Been away from family to long, got a nearly 2 year old nephew who wouldn't know me if he bumped into me and another one on the way. Only thing keeping me tied up here is the job, and frankly over the last few months that's been getting more and more tiresome. Conversation had with my manager and the area manager today, feel a bit like another weight is lifted. Just need to try to get something lined up for when I move now!

  • Oh manchester is a very cool city, although you may have to change your username! I used to live there and went back after 10 years and it was the same but different.  I enjoyed my time there.

    I was going to run this evening,  but the coyotes were howling and I was a little worried so I stayed in. I know, I'm a wuss!

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