Where's my Runner's World ?

Anyone not yet received this month's mag ?


  • 1 - Don't know.
    2 - I don't get it.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Mine came yesterday.

  • I've not received it yet. Mind you, I don't subscribe. Or buy it from the shop. I'm not sure if those might be the reasons.
  • Mine hasn't arrived, yet image

    I know it's a bit naff, but I like reading it (OK, looking at the pretty pictures) over breakfast in bed. image

  • Mine arrived on wednesday.
    I got an email before xmas to say it would be late.
  • Not arrived yet
  • Got mine yesterday.

    It's still in it's plastic cover under the dining room table, where it will probably stay unread, along with the last few months' worth  image

  • I think mine knows I've been unfaithful with Women's Running and isn't planning on arriving, having developed a massive strop about my bad behaviour.
  • We got both RW and Triathlon Europe yesterday (trying to make y'all jealous!!)image
  • Cheers guys, especially, SoVeryTired  and AllNew TB, great replies
  • I like to help. image
  • Mine's arrived today image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Mine came today also.  I didn't get any mail saying it would be late though!
  • Not got mine - did get an e mail but they have managed to get them to WH Smith
  • pretty late this month. But for once it looks close to being relevant to the month on the cover.

    ie 1st week of Jan for Feb, and not 2 months ahead!

    Odd design, opens from the front and the back. Thought they'd gone nuts when from half way it seemed to be upside down!

    Some decent material this month, for all those people who claim it's always the same stuff. I would put it to those people that they've lost a bit of interest in running, as RW seems quite fresh to me.

  • Mine hasn't arrived and when I tried to call them the line was dead! Thanks for this, I'll give it a few more days before I try to call them again. Tesco had it days ago..
  • Hi guys, still have not received my copy, any one else still waiting ?
  • Mine arrived yesterday.
  • Haven't had mine yet either. But then again I only received a statement from Santander yesterday that they claim was prepared on 17 December.
  • Has it arrived yet? I'm on the edge of my seat.
  • I've got mine, given in the usual flick through and bobbed it in the pile to read later.  I'm curently reading Octobers.

    Ooooh I've been unfaithful with Womens Running too... I quite like the exercise routines and whatnot in there... gives me some inspiration for the gym.

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