Friday 27th June

After disappearing for a bit I thought I'd ghost in and start the training thread.

What early morning swim and that's my lot.


  • Hi Monique.Hope you had a good time in Prague.
    Am doing 7 mile slow run Friday then Rainton 10k on Sunday morning so will be resting on Saturday.
    Did Otley 10 mile on Wed.Tough and hilly but did 1:06 so quite pleased with my running.Just need to shed that elusive half a stone !
  • Hello night owls,

    What - I'll see how I feel tomorrow.
    Quite like the idea of a 7 mile off road (mostly)cycle to the nearest outdoor pool and doing a 100 lengths steady but we'll see.
  • I need to shed a half stone as well I very rashly bought three rather skimpy bikinis today- porridge thighs are a no-no, I am already being assisted in this as Dewsbury MacDonalds had no thick shakes today, Sso I walked out and had a sandwich instead.
  • Monique, of course we missed you. C'mon, who you trying to kid when you say you need to lose a half stone, you were skinny as a rail when I saw you at the Stafford 20, so unless you've been on the Sir Ranulph Fiennes Antartic Expedition diet of pure lard since March I find this very difficult to believe.

    Mark, well done on the 10 miler, that's a fine time on a flat course and really going some for a hilly one, CONGRATS.

    What: nowt
    Why: Day off, a bit knackered and too much work to do (which is why I'm on the forum rather than working!).
    Last hard run: Last night was quite tough, ended up doing ~8M @MP or else Tuesday's race.
    Last rest day: Saturday / Today

  • Morning everyone.

    What: 4 miles easy running, gym session, hard spinning session and 30 minutes swimming.
    Why: Scheduled
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Tuesday
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    What:nothing tapering for race
    Why :racing Sunday
    Last hard: saturday
    Last rest :Yesterday
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Morning all

    W - 5m easy
    w - Recovery
    lh - Last night 6 x 600m (2min running, 1.5min rest)
    Lr - Tue

    Good day and nice weekend, but it looks like wathers about to break
  • Mark - rather you than me on the Otley 10k -well done! Who won it?

    Just done 8 mile round bike ride into Barnsley to pick up some exam papers from the post office.

    Will do another hour after work.

    Why: today is rest day (i.e. no running) as it is race day Sunday

    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: Weds
  • Nothing today-it's to give my back extra chance to get better and because it would be rest day if I race on Sunday!

    Fingers crossed!!

    Welcome back Monique!

    Well done Mark on race time!
  • What: 1 mile in the pool
    Why: Haven't rested my legs for a week and feeling good at the mo so didn't want to have a day properly off.
    Last Hard: Wednesday
    Last Rest: Week last Thursday (or last night I suppose)

    Saturday: Easy jog whilst setting up the course for Stourbridge Stumble
    Sunday :Easy 3 hours hopefully
  • morning all

    today - no running need rest
    saturday - no running need rest
    sunday 30k race

  • Morning all.

    Rest day today, had a hard week with hard sessions and getting back into work on the nightshift and hayfever getting in the way.

    Have an 18 miler on sunday so really should rest anyway.

    BarnsleyRunner, seem to be hitting the bike a bit of late, not slipping in a triathlon are you somewhere.

    Laura, yes I did bring the turbo trainer into the garden, the heat was too much by the end of the session, I had drank 1 litre in the hour!!!

    Have a good day all.
  • Morning!

    Just back from 3 miles with 2 mins "fast", 1 min recovery all way round, then v pleased with self 'cos steep hill to home and after running up it felt OK so jogged down and did it again!!

    Used to ALWAYS walk this hill 6 months ago!

    Anyway, thats enough for today, Cotswold Way Relay tomorrow so getting nervous of getting lost now!

    Have good day all
  • Morning all
    Don't feel quite so run down as i did the beginning of the week so went to gym with hubby yesterday for upper body training and i feel slightly better today.
    So might go circuit training tonight with hubby or maybe a steady 3 miler.
    Will be doing the Southampton 10k on Sunday so hope to be back to my old self by then!!

    Happy runningxx
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Monique, in short yes. And someone was looking for you re MdS.

    Morning run postponed in hopes that the nausea will have disappeared. Becoming a depressingly frequent occurrence. Otherwise fine - yippee!

    Will therefore cycle rather than run out to nearby village to get my feet done. My crew in sailing has recently qualified to do pedicures. No black toenails at the moment, so it's a good time to try it! A departure from normal behaviour for sure.
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    whoops, forgot:

    Happy running, bravo!

    Hilly, hope it's better. I know running doesn't work when backs are acute, but it's not a running injury is it? I mean, it's not provoked by and therefore will to some extent get better independently of running, will it?
  • Moniqyu of course we missed you while you drank up Prague. Can't comment on half stones but am surprised thta running doesn't have weight categories like boxing.....:-). there again I wouldn't want evryone to get as skinny as Hantuchova...

    Good Luck to weekend racers, I don't have any this w/e so good to let achilles recover for weds evening 6 miler.

