GNR slow progress

hi just wonered if anyone else was struggling with training for the gnr? i had a break form running for about 10 weeks due to a cartiledge problem in my knee, after restarting very slowly i seems to not be getting anywhere... I can run 4 miles at the moment, very slowly (12-13 min miles)plus i have to stop and walk for about 2 mins 1/2 way, but i really need to get further (not too bothered about the time...) any help, or is anyone else struggling too?


  • sorry this was meant to be in beginners, it was definately there when i first posted it, then it moved to here.....many aplologies, I'll try again!
  • You have plenty of time
    dont panic
    And dont increase your mileage by more than 10% a week
  • I have had a break of about 6 months due to injury and have just reached my third month of training again.

    I can run approximately 20 minutes without stopping and even that is with a struggle! I too am running betwen 10 and 13 minute miles and am beginning to wonder if my walking is a lot quicker!

    However I think that as we have run before and hopefully have a reasonable level of fitness, that once you have started again, the beginning is slow but the fitness does then return to you much quicker than if you were starting completely from scratch.

    Hippo is spot on about not increasing more thatn 10% as if you do this you are much more likely to become injured again and then you are back to square one.

    Good luck with your training and once you get your GNR number let us know, hopefully we will all be able to meet up.
  • Stick with it DS, there's plenty of time to build up to the GNR. I've had a very patchy few months but have got back into the routine again now, and while I'm still struggling a bit, I'm confident that I'll build up some endurance pretty quickly now, and lose a few pounds too, which will help a lot.

    RD is right. If you've run before, you'll get back to where you were more quickly than if you were starting from scratch.

    When you sail past me in the last mile of the GNR, you'll remember these words!

    Good luck all.

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