I have been training with knee problems for a while now but it has been suggested that i need to see a sports physio or sports orthopedics person to have a proper consulting session, get measured up, maybe insoles, advice on running shoes, etc etc
i live in the thetford, norfolk area, any suggestions for closeby?



  • this is just me but i think not having flat soled-shoes for running helps avoid this kind of injuries.


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  • Dattie, there are a number of routes you can go down to sort out the problems you're having.  You can see a bunch of specialists and get orthotics or insoles to get rid of the symptoms.  Or you can look at, and change, your running gait which will fix the source of the problem.


    If you want to go down the second route I would suggest looking for threads, and other information, on chi-running and Pose.  It's also worth reading some of the threads on bare foot running.  I'm not suggesting you try bare foot running (although you can if you want to) but there will be some useful information on how to correct a dodgy running gait.

  • You can get them on the NHS if you tell your doctor.  I paid for my first pair from a local physio but they weren't custom made ones and in all that cost me around 120quid.  They did seem to work but I could have just brought the arch supports from a shop or online.   I ran 5 marathons on them and they might have become a bit worn out.

    My second pair were custom made but it did take my a while to get used to them but they seem fine.  I would go to the doctor first but it depends on how quickly you want to get it sorted.   I still get some problems with my knees though.  I have very flat feet. 

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