Anyone selling a bike?


Was anyone lucky enough to get a new bike from Santa? 

I'm looking to buy a road bike to do a lot of my ironman training on and also commute to and from work.

Need size 50/52cm (I'm 5'7") and looking to spend up to £200.  Looked round on ebay etc but not a lot about, esp for my tight budget!!

If anyone looking to sell please let me know, or send me a message.

Ta muchly image


  • Try here  always worth keeping an eye on this site

    Most are a tad on the worn out side but you do get some bargains !

    *no, i'm not on commission image
  • Great, thanks Meldy image
  • I'm not, but I do have an old 50cm Cannondale R500 frame, with front mech, seatpost, stem and handlebars lounging in my mother's loft! There's even an old set of wheels, without tyres. It has been stripped of the rest of the drivetrain, shifters, brakes and saddle. It was cannibalised to build up my Ribble frame last year. So it would need a lot of work & bits to turn into something resembling a bike!

    I had been thinking about turning it into a singlespeed some day.

    We could come to some arrangement if you were interested. One thing though, I don't know where you live, but it is in Scotland & I'm not!!
  • Thanks so much Little Sister, but to be honest I don't think I'd have the time, or any idea of how to build a bike up! I'm scared enough training for my first ironman, nevermind trusting my own handywork! Thanks very much for the offer though image

    P.S I'm in Sussex
  • If you can get the bits down to you then there are several knowledgeable pie rights in your area who will give you a hand  image
  • I have a Trek road bike in my garage, cost £1800 new, one of the early composite frames, seen prettier days, but fully functional, 53/39 front cog, indexed downtube shifters, different colour tyres, Bontrager wheels, Selle bum park, 52cm frame, rather annoyingly rides bettter than my Kuota, yes it's getting on a bit, but everything works, previous owner bought from new, ardent cyclist. Location Surrey. Might suit your needs?

    If not, my eldest gets it, he is about an inch too short for it, at the moment. PM if interested.

  • PS previous owner 5 foot 5 male.Shimano pedals fitted
  • messaged you dustboy
  • I've got a Ridgeback Velocity hybrid - size M - might not be ideal but its 15 months old, done about 400 miles only. I started my Tri training on it and added stubby bar ends to the flat bars, and spd pedals. Done me proud, now have a Bianchi so don't need it. Have been thinking of selling it. Cost me £389 in Oct 2009. V happy with £200 for it! I'm in Lancashire.
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