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  • chili... take a bit of rest time  image 

    going for a swim this eevning.. then doing my long run tomorrow evening hopefully.. light permitting.. due to do around 14 which is hard when i liev in the country so lots of unlit lanes.. will try and get out of work on time and get a bit of running done before light goes and then do loops around teh actual town! 

    then going to go to a swim videoing session my tri club are running on sat morning ! image really interested to see my weak points! 

  • 14 miles or k Bootsie?
  • miles..last long run before the half marathon on the 20th.. once that is over i have one  more race the following weekend and then 6 months focused on the tri stuff .. can't wait to not have to balance long runs and tri training
  • I bet well done, longest I've done was 15 miles training for half and to be honest it was easier than the half lol don't ask me why image

    I'm doing one more half in March hoping to get under 2 hrs then move onto Tri image
  • Enjoy your well earned rest, Chilli! Don't go back to it too early, no matter how tempted you are.

    Hey, JEvaNs: Ribby is 400m pool swim, 18km bike, 5km run. Details are up now on ukresults if you want to enter. I'll be there! My Fylde Tri Club Pink and Blue top clashes beautifully with my ginger bonce, so it's not hard to spot me! image

    Running tonight on Blackpool prom - 10k in a fierce cross wind straight off the sea, by the sound of what's happening outside my front window now. Oh well, Fylde coast events are always windy so I suppose its good practise. At least I can have a pizza without feeling guilty afterwards! Hurrah!image

  • Thanks guys and yes I've been very good and not attempted any training. Have been dosing myself with vitamin C and paracetamol and got through a whole box of tissues. I think I might be an endorphine junkie though, cos I'm not coping very well with the lack of training this week.

    Yersinia  - that is very impressive

    Bootsie - all the best with your 14 miles.

  • Hi Gang..........................Bootsie.... be careful out there in the dark it's bad enough in the daylight.image

    ST ....have managed to get out for a run yet?

    Gav....... I bet you will look a picture in your clubs coloursimage

    Had a good day today, did my own little Tri, biked to and from the gym, 12 miles, 1k swim and a 2mile run off the bike.image.

    The legs felt really heavy after the bike but my tims were about the same.

    What you all been up to?

  • silvewr trucker.. same aim here.. would love a sub 2hr!

    razor.. thanks! 

  • Bootsie - at one point I thought we were quite similar, but with that kind of running mileage, we are not. I just about did my 6 miles today. I really should be up to double figures by now image

    I say "just about"... I didn't. I cut it short by about 500m because I really needed the loo!

    Am really aching from yesterdays circuits. I was using the 7kg on chest flies though, so I know why! There was also a LOT of ab work (we made a point to the trainer lady that there isn't very much ab work and we want more!) and today it hurts to sit up. I probably won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow as a result, but if I can, then the plan is for a pyramid swim session tomorrow evening.

    All fairly tame this week after my week off last week. I'm still a bit phlem-ful, but not bunged up and sniffly. I feel so much better having been doing some excercise (after a week of rest - remember that Chili - keep resting!!!!) - I had got to a point where I didn't think I would remeber what normal felt like!
  • JEvaNs, its only because i'm doing the brighton half marathon in 2 weeks! 

  • I am wondering whether I should forget bike and parkrun and do a few more running miles. Not sure what state I will be in to run on Sunday... Hmm...

    Off for a pyramid swim later. Might time my 400m too.
  • what have you got coming up? race wise?
  • Nothing until March but then it kicks off a bit...

    10k 20th March
    Half mara 27th March (ST - are you doing Forest Of Dean?)
    5k swimathon 16th April
    Oly Tri 15th May

    ... and we don't talk about 10th July!

  • I might do a 10 mile race on 20th Feb actually, just to make sure I do the distance if nothing else! And there will probably be a few Parkruns thrown in, but I'll probably be using those for brick sessions rather than to get a time.
  • see so we aren't too far off the same training cept my half is well before yours.. so have to get the longer runs in before then.. .. whats on 10th july?
  • Bootsie, we don't talk about 10th July image image

    No my half is 5 March in Stratford JEvaNs.

    No run so far been far to tired this week image

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow now, although couple glasses of wine tonight watching England smash the Welsh image image image
  • Cor, seems like everyone has a busy schedule!

    I didn't skate yesterday - spent a long time walking, and then arrived at Ally Pally Park too late to get a decent sesh in, so looked at the ducks instead. But I reckon I walked about 9 miles, so it's still cross-training.

    Today I went swimming. However, my ankle started to ache and I realised it was bruised. I think I did it when I leant my bike against the porch the other day, and it slipped and the chainring rammed into my ankle. I didn't think I'd done any harm, but it's quite sore now. So I just swam my winterswim distance and a couple of cool down lengths of breaststroke and called it a day.

    I shall have to see how much it hurts in the morning. It's not dreadful, but I thought I had a better chance of making it out tomorrow if I didn't push it on today's swim. 

  • Hi

    Yes mummy Jevans I have been very good and no training again today. Am feeling a bit better this afternoon and my nose is working again. Wow - impressive weights session!

    Shall see how well I sleep and I may do a slow Parkrun with my big girl tomorrow morning. 

