Injury Free Zone (NOT)

Hello all. I have just discovered this site having been running now for almost a year. I went straight for the LFM to raise money for the MS Society. I managed to get off to a good start (never run before in my life) only to suffer a nasty ankle injury which put me out of action for 4 months. I managed to get back on the road 9 weeks before the race and completed it in under 6 hours raising over £3100, despite an injury two days before to my knee (twisted knee cap).

The ankle, knee and back (being treated for at the moment) I can cope with but my question is, does anyone have any advice on blisters and how to prevent them. I find these far more painful than any of the above. I have tried the socks, the plasters, the gel and vaseline all to no avail. All suggestions gratefully received.


  • Well - it's an expensive solution - but I use 'Duoderm Extra thin' ( no it's not a new brand of condom!)

    It's a pressure sore dressing - buy it in 15cms square patches - ask the pharmicist as it's not on display - a box of 10 will cost c£45. It'll stay on for 5-7 days - put it on the night before a run - get someone to do it for you if you can as it's important it doesn't wrinkle. Then when you go out vaseline over it. If the edges are a bit tacky - put a plastic tape dressing over them -

    I only use it when I go over 13 miles as thats the cut off between me not getting blisters and getting them.

    I used it for the first time in the FLM and didn't have a single blister. It's also great if you have blistered badly / rubbed raw and want to keep on training but need something to protect you - (I find Compeed useless!)
  • When I used to get nasty blisters I always used neat lavender oil directly on the blister before applying an ordinary plaster. It's the best, works each time! apply a couple of times on the day you get the blister and within 24hrs you should find it's already starting to heal.
  • Try Zinc Oxide. Zinc oxide doesn't disolve in water like vaseline or some of the other ointments.

    Good Luck
  • I changed socks. Changed brands actually, went to the 'Thousand mile sock'. They guaranteed no blisters, and it worked for me.
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