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I'm actually posting for my daughters boyfriend who seriously needs to gain weight. When they come to our house I'm always dishing out homemade meals but he doesn't eat that much. Eats more like a bird!

He must by only 9 stone or so and I'm guessing about 5' 10" in height?? He finally realized how bad he is when he stepped onto the Wii Fit and was shown to be 'underweight'. They've now come to ask me for help in nutrition and grocery shopping advice; mind you, the boy is 24, still living with his parents (his mum buys 'junk' food I guess) and their meals out consist of McD's and that plastic type of food...blah! I told them 'junk in, junk out'.

 I could only think about asking other people on this forum for sound nutritional advice, of course it's mostly about 'losing' weight on here but I know there's many who are runners (and he has a marathon type body) that have to keep the calories pumping into them to gain weight. Any good advise or recipes to pass onto them? I hope he knows it's time to grow up and take care of himself!!!


  • I haven't any useful advice to offer, but assuming that he has been the GP and checked there is not some underlying physiological cause, then I'd have thought the problem may be psychological rather than nutritional, esp as you've said you serve good meals but he just pecks at them.
  • He needs to eat more.......... that's it!

    It would obviously better if the "more" included plenty of fruit and veg, some carbs and good quality protein so maybe he needs to learn to cook.  How about sending him on a cookery course or getting him helping in the kitchen when you're cooking?  My Dad has always been able to just about manage in the kitchen but he went on a cookery course last year and now he's cooking all sorts of dishes.


    And some advice for your daughter... don't marry a bloke who still lives with his parents... seriously, don't!

  • I'd just tell him to visit his GP to ask for advice on his weight then if there is an underlying problem it can be pinpointed.  He is an adult though - he can't be forced to eat.  He needs to gather all the relevant information and take control of it himself with support from your daughter and maybe yourselves.

  • Thanks for the advice, as I was typing in my first posting I was thinking that he does 'need to grow up and cook for himself'! He also does sound like he needs to get some sort of help either by his GP and/or a cooking class, in fact both of them can do with taking a cooking class! 

     I'll try to encourage them to help make the tea when they come to our house again but like someone mentioned above, we can't make them do anything. It's only their health that will suffer...image

  • I am 49 tomorrow and have weighed 8.5 stone most of my life.I eat like a horse and probably waste more energy eating an apple than I get back from it.Point is he may be naturally thin,many of us are and its funny but if you are 'overweight' then you are encouraged to diet and if 'underweight' told to eat more! If he is healthy he is fine.We are a wonderfull mix of shapes and sizes and as long as we are fairly healthy then we should just accept what we are. Get him off the WII Fit and out onto the'WII ROAD'! And at 24 he needs to learn to cook!
  • Milk lots of Milk

    Used for centuries to bulk up strength athletes

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