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 I am running the London Marathon this year and I'm looking for a good 14 wk training plan. I ran a half marathon in October and have been (loosely) following the Virgin London Marathon training plan but I'm finding it a bit complicated.

 I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this training plan and if the Fartlek training/amount of runs per week are necessary? I would be grateful if anyone could suggest a good 14 week plan?




  • Pretty much depends upon your runnign experience so far: how far you run, how often, how fast.

    This iste contains a Marathon Plan generator widget that calculates the plan according to your specifics.

    Are the fartleks and interval sessions neccesary?

    Itr depends: do you want to just "get round"? In which case I know someone who managed that by only doing the long runs.

    Do you want a decent time and to run the whole route? Then follow the plan as much as possible.

    You can simplify it into Long Runs, a threshold run and a tempo run a tthe bare minimum, but obviously the higher quality training you do, the better your performance on the day is likely to be.

  • I've done 2 marathons in the last two years and I'm doing London as my third this year. I've followed a really simple training plan based on 4 runs a week (I can send you a copy if you like? Just PM me). Tempo - Threshold - LSR - recovery. I don't do anything complicated. I just want to get round do be quite pleased with my time.
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