Training for a shorter Tri



  • Whilst polishing our halos for the rest of the weekend!
  • Yeh my Mojo is back and up and running image . Biked it to and from the gym today 10 mile done.

    Swam 2k at the gym and felt pretty good.image ( some of it with a pullboy)

    Jevans...... well done on your swim, and your only jealous of our new trainers thats why you want someimage.

    And don't you two dare come near me with them wooden spoonsimage.

    Good luck on your 5k challenge you two and no bickering with each other over who was fastest (we'll never hear the last of this threadsters)image

    Happy training Gang.

  • Heh. It's challenge enough to get up and out that early on a February Saturday, without worrying unduly about speed.

    What's the point of earning a wooden spoon, if I'm not allowed to put it to good use, eh?

  • JEvaNs - a 1600m swim without stopping! In my dreams.

    You've all done it again and got me going out for a run tonight when I was just umming and ahhing about whether to bother. Nice on gang!image

  • I'm gonna get out tomorrow for a run even if it's a quick 30 minutes image I'm so frustrated doing these really early starts but hey ho it's work and pays the bills image trying to get the wife to let me go full time athlete lol but she's having none of it image
  • ST.........................Like you say it pays the bills so don't knock it, image I'm self employed and have no work this week  image so managed to get to the pool taday, 2k swim and biked it there and back 10 miles.If nothing comes in tomorrow will go for a run in the morningimage.

    30 minutes is better than nowt mate.

  • Yes I agree, I'm self employed to so can't turn nothing down lol
  • JEvaNs - the answer to your question - I fell over on ice on 17 Dec, broke wrist in 4 places, which is my reason for not being able to cycle properly, after so long in a cast after having had the bones manipulated back into place, my wrist doesnot want to flex as it should, also some nerve damage which the medics say will get better in time, so under physio to get full use back.

    Went for a swim/rehab session as per physio instructions, did about 200m in total. Loads of backstroke legs only and some arm sculling movements. 
    Some other pool users (read 4 obese women talking & hardly swimming) giving odd looks to me just cos I couldnot do full strokes with both arms, they even criticised a small group of learning disability kids having a 30 min swim with each one having a carer in the pool. Then they moaned about having 3 lanes for the proper swimmers, as if they were being held up in their own swims.
    Well, what do I expect, this is the same council run pool where some people complained about  the military disabled from Headley Court using it before they got there own pool.

    Once I am able to drive again I will go further afield to a friendlier place, or use the pool at a different time.

    Glad to see everyone is managing to do some training.

  • Ow CJ, that sounds awful.

    And your fat swimming chatterboxes sound like they need drowning.

  • They will get their come uppance when I get back to swimming doing FC really fast or my biggest revenge will be when I do one length of butterfly, I drown anything within 2 metres of my lane with the splashing, can't ever do more than one length though, its a tough stroke.

  • Jevans, didn't cheat tonight...tomorrow may be a different issue!! image

  • Steady - Ow!!! I barely went out at all in December - most frustrating. Sorry to hear you were one of the casualties who braved it. And sorry to hear about your co-swimmers and their attitudes. Mind you, I moan about the aquafit classes when they take over the pool on Sunday evenings, and whilst I used to go to aquafit myself, I think that means I am allowed to pass judgement and confirm that it is a slightly lame form of exercise. It is why I started swimming - I wanted more from my 'pool' membership!

    Razor - I knew someone would think I was just jealous! (I am!)

    Yersinia - how far is your cycle? I'm going to be doing 10 miles each way. It's normally 48 minutes there, 54-56 minutes back. With a full day of work inbetween rather than a 5k race. Yikes. Still, my back tyre is nicely pumped.
  • You win! There are a couple of parkruns I could try. The nearest is only 7km each way, but not a route I cycle regularly.

    It's probably a good thing that the cycle should be relatively undemanding, as 5km is at the limit of my current running ability. I should get round without walking, but genuinely could come last, though probably not miles behind.

  • It's going to be a good session though - as long as I don't get a flat tyre....! I'm going to email the organisers to see if it's ok to just cycle up and leave my bike at the start/finish rather than having to get over to the cycle racks across the road and then back into the park.
  • Ooooh! What a great challenge! I'm a great fan of ParkRun (it's the only time I ever meet other runners) and am going on Saturday. But can't join you guys cos I will be taking at least one daughter so won't be cycling.

    New Shoes! Yes they were great. Ran 4 miles in them this eve and they didn't rub image Swam 46 lengths today too. Tried some 'drills'. No idea if I was doing them right but it was hard work so must be doing some good.

    I have the same quandry about sponsorship. I love running and since I can't fit in any more hours than I'm already doing most of my races are 5k or 10k and they don't seem such a challenge cos I can easily do the distance. Am considering doing the Oly tri for sponsorship though. The does seem like a challenge!