    5 March is my duathlon. So i really need to do those brick sessions! Am beginning to panic

    Off to take more vitamin C and paracetamol.

  • Yersinia - sensible attitude just doing the swim after the bike attacking you. Impressed that you managed the winterswim distance, I had signed up for that and done a couple of rounds before my accident so had to pull out, but will do it next year. My swim is still for rehab purposes only until end of March!!! ggrrhh doctors orders.

    Today I did one hour on exercise bike, plan stated it should have been one hour fifteen mins yesterday and a 45 min run today, but tired yesterday and did not fancy going out in the strong wind today, so that was my excuse and my exercise.

  • Right PMA I'm defiantly going for a LSR tomorrow cause I'm now working Sunday image I just can't turn work down image not cause of the money I just can't image my Tri club swim is safe on Sunday evening though image and next week I need to raise my running training cause my half is approaching very quick.

    I'm looking at April 17 th as my first Tri in Northamton image image it's a sprint but using as part of training plan to get round and enjoy and see where I'm at image

    Any one else near mids or are you all down South?
  • I'm in Wales, so will reserve judgement on who smashes who tonight ST!!! image

    Just off for a little swim. Won't be too taxing I hope as I want to be up in the morning for park run.... am a bit worried by all this wind though. I may get blown home before making it across the start line!

  • Lol poor you England by 20 image image
  • i'm neutral.. ireland to win by a large margin tomorrow though!

    14.05 miles done and dusted. including a lovely fall onto the road! 

  • Sorry Jevans - I realise I probably sounded very rude, but didn't mean to. I was going to post a smiley face and forgot. I do appreciate your concern imageimageimageimage  (just to make up for it!)
  • Meant to say (but was on bus and foruming is always a bit iffy from my phone!)....

    Yersinia - Ow! Nasty place to get a bruise. I hope it feels better tomorrow

    Chilibean - don't be silly, it made me smile! I don't need smiley faces to know when people are having a laugh image Glad you are taking it easy. Don't worry about the duathlon. You've got time for plenty of bricks in the next 4 weeks. Think back to what you did 4 weeks ago, and all the training you've done since then. Plenty of time.

    Steady - how is the wrist on the exercise bike?

    Bootsie - H........ I...........erm.....sorry.... M

    Swim done though. I did a pyramid starting at 6, going down, and back up. Never started at 6 before. I'm normally a 5 girl. But I was really pleased. 30secs rest between sets and whilst I did clearly tire towards the end, with a 400m warm up (sub-9 mins - also happy!) and a few cool down lengths, my 'short' swim session is now a mile long!

    Just need to work on that long swim session now. I'm going to do it with sets of 200m and 400m with rests in between. I was going to follow Duncan Goodhew for the Swimathon, but I think I would feel more comfortable doing the same thing over and over, because I'll only really be able to do two swims a week.

    Off to bed (unless husband wants a lift back from the pub... hmm...) and looking forward to parkrun, but I fear if the wind is still bad in the morning I may chicken out. Must Not. I'm supposed to be doing flippin' triathlons for goodness sake!

  • Hi Gang....................This week have done 22 miles on the bike, 3k swim and ran 12 miles so feeling quite pleased with myself considering I'd lost my mojo last weekimage

    ST.........................Get out and do that LSR you keep threatening to doimage

    Stay free of injuries Gang and have ogood training weekendimage

  • I've set my alarm for the rather unfathomable time of 7:30 on a Saturday (not a morning girl) and think I will be able to brave the wind, as it's not too far away. It's forecast to be mild and probably dry, and any rain should be no more than drizzle, so hopefully I'm all set.

    Just hope the ankle doesn't stiffen overnight. At the moment it feels as though it should hold up OK, but I've just put on some precautionary ibuprofen gel, as there is a bit of inflammation there.

    Hopefully I can get out there, and return brandishing my wooden spoon in triumph.

  • OH no.................not the wooden spoonimage   ( dives for cover)
  • In weather like this, a wooden spoon is still a finish! Good for you!

    Ran Thurs night - hideous - mega windy. Got blown along for the first 5k (under 20mins!), then turned round and got sand blasted for 35 mins home. My own fault for running up Blackpool prom! Still, my skin has never felt smoother.......

    Swam last night and took ages to get relaxed and into it - I only had an hour spare and it seemed to take 750m to get warmed up. Horrible - felt really uncomfortable, breathless, almost panicky. Had to stop every 4-6 lengths, and reverted to good old Breaststroke again, just couldn't seem to get settled. Duathlon anyone? No! Must keep trying, have entered Ribby Hall Sprint Tri in Lancs on April 3rd, and Ironman mate has entered me for 2.5k swimathon in April too imageso got to get and keep my finger out. I've been advised to try bilateral breathing instead of right side breathing so i'm not breathing as fast. Any thoughts, gang?

  • Heh. Only the Truly Deserving receive the Wooden Spoon.

    Well I've negotiated pt I of the challenge - getting up at an unearthly hour on a Saturday. Can 'feel' my ankle, but it's not too bad just sitting here. I will see if it hurts on the bike. If not, I'm good to go. Still sounds windy out there.

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