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I'm considering a treadmill for home use and wondered if anyone has any experience of Dream Treadmills (www.dreamtreadmill.co.uk)? They seem very well priced for the spec, but the website has a slightly 'too good to be true' feel about it somehow.  Anybody got one?


  • the fact that no where on the site gives you their registered address makes me a little more dubious, just the fact they deliver free if you are in the midlands! they don't even offer a secure pay through their website, so you will have to trust them with the card details you are giving them over the phone! if you really want to go for it, do the request a call back thingy on the site, explain your concerns, ask where they are based and if you can come and pick it up (as a test) see if they will give you their local phone number rather then just a national one and check all the details match up, if they are able to deliver within 24 hours of calling, they must have a fair few in stock, which will take a fair bit of space! or ask if you were able to pay on delivery, even if you have to offer a small deposit (through paypal) to proove you are not wasting their time and fuel!

    I really dont want to say its a scam as I dont know, but, I think you really need to be carefull with who you give your details to! I would personally see if you could either pay on delivery, go to their warehouse should one exist and check it out, or just go with a more trusted looking place!

  • The details of who ownes the website name is a company called 'World of Bargains Ltd' 30 Flax Rd, Leicester.

    They are listed at Companies House.

  • Hmmm - they are a "fully internet based business", but cant be bothered investing enough to have a shopping cart facility on their website?

    be careful

  • Thanks for the opinions folks, just to clarify, what I'm interested in is direct experience of their products.
  • They've been selling on Ebay for over two years, seem to have lots of satisfied customers.

     I'm in the market for a treadmill myself, and have been looking round for a while. I initially considered the Dream Fitness T2000. It seems to offer a lot of spec for not a lot of money. But how can that be? Surely the build quality has to suffer. There's only a one year warranty, even on frame and motor. Doesn't inspire much confidence, but I can't find any independent reviews. Which seems strange, considering they've been selling for so long.

  • Just purchased a Dream Treadmill from a friend at work. He bought it new from ebay about 9 months ago but hardly used it and needed the space in room back. I am over joyed with it. it is a gym quality treadmill with over 60 programs including hills,speed,intervals. It is a better treadmill than the once at a well known gym. goes upto 20% incline and max speed of 25km. It is fairly quiet as well. It is a great treadmill for the price of it.
  • I would consider buying one ,but cannot seem to find one that does not make to much noise.
  • Fruity - do you work for Dream Treadmills by any chance?

    Odd that your first posting is a very belated supportive post for a commercial product. Its almost as if the seller had recently stumbled across the thread and decided to register in order to make a positive comment on their product... or am I being cynical?

  • I'm with you Kicked-It!
  • I'm wary of any treadmill without a long warranty (ten years minimum, lifetime preferable) on the frame and motor. But I've no direct experience of Dream Treadmills.
  • No i have no connection with Dream Treadmillls. I was as weary as everyone else about them. Had it not been for a friend selling it and actually going and seeing/trying it out first i would probably have not given it a second look either. I can assure you, in my opinion, it is a great Treadmill for the money and i got it half the price as well,been second hand.
  • Oh and Kicked it, I had tried to research the product first before buying it and came across this tread after Christmas. I only collected the treadmill a week or so a go and wanted to try it out before posting any feed back.
  • fair enough.

    that means I'm a mean minded cynical old bugger then...image

  • I am selling my treadmill if anyone interested. Collection would be from Wednesbury, West Mids.

    I have it at work but dont use it now as go to they gym and run outside with some other girls.

     It folds up, got loads of programs, and have found it good but as said just dont use.  Will post futher details and spec tomorrow when at work and can double check details.  xx

  • I bought a Reebok Edge treadmill and a rowing machine last August from ikonika.co.uk. I've had no problems with them so far. They even answer the phone if you need to speak with them!
  • personally i would stay away from a brand i dont know, stick with reebok, york, or life fitness as at least they have good warranties.

    try these companies as thy seem to sell these brands





  • Hi I Have this treadmill i have lost the instructions on how to put the oil/lubricant thing? Can anyone help? Also can I use any lubricant/oil on the treadmill since i moved house and i have lost both the bottle and instructions!



  • was thinking of going for a pro rider or JTX Sprint5. Any views on the JTX?

    thanks for your feedback all

  • Killer Bee you need to use silicone oil, buy it from  amazon or ebay, normally comes in a bottle with a squirt type top or some have a syringe and tube. Loosen the bolts on the belt tightening device till the belt is loose enough to get your hand and the bottle under there, remember how many turns you loosened each bolt. Give it a good squirt across as much as the belt as you can, I think about 25mls.  Tighten the bolts and run the machine at walk speed and walk on it for 5 minutes to spread the lubricant.  You might find a utube demo if you search.

    As for buying, if you can get to Fitness Superstore on the outskirts of Northampton you can try about 20 machines at prices across the range.  Make sure you wear some running gear to give them a good bash.  Then you'll know what you'll get for your money.  Some of the better makes come with some very good warranties.  The place is like being a kid in a toyshop for fitness lovers

  • JF50: That's actually useful information - mine (Horizon Paragon) came with some silicon lubricat and said how often to use it, but not how MUCH. And I wasn't sure where to buy more when I ran out. And as you say, there's even a video!

  • I live in Kent and when I phoned this company they said they were getting lots of calls from the area and were making regular deliveries. I was astounded when they agreed a price of 499 plus 20 quid for delivery and setup. They were there for at least 45 minutes setting it up and showing my wife how to use it. Very Curtous and definitely not trying to profiteer on the delivery/installation charges and they did all this with the promise that I would pay cash on delivery. I cannot fault their customer relations or ordering process. The treadmill seems very strong and all my family love it. Had it for around 8 months and have had no problems yet.

  • Bought a machine of this company 3 years ago nearly to the day.

    Circuit board failed within the 12 month warranty. Made contact and they replaced it foc. Running on it tonight 6/7/14 when it suddenly sped up by itself. Just sent them an email for advice to see if repairable. Until tonight I was more than happy with the purchase. Equated to about ??3 a week. Didn't think that was bad value
  • did they get back to you with regards to the machine speeding up on its own? Was it repairable? And the cost?

  • I have had one of these for 3 years this weekend, no problems so far. I'm not a heavy user as I prefer to be outside when I can. Maximum run I have done is 9k, bored senseless by then. When I was buying i wanted a motor that i was never going to push to the max, never been above 20 kph, usually between 12 and 15 kph. the kids use it too, but they don't push it at all. It has been good value for me.

  • Anyone else had any experience good or bad of these treadmills? I'm thinking of getting one but there is not much about on the internet about them, no reviews that I can find.


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