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As a relatively new runner I am planning to enter a variety of races in the Sussex/Surrey area and have found a few I would like to enter.

Some such as the Henfield 9 mile run on 27/2 are described as trail with running along a riverbank and disused railway. I reguarly run along a disused railway,but, not along riverbanks- should I buy trail shoes for these and other events?

When can you use trail running shoes and what advantages do they have over ordinary running traniers? I asume they be used on road as well? 

Any advice would be much appreciated.

 Thank you



  • Trail shoes for example Asics Trabuco - usually offer a more rugged tread giving better grip on mud/grass or uneven terrain  Its like the difference between a road tyre and a hybrid tyre on a bike. They are not as rugged as a fell shoe (For those - think Mountain bike tyres) but offer an in between solution.  They can also be used for sections of road where as I find I cannot run on road in my fell shoes as they are too rigid with little cushioning. Trail shoes also have more support than fell shoes which tend to be more neutral as on fells because the ground is so uneven you are constantly changing angle of slope so support becomes less of an issue.
  • sounds like you`l want trail shoes Alistair :

     If I was to enter that event I`d use my salomon speedcross2`s, they work very well in the mud but have sufficient cushioning/support to deal with harder terrain aswell.... 

  • Thanks for your replies. Are trail shoes good in the icy conditions as well?   

     Also do people tend to buy them on the internet to save a few pounds or from a local running shop? I have a preference for the latter as fining shoes for me is harder enough as it is.

  • Bugger all is good on ice. If  you want to trot nimbly over ice, grow another two legs or get some Yaktrak Pro's or Kahtoolah microspikes to fit on over your shoes.
  • Alistair, worth also taking a look at the Adidas Kanadias, a great trail shoe indeed (Got 2 pairs!)
  • Id go for a hybrid trail/road shoe tbh, i personally wear asics gel trabuco.  I find them great on all surfaces and even performed well in the recent snow and icy conditions.  Soul is a slightly harder compound than the road version which makes for more support offroad but doesnt compromise road performance.

     Hope this helps some

  • Thanks for everybody's help. I will go to my local running store and make a purchasce. 
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