Wassup peeps?

What's happening to this bloomin' Forum?

After a week away in the sun, I come back to, wait for it, limericks, jokes, ironing, things granny used to say, words for being pissed, etc etc.

Where's all the serious discussion, the analysis of contemporary issues; there was more relevant debate in Monday's Sunday Sport.

This requires some serious thought - be back in 10 mins!


  • I thought the Sunday Sport came out on Sunday, hence the name? Have you got your vest? Does it fit?
  • I'm thinking of starting on the Atkins Diet tomorrow to get in trim for Windsor next week.

    Anyone got any advice on the best way to go about it? (Jon?)
  • Hmmm! Snoop, you are the personification of the sunday sport! Hope you had a good time!

    ps. Today seems tobe one of those days when I get ripped to shreds so I'm ready for you... Do your worst!
  • shart your maff you slaaaiiiiiiggg!
  • Sorry Snoop, Foxy has now seen the real you
  • Hi DW, shows your understanding of contemporary issues when you imagine the Sunday Sport is a Sunday publication.

    Vest rec'd A OK much ta - you'll see if it fits next week if you're at Windsor.

    Jon - wot's the matter dear boy - mummy take your teddy away?
  • Hi BK - wotz this about Foxy? - you wouldn't be getting the old jelly belly would you now?
  • Snoop you git! Teddy's at home safe and sound thank you very much!

    Good hols?
  • Snoop,

    Welcome back. Hope the hols went well.

    If you would care to initiate a meaningful and profound discussion then I'm sure there are forumites out there only too willing to engage.

    Something along the lines of 'how do you see the Iraq situation developing in the light of the lates invitation by the regime to allow full access to UN weapons inspectors?'


    What sexual fantasies do you have whilst out running?

    See you at Windsor where we can all get a bit Buglered!!

  • Thanks Jon. Went hill walking/running in Mallorca for a few days.

    Still want a lift to Windsor next week? be round for you at 10.30 a.m. if so.

    Atkins - recommendations please.
  • Thanks Snoop you are a God send! Its the second pebble dash on the right as you go down the road from Amal Shawarma!
  • Hiya Snoop,

    Are you still doing Maidstone on Sunday ?

    Looks like the world and his wife are doing the Nike 10K !!!
  • Rats - answers as follows:-

    Iraq - nukit

    Running fantasies - Foxy & Badge in nurses' outfits tendering to my every whim, and us all getting buglered together.

    Sorry if the latter suggestion is controversial.
  • Scotty H? The bugger who got the free kit? GET 'IM!!!!
  • I'm not sure what my mother would have to say about being buglered and sexual fantasies being linked so! And as for an earlier thread... when it went from Snicks to whoring in a matter of minutes...I'm getting a complex here (I'll see you at Windsor young Jon!)
  • Hi Scotty - should think you can afford to kit out the whole Nike race with your new found wealth.

    N0 - I wont be there. Doing the Maidstone half with Redhead!
  • Jon,

    I'm so glad they finally ditched my photo from the homepage. Will no doubt post a message later in the week when I receive whatever kit Asics send (had to email them with my sizes - should be interesting???)
  • Hi Snix. Long time no chat. Is it all back to your drum after Windsor? - you HAVE to be the nearest - would make up for the lack of a party invite to your bash last time!
  • Right you are then Snoops - it's everyone back to mine then is it? Better warn my new aupair that there could be some buglering and other such excitment going on...
  • Snoop - Old Jelly Belly, sorry I'm too young to understand that phrase.

    Snicks - it was all Jons fault

    Happy Buglering all
  • Snicks-I of course meant jornalistic prostitution rather than anything else... Just wanna be famous! (Sob) adn getting Buglered at your place sound entertaining (even if you don't think so!)

    scotty!- So thats why you haven't been about?!

  • Hi Snicks

    While they're all squabbling over who gets to crash on your settee, I'm still thinking of a limerick for you that doesn't involve the word 'knickers'. Well, somebody has to raise these exchanges above waistlevel occasionally (nice try Ratbag, didn't see many takers!).
  • I've already booked the floor in the kitchen!
  • Sorry Jon - the kitchen floor is already booked out for Sean, Rob and Bud from RW mag.

    I've reserved the spare room for my harem, so looks like you've got the khazi mate.
  • Well... I guess I'll just have to get a bit closer to darling Snickers' Knickers!
  • You wish..

    You'll have more chance wearing her Kickers.
  • Well I'll just have to try that aswell!

    I'm a good looking chap... well, not bad for an ugly bloke anyway!
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