Sunday, 9th January 2011

can barely stand on my feet

Morning all!

Hope everyone's races/long runs/other runs go well today.

Couldn't sleep, so got up and am waiting for daylight for my LSR. 18 miles scheduled. The ice is gone and I am very much looking forward to it.

Stickless: I know exactly what you mean about 2-week old snow/ice. Great to see you making plans for future long runs and hope your weigh-in today goes well.

Madame O: great news on the date front.

tinebeest: hope you feel better today

Bridget: Keeping that super-six thread up to date is probably more time consuming than training for ultras!


  • Morning

    Chicka: early start for you, well done on the weight loss.

    Stickless: As LMUH has said cycling will do nothing for your running but it certainly is effective in keeping you aerobically fit. I think Bricks would be a good solution for you. Do you need a wetsuit in Dubai? Well you would say no sea temp is presently around 19 - 20C, but after 12 years here my tolerances are less and anyway if your allowed to race in a wetsuit I will as I'm quicker in one.

    Veester: Well done in your race, I hate 5K's far too intense!

    RFJ: Nicely done

    ZaTTu: I reckon I should have been 40 seconds quicker than that, as indeed my age group winner was and I normally beat him and the guy just in front of me, knew from the off it wasn't my day, in fact haven't been running well since before xmas.

    What: Maybe nothing, maybe 1.5K swim with a pull buoy
    Why: I feel tired but a swim would get me out of the office at lunchtime, always good
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: 01.01.11

    Have fun

  • Morning

    What 14.6
    Why LSR
    Lyrics maybe yes

    Just a quick hello. First proper long run  for ages which went fairly well though me bum is a bit achey.


  • hello all.  I'm back from my trip.  Had a great time.  Unfortunately my streak got broken by food poisoning or something.  There was no way I was going to be able to run after a bout of nasty d&v.  I was in bed and selpt for 24 hours and really not right for 3 days.  I was gutted but then just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the holiday, running when I felt like it.   Mentally it was good to have the pressure off.

    I got back yesterday early morning but couldn't face running having been awake for 36+ hours.  Slept for 10 hours last night and woke at 4.30am!   The joys of jet lag.

    So I got up and got out and did...

    What: 6.12 miles
    Why: have to get back into it
    Last hard: that was
    Last rest: 9th Jan

    I haven't read back.  I'll try to catch up.

  • Chickadeee - hope you have a good run.

    postie - getting back into it nicely.

    DD - do you think you might need a bit of a cutback week? IM training takes a lot out of you, I'd expect your speed to be lacking at this stage but there's still a long way to go and you shouldn't really be feeling too tired yet.

    mava - glad you were able to not stress about the streak and enjoy your break.

    My leg stiffened up a little during the night, it's not bad but it's not great so I shall take it easy on it for a day or two.

    What:          swim.
    Why:            caution.
    Last hard:   being sensible.
    Last rest:    5/1.

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning all,

    mava - welcome home! Shame about the streak, but in a way not having the pressure of a streak like that sometimes makes for more focussed training.

    LMUH - hope nothing ominous in the stiffening. Take care.

    All you folk talking of swimming.. oh dear, no, no, no, no, no. Full stop. Don't even Think of it.

    Simon - how did it go?

    AF - I sure hope you're out there running. Doesn't matter if you don't post.

    Me? 40 minutes with the beast. Reasonably happy with that. Suffered a bit from teenage-leg syndrome: legs really did not want to get out of bed, even after a mile they were still rubbing their eyes, yawning, both elbows on table, one hand supporting chin, the other stirring porridge moodily with spoon. They only took interest in life after about half an hour, just about time when I began to think that not running would be a good thing for my foot.

    Don't know about cycling being no substitute for a long run, but in another way, cycling affects legs in very much the same way - just after dozing off in bed at night, 5 minutes in hades with savage adductor cramps. Think childbirth and you're close. Has anybody got any good ideas how to turn those off?
  • LMUH: I reckon that my running tiredness is simply because I did a lot more of it than I'm used to while away over Christmas and forcibly seperated from my beloved bike, I will be cutting back next week as its Dubai marathon on the 21st January.  I also forgot to take any iron tablets for two weeks while away.., duh
  • Welcome back, mava. Glad to hear that you still had fun despite being ill. Where did you go?

