Paula Radcliffe

No idea if this has been posted, could not find such a thread though.

A dog has sunk its teeth into the leg of the accident-prone marathon world record-holder, sending her calf muscle into painful spasm and requiring immediate hospital treatment.


  • Maybe she should have out-run it image
  • EllieJEllieJ ✭✭✭
    Oh my god, that's awful. Poor Paula. What a thing to happen.
  • I like dogs, but she should have kicked its feckin teeth in.image
  • Or sprayed it perhaps?
  • It is not nice getting bitten by a dog, it happened to me.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Didn't Paula know the dog only wanted to play?
  • The joys of running past pets, small children and the elderly
  • Trouble never seems to be far away from Paula, reference the incident with the little girl on a bike! Wishing her all the best and quick recovery.

  • I've just finished reading her book only this week. She does seem to get her share of bad luck!

    Seems like its a minor injury and she's ok.

    I like dogs. I've always had one - but I no longer take any chances when on a run; if they get too close and look like they "want to play", they get kicked - accidentally of course and its followed by a Norman Wisdom comedy stumble by me and a gasped apology as I run on.... but same dog never comes back for more.

    If you decide you are going to boot it in advance, they tend to sense it and back off!

  • I've heard that if a dog tries to jump at you/go for you you should step forward with the opposite foot to put it off balance rather than turning away... of course this is harder in practice when the dog is bearing up on you
  • I can't stand dogs I must say.

    I wouldn't dare kick a dog. As well as being a bit of a yobbish thing to do, I'd be fearful it'd probably send the dog into uber attack mode!

    When I see one of those stupid curious dogs bounding over, I simply slow the pace ready to stop, and kind of swivel to turn my goolies the other way so they can't have a piece of them!

    Normally some monkey owner, usually a delicate little woman or some old duffer who couldn't dream of controlling such a mutt would then come into the picture with plenty of disclaimers and apologies.

  • Nah - just kick 'em.

    Those yappy little bleeders can go some distance if you get your toe under them properly.

    Just been for a 15 miler and took my mothers dog with me. Its amazing how little trouble you get from other dogs and dog owners when you have a canine with you.

    They automatically pull their dogs close on the lead, or call them to heel. Obviously most dog owners care of their dog gets into a fight with another dog more than they do if it goes for you! 

  • Stevie G correctly points out the most terrifying aspect of an uncontrolled dog; their teeth are at almost exactly the same level as one's goolies. Further proof god is a woman.
  • I've never been a dog lover but my family encouraged me to have a Cocker Spaniel puppy 18 months ago and I have to say he's a joy! Mrs H has spent considerable time training him and that's the key! Train a dog properly and you have no problems folks! It's not the dogs that are the problem, it's stupid dog owners who don't bother to train their pets properly. It's a hard job and you need time to do it!
  • During my interval session this afternoon in the forest, I encountered lots of dog walkers and one horse rider with 2 dogs. I had no problems as all the owners called their dogs to heel and they obeyed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often dogs are out of control and their owners make little or no attempts to control them. It is quite scary when one is "running fast," and a dog comes sprinting straight at you.
  • Karen

    Are you a cat? image

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