RunningPlodding Difference is...WHAT!!!???

Ok ok ok ok....

Look, I've had enough right....



Is it just fast walking... is it slow running?, do you lift your knees...

Or is it some sort of Power waddle with a hop on every third step and a star jump every mile....?


please....<sob>....let me in on it...


  • Its jusrt that we are slow, and darent post on training!
  • no, no, no, All plodders welcome on training I'm sure!

    Theres far more of us that have plodding moments than those that don't!

    And we ALL train!
  • Thank you, happyrunning, I've been saying that to the walkers who keep up with me while I'm out there.
  • Quite like the idea of a star jump every mile though.

    Apart from the fact that it'd probably B*gger my knees!

    Heather :0)
  • There's been a few threads about this previously, with no definitive answer. However I've decided for myself that:

    Plodding is committed slow running, where you just keep on going, regardless of how slow you might think you are.

    or alternatively

    Plodding is a state of mind, regardless of how fast you go.

    I'm using the word 'fast' loosely of course. Fast compared to a tree, with no wind blowing.
  • maybe we could add a twist or backwards running half way around our routes?
  • No thanks chick, I find it hard enough to go forward!!

  • 3TL. Wot's 3TL mean? I'm trying to get to know you all...
  • RRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... YOU CALL THAT AN ANSWER??...

    Fine...then I plod... but I thought I ran!!, Oh I don't know... maybe I shuffle or boogie-hop.

    Nah, I'm just a
    who likes to mince occasionally and dances in dog poo....

    WELL YOU SHOULD SEE THE PATH I JOG ALONG!!!, It started out it was gravel... now it's just canine faeces... these dog-owners have no shame... I mean, theres GRASS ON EITHER SIDE!!, NICE LOOOOONG GRASS!

    Whew... needed a rant.... fine now.....

    I think
  • Plodding is a name for those who are in denial......YOU'RE A RUNNER NO MATTER HOW FAST (or slow) you run. Be proud, hold your head up high and say it aloud 'i'm a runner Goddammit and I run....' If both feet leave the floor at the same time and you're definately not walking you're a runner......
    sorry, phew, just had to get that off my chest x
  • Hello,

    thought i'd join in. We plod, therefore we are. I describe myself as a plodder cause im not that quick and as 3TL said it can also be a mind set - just keep plodding along.

    Its not a definite description and nobody (as far as im aware) has determined 'classifications' as such. If you want to be a plodder you can be, but if you don't want to be - thats great as well. We plod and we run. Its one and the same thing.

    Its just a bit of a laugh....
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    3TL is bound to get that remark printed in RW isn't he
  • Ah, in our hearts, we're runners.

    It's just safer to call yourself a plodder when you're talking to some bloke who looks faster than you (balding, skinny, legs like spiders etc) because then you don't have to admit that your best 10k time is over an hour, because at the mere mention of the word 'plodder' he loses interest and doesn't actually ask. Or is tactful and doesn't ask (if he's a nice bloke). If he does ask, he's probably a plodder too.

    It's a code, really . . . .


  • AAAAhhhhh... I think I get it now...

    I think I must be a plodder, although to my mates I RUUUUUNNNN!!!!!, dunno how fast I go really tho, I don't time distances normally, I did 20k in about 2 hours ish, but I had to stop and chuck up a couple of times cos that was after a drinking binge.... ;)

    Is that fast, slow or middle???

    I don't care, all I know is I like it and its ALL excercise in the end...innit?
  • Um . . . what's 20k in miles?

    Drinking binge is good, though, definately. Overhead a (thin) girly in the gym today moaning that if she wanted to both eat today and get P*ssed tonight, she HAD to go for a run. Talk about having your cake and eating it!
  • About 12.5 miles, so not bad, wish I was that fast ;-))

  • 12 miles.... 10:00 pace.... that makes you a plodder if you believe that makes you a plodder - only you can decide
  • sorry yes a bit more than 12 miles so a tad less than 10:00... pushing a four hour marathon if you maintained it, so do you think that makes you a plodder????
  • I'm aiming for glory, as always.

    BTW 3TL stands for 3rd Time Lucky.. it took two abortive attempts and then one real concerted training effort for me to complete my first marathon (which was earlier this year)
  • Er.. what do 14 min miles count as?
  • lol dunno tal girl the question is what do you think it counts as???

    plodding is a state of mind!
  • A lot faster than walking?
  • lol except i tried to do five, six-minute miles last week than was definitely more 'dying' than 'plodding' in anybody's book

    makes you appreciate how fast some people can go!
  • Plodders have fun and just do it, runners always seem to be blowing out of their hoops!

    That is my view, for what it is worth!


  • Because I'm an incredibly fast walker, but an incredibly slow runner, it used to irk me that I could actually walk faster than I could run. However--walking killed my back, but running was relatively pain-free . . .

    I like the idea of plodding. Once it's got a name, it means it's ok to be at the back of the pack, because there are other folks there too!
  • I ran a half marathon on the weekend.

    Among the hundreds who finished faster than I did was a man with a walking stick.

    That must make me a plodder, surely?

  • Right.... I have now, after much ponderous thought, come to a descision.

    I have decided that I plod with my left leg and run with my right....

    Ha ha ha

    Makes me look kinda imbalanced when I go out admittedly, and I fall over a lot.
  • Oh no..... don't bring up this subject again. There'll be a few plates and bottles flying across the workplaces now!!!

  • SG

    I once read that if you enter a race then that makes you a runner.

    Keep running girl.
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