    Wow stickless, those cramps sound awful! Unfortunately I can't think of a cure for those other than getting up and trying to stretch.

    LMUH: hope nothing serious with the leg?

    Well, 19 miles, a nice long bath and a humungous breakfast later I am now relaxing on the couch. Can't say I had a good run and I know exactly why, so it's really my own stupid fault. First, I did speedwork yesterday when I should have done a recovery run. Second, I did leg strength excercises yesterday too (squats, lunges, stuff with the Theraband etc. ) and third, I didn"t eat properly. I thought I would get away with being stupid but my body was screaming in protest. Dead legs from the first few steps and it got worse. Didn't really help that I tried a new, unknown route with some monster hills. Anyway,enough self-pity for now. A long run chalked up, another box ticked, get on with it.

    Enjoy your Sunday afternoon, all!
  • Hi all!

    Pleased to report that between you keeping fingers crossed and my running, the bug seems under control. I could feel a very very faint "eep" when I took a deep breath, most of the day. Things felt pretty much the same this morning, so I did my long run as planned. Let's say I'm at 95% instead of 100%, but it does not seem to affect the running. So I am pleased to report:

    What: 7.25M in 1h25'18" (7M PB from a few years back is at 1h21' and change)
    Why: long run day
    Last hard: that was
    Last rest: Friday

    On a slightly related note: I run so quietly I startled a dog and her owner as I overtook them, today. Oops! Anybody else had that happen?

    Mava- ah, will you start another attempt at the streak? Glad to hear you enjoyed the free running after the disaster. When life gives you lemons etc.

    Stickless: no, no idea; I don't think I've ever had cramp in those muscles... Sounds awful...

    DD: I know what you mean about separation from the beloved bike.

    LMUH: hope the leg calms down

    Chickadee: nice long run? Hope so! The weather here was gorgeous.
  • Leg isn't bad thanks - not like before - it just stiffened a little overnight and I'm being cautious. It did run 16 miles off the back of not having run for a week so it was probably only fair.

    Stickless - you could try an early evening banana.

    Chickadee - and despite that you still did 19 miles!

    Tinebeest - well done on the run.

    DD - oh yes, the lack of iron will probably do it, especially with being coeliac.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What: 16 miles with the last 10 @ MP

    Why: so it was written

    Last hard: today

    Last rest: fri

    lyrics: nada

    Quite a good run. I was tempted to ditch the MP and just do a long run after yesterday's parkrun but in the end decided to feel how I felt. Felt good so went with it. Complete rest tomorrow and also the start of a cutback week so hopefully will be able to rest from the two hard sessions.

    chickadee - hope the LR went well

    postie - nice to hear you run was a good 'un. What's the cause of the bum ache?

    mava - food poisioning sucks. Glad you managed to enjoy the rest of your hols. Streaks are partly about luck, I reckon. Just unlucky that time.

    stickless - no idea here either. Hope you find some good advice.

  • Hi everyone

    Mava - Nice to have you back. shame about the illness / streak thing. image

    DD - good result - always nice to get a podium place!

    Veester - well done on the 5k - good start back.

    What - 50 min easy

    Why - recovery from yesterdays XC race

    The county championships course was a bit of brute, with no even ground at all. 4 laps meant 4 long hill climbs and several lesser beasts. The down hills were a bit crazy too. But no mud and a good turnout. I was 13th veteran (45th overall) and the vets result is 6 places better than last year, so quite happy. I live in an area with a very strong XC racing scene and the guys winning medals in my agegroup are amazing! I am 2 mins off the podium right now - how to get there????? Rocket powered shoes maybe ...... image   

    Lyrics - no ...  

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well done 41

    What 14m
    Why - Long Run
    last hard - Yesterday
    last Rest - Friday

    Lyrics - No

    Take care

  • Evening!

    LMH: I had no reaction to Friday's long run/walk, except for a general tiredness in legs, so just did 20 mins slooow off road yesterday. The tiredness was compounded by driving for nearly four hours and my legs don't seem to react well to that any more.

    Veester: I've helped at the Parkrun a few times and also gone to watch/support. Its fun...but I haven't got round to running it yet. The only one I have done is Wimbledon when staying with friends. You've set a benchmark for future runs and it will be useful to measure yourself against this in a few weeks. May meet up there one day! Or on the first Sunday of the month in A. Park.

