Dr Atkins Diet

I have been interested in the DR atkins diet as I eat many sandwiches potatoes with all meals etc. etc.

Can a runner who does 35 miles a week be on a low carb diet?


  • NO

    And its dangerouse

    FAD DIETS dont work
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  • How the hell could any runner, serious or not, think that restricting carbs is a good idea. Hell you'd want to increase them!!
  • I agree,
    But Ive been running for seven years and i am allways 16 stone. Therefore I eat to much. Believe me I would love to stock up on carbs but if I could loose 36 pounds. Look how my speed could increase.

    Some runners buy energy bars, I bet if i took an average runner and strapped 32 pounds to his back he would soon be wishing to get rid off it.
  • do you want to lose some weight colin ? have a good look at your diet and see how many empty calories you are taking in - the butter on the baked potatoes, mayonnaise and dressings on sandwiches, sugary and fatty treats - if you cut down on some of these things it might make a difference without needing to cut down drastically on carbs which are your main fuel source

    and weight loss of more than 1-2 pounds a week isnt really healthy or sustainable in the long term

    most people who have success with Atkins (as would anyone who follows a highly restrictive diet) find thay put the weight back on when they return to previous diet (which also indicates they havent learned much about healthy eating whilst on Atkins!) and people who stay with it longterm are at risk of kidney problems, deficiencies, and bowel problems from a lack of fibre and bulk
  • Colin, you've answered your own question. You said yourself you eat too much, cut back on the amount you eat, and eat a healthy, balanced, BALANCED, diet.
  • Im a big lad too (gone from 18st to less than 15) - but fad diets art the way

    65/20/15 carb/pro/fat = a balanced diet

    This would allow you to decreece calories but up available energy

    Eat 4 to 5 meels a day front loaded (big breakie) and ytou will not feel hungry during the day

    If you want make a 4 day food diary (FRI-MON) of what you eat anbd when - email it to me (along with details on your training) and i'll give you som sugetsions

  • buttrt ot marg onb a sarny adds 180cals to the sarny
  • colin
    what is your body mass index or bodyfat ratio - are you heavily built - big frame and well muscled or actually carrying flab ?
    maybe you need to keep a diet diary of everything you eat over a couple of weeks and tot up how much energy you are taking in against how much you need - losing around 500 calories a day from your intake should start to amount to a pound a week loss - its not much especially if you drink alchohol regularly too - you might find that you are taking in a bit more than you need to burn off some spare if you want to reduce
  • Hi Colin.

    This is my Humble opinion.

    IF you are not killing yourself daily, i.e. running to such an extent that your body cannot cope, AND you are on the Diet....I agree with the major consensus that it is a bad idea.

    HOWEVER, if you use the Atkins diet (Fad or not, it works, and not everyone is as lucky as me when then need to lose weight), and you continue running your four miles a day, I cannot envisage, how or why it would affect you, IF your only plan is to try slim down, so that in the long term you fitness improves.

    I'm probably only making sense to myself.

  • Diets lasting a few weeks/months don't, and indeed can't work, in the long term. What is needed is a long term series of changes to your lifestyle. Of course this is alot harder to do and people don't want do it.

    Change your lifestyle, eat well, lose weight, run better.
  • One of the side effects of Atkins is leg cramps so a definate no no if you are a runner.
    I tried Atkins for a week. lost 4 pounds. Put it all back on again. When I went running it felt like I was running on empty (because I effectivley was)
    If you want to do a healthy protein diet, do the Slimming World Red plan. you are allowed cereal, potatoes and bread in limited qualities (but not restrictive quantities) and unlimited fish and lean meat (not fat meat like Atkins)
  • How a bout the barmaid at my local who almost lost here eyesite through it

    Or the bloke down the gyme who experience bad kidney problems

  • Jesus christ, is everyone here a fad of stupid fad diets?!?!?!?!?!? Exercise and a healthy balanced diet will guarantee a healthy weight. Considering we're all _supposed_ to be runners thats half the battle won.
  • Dehydration a bad problem on Atkins

    and very low glysogen reservs
  • By the way I am studying sports nutriton
  • thats what i said in the first place !

    get a good sports nutrition or diet book and find out healthy eating and then adapt it to your activity levels
  • hows the course WW ?
  • Nnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa...
  • Well thankyou for all your advice.

    I will try your balanced methods and ignore the atkins diet.

    many Thanks
  • Going well - very interesting
  • Tunney - runners can overeat or eat the wrong things, or drink a lot too though
  • HEY!
    You talking about ME???

    I havent even had a drink yet today!
  • does it reccomend any good books ? i saw a sports nutrition book for veges in borders last week
  • bu77er-bune, aye I know that runners can eat crap, I'm not completely thick. What I was trying to say is that to maintain a healthy weight, exercise and a healthy balanced diet is required. Runners, by definition, get exercise on a regular basis and as such only require a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight. Of course if someone eats too much, or the wrong stuff, they will gain weight. I know thats the reason I'm a few pounds overweight still!! :)
  • LOL Hipps - no not about you - just all of us who dont follow the healthy eating rules all the time :-))

    just pointing out that it could be possible to have a balanced diet yet take in a lot of calories thru alchohol and sometimes peeps dont consider that as paart of the ovwerall picture
  • There will be an aditional reading list in the next module
  • I eat and drink all the wrong things
    Hence am a blimp!
    A fit-ish one though
  • I'm going to start the Aitken's Diet... My flat mate did it and it looks like it works.
  • All foods are both negitive and positive -you need to cout out/back on the foods that negitivly outweigh the positive - suvh as fizzy drinks and kets which provide calories but little nutritional value ...

    ... and so on
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