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Hi all,


Just a quick enquiry…since running 42km on January the 1st I have been struggling with a dull pain in my left knee. I have run since then but whenever running on a hard surface my knee was very painful…although I was able to run on, it doesn’t seemed to have improved since and even walking into work this morning it was a bit painful.


I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience, if so what should I do in order to combat it and hopefully guard against it in the future…? Any advice would be brilliant, really want to make sure that it doesn’t become a long standing niggle or even worse an injury!!




  • i've got the same problem in my right knee at the moment. I was thinking it might be chrondomalacia patella or runners knee
  • How fast was the 42k, compared with your normal pace? I ask because I have to limit both the distance of my long runs (currently training for my first marathon) and any interval / speed sessions I do, due to the effect on my knees. The main thing is probably to give it time to settle -might be a week or two- or, if you can afford it, get it checked by a decent physio / sports therapist. I have found from experience that knees are quite complicated things(!!!) and pains can result for any number of reasons. (previous root causes for me include: inappropriate running shoes, dodgy hip/back from rugby, ITBS, hamstring problems AND runners knee. All can be resolved, but the cause and treatment is different in each case.

    If it doesn't settle soon, get it checked anyway.

    Hope it is soon ok.
  • If it's your first marathon you are probably just undertrained, that is to say you didn't build up long and slow enough before embarking on marathon training. Building the leg strength and cardiovascular side is easy and develops much quicker than the ligaments and tendons harden.

    Don't run for a month or so, you'll be fine. 

  • Thanks for the replies guys.

    I ran it pretty much as fast as I could have done Brian and in hindsight dont think that was a very good idea. I think its about time I got new shoes as should be something as simple as that but at the moment I am icing it, resting it and hoping that it was simply from the exertion the other day.

    Lardarse it was the first time I have run that distance so it might be bad preparation on my part...although during the last 6 months I have been running a fair bit and dome some runs in and around the 20-30km mark on fairly regular occasions...I will give it a rest and try and use both prevention and treatment methods in the future to try and combat the problem..Mark hope the problem gets resolved quickly for you!

     Thanks again.

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