Aged mummy doing R4L

Hi Folks, having seen me do my first 10k my mum (Chris) wanted to do one as well. Bear in mind she is 61, a tad overweight, minus one kneecap, and with a tendency to fall over occasionally (hence the knee!).

Despite this she's not content to walk round, and has already been out running on the road (RESPECT!-I'm still sticking to treadmill).

I know I got loads of encouragement from this forum so any messages I can print off for my mum will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Mand and mummy Chris


  • Go GIRL!

    Tell mum to look at the over 60s training thread
    lots o nice peeps there
  • Kick Ass Mummy ! Hope I'm doing 10ks when I'm 61 !
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    my lovely mum is exactly the same age, and I got her to walk round the race for Life in Guildford after being a couch potato, and a diabetic as well. She told me that she had done some sneaky jogging ( a few steps) but was too scared. So well done to your mum for giving it a go, you should be very proud!

    By the way my mum has a tendency to fall over as well, and is slightly larger than she would like due to the diabetes, so there are lots of similarities there-ill have to print this out as well and see if she is inspired to give the running a go?
  • Thanks guys/gals, you're the best!

    C'mon the rest of you, remember your 'first time'!
  • 61 is nothing! I know an 86 year old who didn't take up running until he was over pension age and has done half marathons up until the last few years. Jimmy Saville's still at it (!) and there were 75+'s finishing in under 2 hours in the Leeds Half Marathon recently. Take it steady - if the running is too aggressive for the knee, try race-walking, it's possible to get up speeds that some of us runners are still aiming for and it's much kinder on the joints, especially over longer distances. Get plenty of rest, enjoy - good for you!
  • Woohoo! You go Mumsy! Mine did R4L with me two years ago and left my sister standing! Took her 50 minutes, but she ran at least some of the way. She's not brave or keen enough to train like yours, though, so reSPEC' sistah!
  • Thanks again folks, tho' bit worried she'll be a better runner than me now!
  • Tell her us oldies have to show the youngsters a thing or two. So GO FOR IT!!!
  • Go Chris Go. Well done for taking part. Its inspiration for all of us!
  • Chris I will echo everyone else, go Chris go...........! Enjoy the day.

  • All the best Mum!!!
  • I'm an old mum/Chris too, yippee go for it.
  • Chris, you're a star girlfriend, you go girl!!!! Age is just a state of mind.....I hope you feel thoroughly motivated now cause I do!!!! No seriously though, it's something not only to make you have a sense of achievement but the benefits are astonishing......feeling good, more energy, being healthy and, everyone should agree with me here, adrenalin, if you could sell it in a bottle, the feeling after you finish, everyone would do it.....right???!!!
  • fat facefat face ✭✭✭
    Way to go Mummy!!!
  • Mummy Chris - go for it. You must be one amazing woman. Your daughter certainly seems to think so. My dad was the one who inspired me to run, he's 64 and I can't keep up with him.
  • Go Mummy!
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