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  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Wow DB that is a yet another big change, hope you get something lined up OK. I agree with Pete you will need to change your name on here.

    I had another day off work, seem to pick the good weather days, sure that will not last too long. So off out after the rush hour traffic died down I was off out and did a big loop of Surrey avoiding the large hills, so 48.5 miles later got home, ate loads and fell asleep for a little while.
    Feeling a bit more confident as I did not get cramp or struggle on the ups too much, think it was down to selecting the correct gear as I started on the hills. Arms feel achy now though.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Ali - oh what a pain. Have you seen a physio? So frustrating

    DB - big decision making going on! Yeah, being near family is nice

    steady - well done, and how nice having a nap, always feels good image

    I have mainly had a stinking cold this week so have done very little, but got out for a short run this evening

  • Plans changed again! No longer doing the run at Outlaw, I'm doing the bike instead. So tomorrow I'll be going out on the slower club ride which is planned for about 60 miles, plus the 7 miles each way to get to the start/back home. Probably be around 13mph average with a stop, so I'm using it purely to get used to being in the saddle for longer.

    Still leaves me wanting a run to do, so I've entered Top GRun 2, a Top Gun themed 6 hour event with a truly awesome medal. Plan is to do at least enough laps to cover a marathon, and see if I fancy doing any extra

  • (((DB))),  Sorry to here your news mate, whereabouts in Manchester are you moving to ?

    When you move you should be called " Mancybiker "  image

    If you are looking for a sprint tri Me and Horse have entered the Ulverston  Tri on the 26th June, its a low key event and its only £25, we have entered the long course sprint which is 600 mtr pool swim, 36 k bike and 8k run, if you are at a loose end that weekend come and join us,oh and its a 12 noon start so no getting up at the crack of dawn. Also got Salford Olympic Tri in August.

    On the training front not done a lot, ran 5k the other night and will do 10k ish in the morning.

  • I'll still be in Durham in June otherwise I'd be up for that mate. Will be in Hollinwood, Oldham initially
  • Ok mate you will not too far away from us, best of luck on your job search.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    no cycling today, yesterday Mr Steady and I did a lovely relaxing ride along the coast to Lymington, cake eaten in Lymington then back to Barton on sea . 20 miles.

  • Just under 6 miles run this morning in the sun @ 9:36 min/m pace, happy with that and felt OK today.
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done razor

    DB- blimey that is a change - are you still relaying with ghost?

    3 hours mountain biking along trails with my son today, had almost forgotten how hard it is compared to road biking.....

  • Well done Razor. Been out on a club ride today, was going to go with the steady group but didn't notice them turn off so was stuck with the proper club run. After my performance on that I think my new nickname will be Lanterne Rouge... 62.6 miles done, 3,300ft of climbing, average speed of 15.5mph. Reckon I'll be good for Outlaw.

    Yup maths still doing the relay with Ghost, but she doesn't think she's going to be up to the bike, so we've roped in another team member (Mrs Cake, can't remember her forum name) but she's a runner so I've agreed to swap to the bike.

  • Bloomin eck DB big changes afoot! Hope you're ok! Big hugs ((()))

    So, training been difficult but thrown a Sprint and Standard Tri in in the last 2 weeks. Have used them as my long training days. Need lots of biking, I generally suck. 

    Hopefully will be more present now. Plus, hopefully new job soon image


  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    DB - it is Sarah The Bookworm image

  • Mrsdigger the worst is done and it's onwards and upwards. Big changes but new opportunities and determined to make the best of it.

    That's the one maths. I just need to hold up my end of the bargain and do the bike within the cut-off
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    MrsD - new job? sounds exciting!

  • Morning all, I hiked up Snowdon and across to and over Cryb Goch on Saturday. 7 hours of hiking/scrambling and I am done in. I ache more than after any tri.

    Also managed to rip the arse out of my leggings sliding down the scree! It definitely was an adventure image Knee gave out on the descent so I quit at the first car check in, no regrets as the bit I did was Epic.  But feel no desire to do it again!