    What: 40 mins steady on very muddy trails
    Why: guess this counts as a long run for me still
    Last hard: Friday
    Last rest 2009

    Well done also to RFJ, DD, 41H...and welcome back Mava: sorry you couldn't keep the streak going, so here's to the next one.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • 10 miles d&d without incident. who-hoa!!!.

    Feeling good and hopefully now I can get on with some training.

    Nice going on the 5k RFJ.

    Mava - sorry to hear about the streak.

    Chick - nice long one - dont peak too soon.

  • Good news Alehouse and Paddy.
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Veester ongoing piriformal problems since lasdt September. Thought it was over but not so sure now.
  • Stickless - try some calcium sandoz or something similar - bit like the fizzy vitamin tablets. The latest product name I have is Calsourse - don't know if you have that in the UK but it is a high dosage calcium supplement - drop the tablet in a glass of water.

    They seem to help to flush the rubbish out of your system.

    Some nice long runs going on - Chickadee, Veester, RFJ and also from Paddy.

    41 hound - nice xcountry racing.

    What: 16km with 5.30km group - good run.

  • Howdy. Long time and that. We had a bit of a disaster after Christmas. Came back to our house on 27 December to discover a note from the Fire Brigade telling us they'd responded to a call from our neighbour of water gushing in our house. They had to break in through the back bedroom window and turned the water off. Unfortunately, by this time the water had already collapsed the upstairs bathroom ceiling, soaked our spare bed and the carpet in that room and then run down into the dining room, corridor and cloakroom downstairs. The house is uninhabitable and we've been in a hotel ever since.

    I'm happy to say 90% of our stuff was fine. It mostly affected rooms where we had no clothing or electrical goods. Even our soaked dining room table is possibly repairable or at least insurance will replace like-for-like. But it's been a nightmare living in a hotel, trying to find somewhere to live for at least the next six months and also trying keep up the training. I'm happy to say we have found somewhere and are moving in next Saturday, the 15th! image

    The training has been done as much as possible with a few tweaks to shorten workouts when we've been busy. Like today I was due to do 11 miles but we finished up with the packing so I just squeezed in a run at the same pace I was due to run. So...

    What: 6.35 miles after a long two days of packing at 10:00 per mile

    Why: it's what I can get away with before the husband starts freezing to death in our house with no electrics or heat

    Last rest: yesterday, though, did I mention packing?! image

    Last hard: the last two weeks and every workout during it

    So, yeah, that's where I've been. Belatedly hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year's! Hopefully this time next week we'll be all moved in and things can get - relatively - back to normal.

  • Oh, pj, my deepest sympathies to you.  The same happened to us two years ago, on New Year's Day when we returned from a holiday.  Fortunately our house was habitable, but it took 6 months to get sorted.  At least you won't have to live in the chaos as we had to.
  • Oh Pj thats dreadful news - glad you are being upbeat as poss about the situation - best way to tackle it i suppose.

    So the Beds / Bucks cross country champs yesterday - ended up 6th Beds finisher (proper field this time!)..course not too muddy, but three laps with two long steep hills in each lap...i'm sure I stopped going forwards at some point!! really tough.

    So no automatic entry to the intercounties this year, so will see what happens. Mind you the intercounties is a nightmare - perhaps might be good to miss LOL

    41 hound..which champs did you do - was it Warwickshire?

    Bizarre sunday run from Leighton Buzzard (home) to Milton Keynes shopping centre this am (to meet the missus for shopping). Got lost, pit stop and asked lots of directions. 1 hr 45 not nice after yesterday!!

  • Pj - what an awful homecoming for you.  i always have my heart in my mouth as we turn the corner to get home after a trip away in case something has happened to the house

    Simon - you should have gone up the canal!

    What:  Long, very slow run of 11 miles
    Why:   Schedule say 'do it'
    Last hard:  4.01.11
    Last rest:   Yesterday

    Lyrics: have that familiar feeling

  • Yes USB - I did ask that myself loads of times LOL!!
  • Have you been over for parkrun yet?
  • No - its the problem with saturday mornings, so many cross countries and other bits like Sunday races, that I hardly ever do the parkruns.

    Just did the original Bushey Pk one a few years back - it was early and cold so found it tough!

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