Hardwick X-Stream 6

 anyone up for some X-country fun. Lots of mud and water.

Did this race used to be a 5 miler?  


  • dont know anything about this race - have fancied doing something a bit different to the usual 10k and thought I might give it a go.....however having looked at the web site feeling a bit nervous.....do I need spikes ? Or will normal trainers get me round ?

    I am keen to do a trail race - also its an hours drive each way for me and thats a long way if it is not for first time trail runners !!

     Any info appreciated.....

    mand image

  • I have not run this before either and am very slow but am giving it a go anyway!  I am however a member of the running club that organise the event and can guarantee that it will be well marshalled and though hard work should be a good atmosphere. I'm pretty sure they'll be cake after too, which is my driving force in completing it!

    Spikes would probably be a good choice but I only have trail shoes so that will have to do for me!

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