Whats it all about Alfie

Since I'm here and its tomorrow thought I'd begin. Just back from Westmoinster College final show and lovely thai meal and wine. Soooooooo, yoga maybe at 9 if I'm up and bits and pieces and a bit of a plodette in the evening.


  • No plodding today - resting before 10K on Sunday.
  • Easy now,

    Fab title Chris.

    Nasty rest day tomorrow, and the same again today, strangely. I am determined to get better quickly so keep sending me healing energies everyone.

    Slo'boy - thanks for that last mile yesterday, I really enjoyed it!!

    Once again, anybody lucky enough to be able to plod - make sure you savour every meter. Some of us aren't that lucky...

  • Your welcome, H-A Alf!
    Got myself a rest day today before 10K tomorrow morning. BRING IT ON!!

  • nowt!
    Cos im wicked and lazy!
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Rest day as racing on Sunday!!

    Happy running
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Nothing for me so far today as I am feeling a little fuzzy after solo birthday celebrations (drank far too much wine AND had chips yesterday, tut, tut). Hoping to plod tonight 4 or 6 miles, haven't made my mind up yet. Hope it doesn't get too hot.

    Alf - I'm sending my healing vibes and best karma to you and if I do the six miles tonight, you can have the last couple.

    Oh and I have painted my finer and tow nails purple in honour of FLR.

  • That should, of course, be FINGER and TOE nails. I did say I was a bit fuzzy.

    Wish I was back in bed rather than at work......
  • Thanks FS, im looking forward to it.

    Hi Hippo. Where do you find all those pictures?
  • hi FS - thanks for the nails
    v sad today so appreciate them
    awful governors meeting last night - also did chips and beer and not even my birthday - and feel carp today (especially bad as a vegetarian so shouldn't be going near fish).
    Want to slam doors and stamp feet - definitely heading for naughty step.
    Kid B has inset day so no hiding place - off to cross train at the gym and hope for some endorphins. I'll send any spare ones on to you Alf

  • Far too much wine last night so feeling a slightly light-headed with hot flushes this morning....(a friend turned up in a state about work and office politics).

    Might try to do 4 miles tonight although will probably slump in front of the telly instead and do it tomorrow morning.

    Will definitely need to put in some miles this weekend as I'm working on the cake stall at the school summer fair this Saturday (no Battenburg is safe in my company). Volunteered to do it because you get to serve up tea to the lovely firemen who pitch up every year with their engine and hoses. Makes us all very excited (mums, that is, not kids).

    Alf - sending you healing thingymebobbies...

    FLR - Inset days,grrrrr, my kids' school was on strike for a whole week this month and it only gave us a week's notice. Really hard if you're a working mum.

    So-Boy, Pardu and Welsh Poppy - good luck with the races!
  • Morning all. I missed out on yesterdays news, so must track back and bring myself up to speed. (Alf - are you poorly? LFR - purple nails???)

    I am feeling a bit low today - started feeling a bit strange on Wednesday night, and think I am coming down with some sort of lurgy. Which is just great, coz I've got my (first ever!) R4L on Sunday. And I don't want to be poorly. And if I am poorly, then I shall cry and stamp my feet (and probably be sent to the naughty step).

    Haven't plodded since Monday, so hope I feel well enough to go out tonight for a few miles.

    Life, eh?
  • Good luck OSINASCH on Sunday, hope it goes ok.

    I am doing nothing today, after my rather professional fartlek session last night (well, did one less than everyone else, but thought it was good fun anyway).

    Flatfeet - hope you are well and enjoy the cake! Don't worry about the wine, it sounds like it was an emergency situation and needed to be done.

    Have a great day plodders, and take care all!

  • ooh, forgot to add good luck to Pardu et al for races this weekend.

    FLR - hope all is ok.
  • Morning Plodders! I had my first enjoyable plod in about 6 weeks yesterday. Only plodded for about 35 minutes, but it was fun again. I've been recovering from another bought of anemia - must keep taking the pills or I'll be sent to the naughty step too.

    Will be trying another plod this afternoon. Alf you can have my last 10 minutes.
  • Its a friday night and i am off to the gym while all my friends go to the pub. At the moment i am finding running great but thats cause its new. What happens when i need that xtra boost!!! Where do i find it???
  • Well its not actually friday night yet...but it will be...and its hot!! Great, what a dashing figure i'll make on the treadmill....lol
  • Morning

    PT session at the gym today and then a long walk tomorrow.
  • No plodding today, saving my energy for dancing tonight! Sorry to see that some of you are not feeling so good, especially when it is nearly the weekend! ( I don't think I'll be feeling great tommorrow though....)
  • Samantha - I usually find the extra boost on here. There's always someone willing to shout at/encourage you or send you to the naughty step!