    Arms and shoulders are mullered from the scrambling and using my poles to take the weight coming down as my knee gave out. Knee feels pretty OK today though so no lasting damage. I just feel like a t-rex as I can't lift my arms and I have a very bruised derrière!

    It's certainly one way to spend a weekend.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done Ali! Sounds like hard work....

  • Well done!

    Got a sprint tri at the Keswick Mountain Festival on Saturday. Wasn't going to be doing it due to the separation situation but we're getting on well enough to have decided to both do it. Got 3 mates doing it with us too. Undecided yet whether to take it steady and just enjoy it, or bury myself and see what I can do
  • Go for it mate image
  • Looks like the weather is going to be shit, so smashing it and getting into the pub pronto might be the way forward.

  • That's the spirit mate and don't be shit.image
  • Trouble is it starts at 8am. So a 400m swim, 18km bike and a 5km run. So we'll err on the side of caution and say 9 minutes for the swim (hoping for closer to 7 and the added incentive of wanting to get out of a freezing lake...), 5 minutes pissing about in T1, 45 minutes for the bike (hopefully 40 or less), another 5 minutes pissing about in T2 and then 30 minutes for the run (hopefully quicker but we'll see how quick I can run 5km off the bike currently). 1:34 means I'll be done by 10am even if I'm in one of the later waves...

    Might have to go for a bacon sarnie and a brew first, THEN the pub...

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone, don't know where I've been!

    Sounds like there are big changes going on DB, hopefully moving will give you a fresh start.  And good luck for Saturday!

    Ali, that sounds like a brilliant adventure!

    5 days to go until my race and I'm going mad.  I've trained well and feel good about it, but nerves are setting in and the 21 page race day information booklet is making me worry that I'm not going to remember everything or I'll make a prat of myself.  I'm starting to panic buy things I don't need and I look terrible in my triathlon suit!  Is there such a thing as a flattering tri suit?  Is mine terrible because it's from Aldi or because I'm an odd shape?!  Do I need a new one, or do I need to pour a glass of wine and calm down?!  Aarrgghh!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Mrs L, everyone thinks that they look awful in a trisuit. Pour a glass of wine and relax.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    DB - smash it and have the bacon before the pub!

    MrsL - 21 pages?? Blimey what on earth do they need to say? No-one looks good in a tri suit so don't worry about it! Just go for it and have fun on the day, main thing to remember is helmet on before you touch your bike. 

    I make a list of everything I need to take so that I don't miss anything vital like goggles!

  • Wine. Wine is the answer. Just have a glass, relax, and bear in mind that noone looks good in a tri suit. Not even me and I'm gorgeous.

  • Mrs L,    Calm down and have that glass of wine, there not many people who look fab in a trisuit no matter where you buy it from. Make a list of what you need for each discipline and make sure it's all in working order. Lay it out on the floor in  order of use, swim, bike, run so you know exactly where everything will be come race day. Then relax and chill out knowing you have got everything sorted. image

  • Razor speaks sense.

  • Speak for yourselves...I'm regularly told that I look radient and I have that healthy glow that all pregnant mothers have! Even when I was fit enough to run a marathon, I still looked awful in black and yellow.

    Seriously though, all you need is a bike, goggles, bike shoes, helmet, running shoes and a race belt.  If you have those, you'll do fine.

    Just enjoy it,  and remember,  we want a race report on here, don't worry about the race, but do worry about the report, we want, humour, empathy,  excitement,  drama and a feel good finish.

  • Oh I nearly forgot, I actually ran monday evening. I felt like running so I did. I feel like I'm getting my mojo back. Although this being texas, I had to remove a snake from the front step and avoid wild hogs on the way back, but I ran when I would normally lie on the sofa after work. Result.

  • Good work Pete! My mojo hasn't been seen much after work for a while. Might try for a run one night this week, but next week it's back to working on the bike. Hopefully the decent weather will stick around otherwise it's turbo sessions for me!

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