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  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Well done Steady!

    I did the Rock n Roll half marathon today with my sister.  It was so very hot, but I managed to run the whole thing and finished in 2:21:48, which is a massive pb for me (by about half an hour!).  All of this training seems to be working!

    It was a great race and the best medal ever - it's glittery!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done MrsL on the tri and the half mara! Love your race report too

    well, so glad I pulled out of the outlaw half as I have spent most of my weekend in the hospital with mum - she was discharged on Friday, but I had to call an ambulance on Saturday. Just a nightmare, and dad isn't even managing to look after himself very well. Makes me wonder how they managed to bring up 4 kids without us killing ourselves..... I did tell them off at one point for not ringing an ambulance/dr themselves to which they replied 'we don't recognise when something is serious'. If you can't breathe properly: that is serious.

    Anyway, obviously this week I haven't done a great deal of training, a few runs to keep sane and that is about it. Thank god I am not at work this week, as I would be too worried - they live about 1/2 a mile away so I can call in a couple of times a day to check on them this week

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Great result on the Rock n Roll half Mrs L, think my PB for a half was 2:21 or thereabouts.

    MC, sorry to hear you have had a worrying time with mum and dad. The oldies do tend to not want to make a fuss or downplay the seriousness of the situation. Thank goodness for half term and you being so close.

    I did 40 miles yesterday, 25 with the club so a much more sedate 12.4mph pace and I was ride co-ordinator as well, which in reality means I have a piece of paper with names and phone numbers of those I am with and used someone else to navigate the ride round some very pretty Surrey villages without too many hills as we had a beginner join us.

    Then went round to Dad's to help build a garden seat.

  • Got no training done over the weekend but spent yesterday doing a shift as sherpa for a few pirates at the Half. Shame you had to miss it maths but sounds like you've got your hands full there.
  • And I now have a new nickname
  • image

    Good ride out Steady! 

    MC hope your parents are okay now!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    like the nickname mallow! 

    I have been round to visit my parents twice today, and taken food! They both seem ok and mum is getting bored of not being able to do much, which is a good sign I think!

    I intended to get out for a run this afternoon, but had a nap and visited the oldies, so will just take it as a rest day, relax and aim to get an earlyish run in tomorrow morning, maybe with an evening session at the gym or on the bike

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    What a worry Maths, I hope your parents are ok.  Being bored is definitely a good sign though.  Don't worry about training for now, unless you need it for your own sanity of course!

    Great cycling Steady!

  • Got out for a 3 mile run yesterday down to a local bit of countryside to watch the ducks. It also involved running through part of what was my old secondary school cross country course, which did not bring back great memories! Was tough going as not run much lately, need to sort that out.

    Also went to Decathlon to get a set of clip-on tri bars and somehow also ended up leaving with a new Garmin 920xt.
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    oooh well done on getting the 920 - I bet they are a bit cheaper now the 735 is out!

  • ??280 with the HRM-RUN strap. The 735 is no use to me as the 14 hour battery life is not long enough
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    that's a good price, and I agree about the short battery life of the 735. Will be interesting to see what comes out in the next year or so

    and I don't know how to shorten your new name? puffy? mallow? mp?

  • Whichever way you want to do it, already had plenty of pisstaking on Fbimage
  • It's your own fault Puffersimage
  • I'm waiting for the inevitable shouts of "come on puff!" at races
  • I promise I shan't sing Puff the Magic Dragon at all - ever image 

    I have been eyeballing training plans for the sprint in July - time to get my proverbial shite together - now that my arms are back in one piece image 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    which sprint are you doing buttercup?

    nice 6 miler this evening 

  • RAF Halton it was the one I was meant to do on May Day but they had to postpone it so end of July it is image


  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    I a newbie to triathlons. Doing my first on the 18 June ????
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    hi tracey

    which one are you doing?

  • Helloooo and welcome!
  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Hi Tracey, I did my first a couple of weeks ago and loved it.  Which one are you doing?

    I believe I have been outed, so I will confirm that I was formerly Sister of Daffs. Actually, I am still the sister of Daffs, but no longer called SOD - partly because of it being shortened to SOD! image

    Did a nice 4 mile run yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that my legs are fine after the half marathon at the weekend.

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I'm doing Harwich Sprint Triathlon.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Moved to Harwich last July.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I'm doing Harwich Sprint Triathlon.
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Hello and welcome Tracey.

    Mrs L, I think you have a better name now.

    I did 30 minutes of x training yesterday, tonight it is going food shopping night so light weight training.

    Weather forecast looks to be improving for the weekend,  Yay.

  • Done nowt today, and tomorrow will just be a walk around the centre of Manchester. Saturday though will be a Parkrun in Congleton followed by a bike ride with Pirates
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Thank you all for the welcome.

    Going swimming soon.
  • Dr DaffsDr Daffs ✭✭✭
    Just popping in with a quick wave to my wayward little sister Mrs Lollipop, who has apparently been playing merrily in here while I've been playing merrily elsewhere and not knowing a thing about it image Fortunately it seems I have Forum Spies who have reported back image

    Can't get away with anything round here - remember thatimage image

    Good triathlonning everyonr! image
  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    image MrsL is certainly much better than SOD

    steady - Saturday sounds like fun

    had a good day today, woke up late, went for a run which  I thoroughly enjoyed. Lunch, then went to get the bikes to go for a ride with the kids only to find my front wheel was flat. Changed inner tubes as there wasn't time for messing about fixing punctures and off we went....eldest son soon decided he couldn't be bothered (odd because he likes cycling) so I gave him the key to the house and off he went. Carried on with youngest son and about 5 miles from home he said it was getting hard. Checked his tyres - puncture! We hadn't taken any kit, and were about half a mile from a village, so I decided to race home, get the car, and he could walk to village with his bike. Got home - eldest son wasn't there and he had my key.,......Finally got him, fixed the puncture, but have messed up getting the wheel back on because now the brakes are rubbing intermittently.... might just take it to a bike shop tomorrow if I can't sort it myself in the morning.

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