    Razor good to hear that your 'get up and go' came back! 

    ST - tonight was my first run in three days and I was so desperate to get out there, I know that after a week I start going loopy.

    Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. Got an awful lot to fit into the day and am trying to work out where I can carve 30-60mins to do some training. At least the workmen have now finished. We've had double glazing fitted on the front half of the house that didn't have any. I'm shattered from hours of cleaning a film of red dust from everywhere. But the house is now mostly clean. And best of all we have already noticed a reduction in noise and draughts!

  • Jevans - at my ParkRun there are several who cycle and they all leave their bikes at the start/finish line
  • Jevans-  i fell over walking home from the train station after work, if I had been silly enough to run in that awful weather it would be self inflicted and really pi$$ed off.
  • Oo, blimey. Sorry Steady. I wasn't sure where you are based so thought you might have been somewhere where it was still runable apart from black ice or something.

    I did do some running over that period, but only through in my wellies across fresh snow that was begging for someone to ruin it!!! I swear, I ran through the little park between my office and town three times that week, in a child-like excitement! But the park is only about 300m long image

    Chili - I look forward to seeing you at the newly named Threadrun on Saturday then!
  • And the good news is that bikes are safe if left at the start line. Plus, start line is about a mile closer to home than I thought!
  • this thread moves so fast i loose track!

    small recovery run yesterday.. then tried to go to the pool at 6:15 this morning but it was closed due to healh and safety ... a light fitting had shattered over the deep end of the pool!!!! so no swimming for me so far today.. Will do a bike ride this evening if i can't get in the pool

  • Well I failed no run today I did my delivery to Mancester then at 7 am when I was about to start driving back I got a call to do a pick up in Liverpool image so was late back so had my little girl straight away so no time for my run image
  • What's all this park running are you all local to each other?
  • No, they are all over the country:

    I did a mini-tri at lunchtime - cycled to the pool and back for a swimble, then tagged on a short plod at the end.

    Got circuit training tonight.

  • I've got circuit training tonight too! I was going to do a bit of cycling before/after, but I figure I am still in recovery, and have got some funny aches and pains, so will just do the class.

    Congrats on the mid-week tri Yersinia!

  • Just back from doing a 45 min run with a few walks, went off a bit too fast and had to really slow down, but did 3.1 miles and managed to run non stop for the second half of the loop. Yippee, I feel I am really making progress now, my plan had stated a 40min run but as I had 5 mins of walking in my loop it works out spot on. Roll on the swimming now.
  • Ooh, circuit training - what a killer!

    Managed a decent run last night but no speed work - 7.5km in 35mins. Felt OK, going to try speedwork tomorrow night with guys from the Tri club, then swim after work Friday. Need to get my swim working better as entered for Ribby hall Tri and Swimathon in a month or two! Blimey!!

  • Hi Gang .............Only 30 minutes of stretching and some core work tonight, will try and get a bike and run in tomorrow.

    Well done everyone on your efforts.

    Gav ,,,,,,,,,,need to get my arse in gear and enter the Ribby Hall Triimage

  • Evenin!

    Yersinia -  wow! well done. Am very impressed.

    ST - sorry you weren't able to fit in a session.

    Steady - onwards and upwards image

    Had a bad day. Only got 3 hours sleep las night - no, don't ask... Tried to do a brick session. managed the 5 mile bike with no problem in fact I was 1 min faster than last time. But the run was so extremely painful and at only 1k my legs stopped and refused to move. I actually struggled to walk home!

    And this evening I have a full blown head cold image. And am feeling sorry for myself. So i seriously doubt I shall do my long bike ride tomorrow. 

    Think I'll just toddle off and climb into bed. Goodnight everyone.

  • Aw, poor Chilli. Hope you feel better in the morning.

    Circuits was okay - I was a bit worried that it'd be too much on top of the lunchtime mini-tri.

    Depending on how knackered I feel tomorrow, it'll either be a rest day, or I'll go skating.

  • Oh Chili - poor you! Have a bath or two to rest those achey muscles and dose yourself up and rest. Maybe you haven't got over last weekends illness? Take as much time as you need, as you could just make it worse. I know it's hard, but I had a WHOLE WEEK off (apart from Zumba, which doesn't count). And actually it wasn't the worst thing in the world.

    When is Ribby Hall and what distance are people doing?

    Flippin' heck Yersinia - a mini tri AND circuits - I didn't make the link that it was all in one day! I did do 20 minutes of intervals on the bike before circuits, but it's no mini-tri!

    I'm just off out for a run in the sun. I've been looking forward to it all week and work is threatening to put me off going (so much to do!) but I'm determined to get out there before I have three days of rain.

    See yous all later image

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