Forerunner 310XT

So ive done all my research and im satisfied that the 310xt is the piece of kit that suits my need best/ However one thing i cant ascertain from reviews/write ups etc is whether or not it has the ability to programme workouts to match a reps session for example.  I.e. Can you programme it to do something like:

Start at pace X and maintain for 2 miles

Then increase to pace Y for 1 mile

Then reduce back to pace X for 800 metres 

Then increase back to pace y for another mile

Then reduce back to pace X for 800 metres

(rinse and repeat etc etc)

Basically mirror a reps session based on pace/distance, or time/distance

Hope this makes sense and would be really helpful if anyone could shed some light on this please.



  • Yes you can do that using the custom workout function.

    *applauds doing the research first too* image
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    I would think you would need to set this session up using 'Training Centre' , the same as for the 405; it's quite straightfoward.
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