Sore Hips and Knee

Hi there

 I have been reading a few threads regarding people getting sore hips after their training sessions. My problem is that I am getting quite a sharp pain at the top of my left hip. This can happen during any stage of my training (when I start off, in the middle or towards the end of the session).

 I also get a sharp pain under my left knee. It seems to be on the underside of the patella - again on the left hand side of it. I have been advised that I should use an exercise - roll the side of the quad muscle as it may be too tight and my knee is taking the strain.

 i am really worried about my hip though and to be honest, I have stopped training in fear that I may be aggrevating the problem.

When I train I basically follow the same 5 mile pattern on the local roads.

Does this sound familiar to anybody else?



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