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  • Mrs Lollipop wrote (see)

    Is Outlaw at the end of July?  I might come and watch.

    Don't just watch, come help at the feed station and get involved!

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    Ok! image

  • Spent all day looking forward to getting out for a ride in the sun, only to be told someone is viewing the house just as I'm due to get home. So I can't change into my cycling kit. Bastards bastards bastards bastards.
  • Got out on the bike tonight instead. Had a few good attempts on the tri bars and starting to love them. Need to get the position all sorted, and then spend some serious turbo time on them between now and Outlaw to get my body used to the position, but over my local 16 mile loop they seem to have given me about 2mph on my average speed. Colour me impressed.

  • LollipopLollipop ✭✭✭

    That's great Mallowpuff (Mallow? Puffy?!).  Are tri bars different handlebars attached to a normal bike?

    I've done 11 miles on the bike this evening and..... 1250 metres swimming today!  Proper front crawl swimming!  It's so exciting after being a complete non swimmer for so long to be able to go and do that and I even quite enjoyed it!

  • Yeah they bolt onto the normal bars and give you a position similar to on a proper TT/Tri bike, more aero! But also more wobbly and put your brakes out of reach etc, so I need to get plenty of practice on them.

    Good work for you today!

  • Morning all - can anyone suggest a reasonably priced 70.3 within ok access from the south coast (near Brighton)? Ideally not too hilly as I am useless on the bike!

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done MrsL. I have had a rest day today, but still went out and walked a few miles to stretch my legs and enjoy the nice weather

    welcome Emmy. I am in the midlands so I have no idea about Southern 70.3s, but you have some nice South Downs to ride on the get better at hills image

  • Lots of pressure Razor - be there image

  • Nice work MrsL!! 

    Tri-bars are much fun image

  • Well done everyone. 

    Good luck on the weekend digger, i might be up to watch but depends got to do a long cycle so not sure yet.

    Mallow, tri bars make a difference just got to get used to them otherwise your back and shoulders kill.

    Im at Outlaw, doing the full distance, only 6 weeks to go now with about 4 weeks of full training, will that be enough lol

  • Morning MathsChick - we've 'met' before but I have have had to change my monika as my email address changed image (was EmmaC)

    I've got my first 70.3 on Sunday based on 8 weeks training with no swimming or cycling until middle of April and I am having a bit of a freak out. Haven't slept for 3 nights!image

    Regards the south downs or north - eek!

  • Bristol, aye I got the impression there's the opportunity for pain. Need to get used to them before Outlaw but at least I'm only doing the bike.
  • I struggle with bike handling normally so think tri bars are a no no for me - besides I'll look like a right plonker cycling at 12.5 mph with tri bars! (seems to be my average speed unless it's pancake terrain!)

  • You could always do a lap or 2 of the run for me MallowP?

  • Nice try mate. I'll stand there drinking beer whilst cheering you on though
  • Am excited about Outlaw!! Squeegee!

    A really nice one and low key and very supportive 70.3 is Wild Boar - it's had a rebrand and is now the Bosworth HM? The swim is flat, the bike is pretty much flat as is the run (no real hills).


  • Ooo thank you Buttercup - will have a look now!

  • It is in the East Midlands but they're very supportive and if you need a little bit more time to finish they'll give it to you image it's in Market Bosworth.

  • Went out for a short ride again last night to get some more time on the tri bars. Took it steady with lots of waiting for my mate who was struggling (ha!), but what felt like a gentle bimble was an average of 16.6mph. Feeling it in my back today though.

    Might have stopped for a pint or two though, and then killed myself making sure I beat my mate's dad up a hill, as he was on an electric bike, and those things can move.
  • Further to tri bars and back pain...

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    Hi Emma - didn't realise it was you!

    had a great run in the rain last night, so much nicer than the heat of the night before! I had bought some new shorts though, and they just ride up and are really uncomfortable - can't send them back now I have worn them, so I guess I have a pair of emergency shorts!

  • Aha, now I know who you are on Facebook.

    Nowt worse than uncomfortable shorts. Too much potential for pain in sensitive areas...
  • hey,

    have any of you been having problems uploading to garmin connect.  I've not been able to since May.  It's starting to get annoying.

  • I've only been using it mainly trouble free for a while. The odd day where it hasn't worked due to servers being down but on the whole no problems
  • And that has been a combination of uploading from my laptop and through my phone
  • MallowPuff imageimage Still makes me chuckle!!!

    i did the 113 today. It was wet and sucked. Finished it, going to sleep now image

  • Glad I'm still bringing smiles to folk...

    Well done MrsD, as I said on FB good effort and well done for pushing on. Go and get some well earned Zzzz's

  • My weekend's training has consisted of nothing other than an hour on the turbo this evening. 3 sets of 10 minutes on the tri bars, 10 minutes off them, just building up the muscles to get used to the position. Tweaked my saddle position and bar angle a bit before starting, think I've got it almost where I want it, but I do need to find a saddle that my bits get on with...

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    mallowpuff - ah, I have known who you are on fb for ages! don't think we have met in the flesh yet though! yes, nothing worse than bad shorts - waste of money! Never mind

    MrsD - well done! Race report when you have recovered please image

    wanted to do a long run today, but family stuff, exam marking and a horrendous headache got in the way. I did do 6 miles with very little walking though so pleased with that.


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