    FLR - I've got to ask: what is carp? Is it an anagram of what I think it is? Does this make sense?
  • I know this isn't running related (apart from the fact that one of the forumites we know and love works there ;-) but I had to share this:

    "For those of you who didn't know, last week PowerGen took over an italian power generating company and the new company is called PowerGen Italia so guess what the website is: www.powergenitalia.com/
    Fact is stranger than fiction indeed."

    Heather :0)
  • Morning All,

    No plodding today, got my pilates at lunchtime so I will try and send out positive "Alfa" waves to you all and double to Hop Along Tupper.

    FLR - You could use the "Fireman with hose" as positive visualisation to chase during your runs!! And now I know you're a veggie, having a carp day makes sense!!

    Het - hope you're well enough for Sunday as was looking forward to meeting some fellow plodders and cheering them on.

    Plod be with you,

  • Heather,

    Aforementioned article has caused much consternation here since being published, primarily cos it ain't true. (see below)

    "Energy firm denies link to powergenitalia site

    Energy giant Powergen says it has no connection to the unfortunately named Italian website www.powergenitalia.com.

    Rumours have been sweeping the Internet that the website for Powergen Italia is part of the empire of the British firm.

    But Powergen Italia is actually an Italian battery firm, which was unaware running its name together in its URL would prove amusing to English speakers.

    A spokesman for Powergen said: "This site has nothing to do with us at all. We don't even have an Italian division."

    Source: www.ananova.com

    Made us all laugh here though!!

  • Ooops, Rascal! Oh well, it was funny whilst it lasted.....

    I am now dangerously determined to get around the course, even if I have to steal my old horse back and ride him round.

    Heather :0)

    (p.s. I shall put Hetfinch somewhere on my shirt - give me a wave if you see me. I think there's about 2,000 runners, so could be difficult!)
  • Smitch - the drinking was done, of course, purely out of a sense of duty and in support of my pal....well, the first bottle that was, the second was done in the spirit of seeing whether the first was actually corked and shouldn't we try another to compare, and, oh dear... I'd better confess this... the THIRD was opened because we were too drunk to remember that it was, in fact, a Thursday night and we both had work in the morning and life is really sweet, and why is it that firemen are so wonderful etc, etc, etc.....(I rambling now so I might still be pissed).

    Hetfinch - don't worry about R4L you might be feeling a bit down because of nerves. The day will lift you and you'll feel great afterwards.
  • Thanks FF.

    Glad I'm not the only one who tries to keep the European Wine Lake at a decent level!
  • Don't worry Hetfinch, I will try to reduce the wine lake tonight, also have a pint or two of guinness (purely for iron!!!)
    Have a fantastic time on Sunday, there will be alot of people who are nervous, I know I was, but it was soooo good can't wait till the 9th for this years one!

    Look forward to your report on Monday!
  • Oh dear hope I didn't kill this thread......(flashback) I was always the last picked for the teams in school as well...........don't look like my social skills have improved........
  • Melsie - I always think it's me who kills threads so just to make you feel better....there...now I've killed it....

    PC still not working at home so have a fab w/end everyone

    (from a dehydrated, still slightly pissed, chocolate craving FFxx)
  • LOL Melsie!

    Just got back from my lunchtime scramble to get home to let the dogs out and, well, they didn't want to go out (they'd have to get their little paws wet, bless 'em).

    Where is your R4L?

    I have already started thinking about what to do next and have decided that the Blenheim Palace 10K sounds like a sensible option (not until October).

    Is this your first R4L? Or are you a seasoned pro?!

    Heather :0)
  • Melsie - don't start on the teams thing - even Julie Whittaker was picked before me (and she was carp and stroppy).

    Thanks for the +ve vibe, but very worried about the firemen with hoses thing - surely I didn't tell you about my mum having a fire in her street, and saying
    "The one I was worried about was the fireman who had no kit on. He was hosing down the back of the van ...."
    oops back to power genitalia then?

    My mum has also protested in the past about laptop dancing - go mum!

    carp is a freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae, or a typo, take your pick.

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