Amsterdam Marathon Sunday 16 October 2011

Going to do this one and it will be my first marathon abroad.

I'd be grateful for any hotel recommendations and any other useful informationimage



  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Me and OH stayed here last year:

    Pricey but lovely and fantastic owners who made us a special brekkie and left it in our room for the early morning start image

    We got the metro to the start but because it was Sunday it didnt start till a bit later than we planned (watch that on the hour long tickets!).

    It was freezing cold before the race - so try to stay indoors as long as possible!

  • Thanks for that curly

    Looking around it seems that hotels are ALL pricey!image

  • Anyway thats our flights bookedimage

  • There are squillions of hotels in Amsterdam.  Try sites like or

    I stayed in the Hotel Wilhelmina, near the Vrondelpark, last time I went.  I can't remember how much it was, but it was handy for the start - you can walk there in about 15 minutes.

    It wasn't fantastic, but it was OK.  Steep stairs to get up, though (but that applies to most older buildings in Amsterdam).  I can't remember what the race day breakfast arrangements were, but I think they were satisfactory.

    It's a tram-ride from Centraal station and the centre of town.

  • Thanks Wilkieimage
  • Yay - I'm entered, but I'm only doing the Half Marathon!

    Flights booked, on hotel search now!!  image

  • hmmm.....this one is a possibility for me.
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    I would say the full is a lot better than the half - the half starts at 1pm (or did last year) so you are running into the slower marathon runners which is a pta because it means pacing is difficult and you have to run around them! Hopefully they will change it this year back to them starting at the same time...
  • I was hoping to do the full, but with a busy summer schedule would probably have been approaching burn out if doing the full then.  I'm slow myself so will more than likely run alongside the slow mararthoners rather than round them!

    Am looking forward to it anyway as never been there and is only my second race abroad!!  image

  • It is a great event. It was oonly my secong Marathon, Edinburgh being the first. Organisation was great, seemed friendly and relaxed. Crowds were good and the cheers of Allez Allez! seemed slighly more up lifting than the British "Go on!".

    Route is nice and varied, town, country, river, windmills, industrial estate, park, town and stadium. The variation I found very helpul in staving off the monotony.

    Most helpfully it is flat.

    The above posters are right about it being cold at the start though. Usual advice about taking old clothing is spot on here.

    Definitely a PB course. Good luck with it I am sure you will enjoy it.

  • Ive just booked into the Hilton in Amsterdam for just over £110 for a double room(incl breakfast)

    A bargain price at the moment if you book before the end of the monthimage

  • Myself and running club at looking at this.  We're just checking out flights at the moment. 

    We will go with Running Crazy, so much easier as there's a group of us and booking hotels for several individuals would be a nightmare.  Also, they organise a great post race party image image.

  • Our little group are looking at going with Running Crazy too LWJ image  I assume you've raced via them before?  Was that in Amsterdam or elsewhere?

    It'll be my first marathon and my first race abroad...dying to crack on with some training, but I'm under the weather at the moment image so I'll have to be patient.

  • Hi Pegg

    Yes, a group of us did Benidorm in November with Running Crazy.   It was such good fun and we were well looked after. 

  • Mr K should be along soon.  I think he too may be doing Amsterdam this year.
  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭


    Highly recommend `Running Crazy`. Have a look on their website & facebook page. Malcolm & his team are excellent.

    My Benidorm blog 

    Yes thinking about Amsterdam - maybe the half. Chat more tomorrow image

  • Amsterdam was my second marathon and I really enjoyed it.

    The pros are that it flat, oh boy is it flat - as someone on the 2010 thread pointed out its as flat as a pancake that has been run over by a steamroller.  Therefore v fast, very few people on the thread didn't get a pb, 31 minute pb for meimage.

    Also very good organisation, has the feel of a big marathon without the huge numbers, support was good (not London numbers but then where else is).  Reduced spectator numbers mean its easy to spot friends and family on way round if organised, the underground made it easy for them to get around. Was fantastic to start and finish in the stadium - my six year old loved seeing me on the big screen in the stadium as my name was read over the tannoy (can't say I noticed it as in a world of pain by then).   Good pictures and video available to commemorate achievement.

    Only downsides are that drinks are only provided in cups and not bottles and I hate drinking from cups and that it can get quite breezy on the Amstel.

    All in all a great marathon especially if targetting a pb - hopefully will see you there as am planning to do it again this year.



  • I'm entered image
  • Haven't done that bit yet, but flights booked today. 

  • Sounds like we need to organise our group to be in strategic places with bottled water Min!! image
  • Mr T is used to that, Pegg, after the fiasco that was Fleetwood!

    I've booked my hotel - not cheap but not bad - got it on a refundable basis (just in case!!).  It was the swimming pool and sauna that sold meimage.  Now I guess I should think about getting there somehow!!

  • I'm in!  Eek! image
  • Excellent - did you book with Running Crazy?
  • I got an e-mail from the Amsterdam Marathon reminding me how good it was last year, I am sorely tempted to do it again but that would be 4 marathons in a year, the difficult part being Amsterdam in October and New York 3 weeks later.

    If I did Amsterdam would it spoil New York?
  • You could just do the half in Amsterdam, or do the full and treat it as a long training run before New York.
  • Booked independently in the end LWJ.  Just got the flights to book now...then the hard work starts!
  • In!

     Will be my 3rd marathon

  • I am in too. Was going to do 1/2 but I decided to go for it. I never thought I would do this but having such a well regarded marathon on my doorstep was too much to resist. I am really nervous about this commitment!

    I live in Amsterdam. I would definitely say that hotels in Old South (Oud Zuid) are a good bet as they are closer to the Olympic Stadium. If you don't want to walk, Tram 16 goes past the stadium so from a getting there and back perspective that is a great line to have near your hotel. Gives a door to door public transport guide (in English) that may come in handy.

    Welcome to my adopted home town. I hope we give you(and me) a great experience!
  • Hi Pancakes

    No worries about your home town giving us a good time.    Myself and my running club have booked up with Running Crazy.  They've been going out to Amsterdam for a few years now so we know we're in for a good time.

  • image Although when i say we're in for a good time i don't necessarily mean a pb.   image image
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