    What : either rest of static bike work at gym
    why: too lazy to dust down the metal monster in the garage
    last hard : ? yesterday
    last rest : weds.

    Really noticing the difference between first and last intervals on the bike - fist one usually has HR 140 rising to 155 last one 165 rising to 176 (max = 190). Presumably a function of increased anaerobic energy source. Think I need to go away and find out how to increase aerobic capacity as well as anaerobic tolerance....or ask the forum..
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Morning! Mmmm, the mention of McDonalds thick shakes has given me a bit of a craving ... good job McDonalds is a walk away and I'm wearing crippling shoes otherwise I may be tempted to succumb!

    What: Nothing - rest day.
    Why: Would normally run today but as I'm out for a birthday do tonight did today's session last night instead - 4.1 miles at 7:57 pace; felt pretty comfortable although I don't think I could have managed it for another couple of miles, so if I do 10K on Sunday I must make sure I remember that!
    Last hard: Last night, although not REALLY hard.
    Last rest: Tuesday.

    Have a good weekend everyone: good luck to all racing and look forward to reading those reports!
  • Currently away on (another!) large project - less intense than the one I was on since March but nonetheless 140 miles away from home so attendance on training forum somewhat limited.

    Today: indoor turbo trainer and rower
    Why: Wife going out so I'm cast in then role of baby sitter
    Last hard: Last Sunday
    Last easy: 'Wednesday.

    Have identified some bike time trials that I'm now thinking about entering. What a good target for a 25 mile time trail?
  • What: Weights workout..alright, weights workout video
    Why:Need to tighten up toushie...and stomach...and arms....and....
    Last Run: Yesterday, 4 miles
    Next Run: Tomorrow, hopefully 4 miles, very slowly.

    BTW Welcomne back, Monique.
  • Monique, Gary Glitter.

    Hilly, well done and very wise of you taking the extra rest days. You must have strong will power.

    I didn't go swimming in the end. I dropped the kids at school and then did some intervals.

    What - 3 x 2 laps of local lake
    Why - lactic threshold and VO2 max
    Last rest - Tue
    Last hard - Wed

    I wonder if I'd done another few laps would the times have have kept coming down untill I was at Radcliff speed? Still it felt good. Like clearing an old garage of junk, removing layer after layer of crap to reveal a new, gleaming, state of the art, chrome domed running machine.

    happy running
  • Morning,

    Monique, don't you be letting the side down by talking of dieting, who wll I have my virtual cake eating fests with then? Anyway, I cannot believe 'porridge thighs' and you have ever made acquaintance.

    Sfh legs, for your information, club race = club vest, fashion dilemma sorted, it is a truly hideous bright green which clashes with any shade of human skin.

    Mark, 1.09 on a hilly 10 miler sounds blistering, well done.

    Good luck happyrunning with Cotswold Relay, Minkin with 10K (sub 50 for you), who mentioned a 30K race? Rather you than me.

    What: 6 miles, will try 3 miles fast if I've recovered from Wed night.
    Why: Tortoise wishes to become hare.
    Last hard: Wed
    Last rest: last Fri, from running, yesterday.

    Have a good day all.

  • Hi!

    what: been unable to do speed work this week as track has been busy these days.
    Doing a slow run with some fast bits in the middle instead.

    Welcome back Monique!

    Speedy recovery Stickless and Hilly

    Good luck to all racing this weekend.

    Good training to all not racing.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Of course we've missed you Monique. Welcome back. When are you going to start serious training again!

    Mike, I'll do the Horwill stuff for a few months and then see what happens.

    Martin, a good time for a 25 mile time trial is anything under 1 hour. A lot depends on the course and weather conditions, even more so than in running.

    I've won "25's" with times slower than 1 hour. My own PB, set in 1980, is 56:28

    Today's session:

    What: 4 x 1 mile at 5k pace (managed 5:45 ave, which is a bit slow as I'm aiming for about 5:30 pace, but gives me something to work on)
    Why: Schedule
    Last rest day: Tuesday
    Last hard: Wednesday
  • Thanks drew.

    The distance in Germany for these events seem to be 41 or 45k i.e. slightly more than 25 miles - I'll let you know how I got on.

    The results of my first MTB marathon have been published. My official time was 3:52 (for 60km) but taking off the almost exactly 30 minutes I lost with the puncture I would have finished in 3:21 which would have put me in 245 (out of 556) position = top half of the field. Considering my (comparative) lack of experience I am pleased. Hopefully I can build on this.

    During my running career I was regularly in the top 10-15% so this is my short / medium term goal.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Martin, in the UK the number of competitors in a time trial was limited to 120 and I think it was about 60 for a road race. When I was at my fittest I was rarely out of the top 5 in time trials. Running is so different with at least 500 in each event. I'll be delighted when I start getting top 10 placings.

    I noticed a vast improvement in my cycling once I'd been doing it consistently for 2 years, so you should notice a big difference next year if you keep it up over the 12 months.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the votes of confidence, Laura - sub-50 would be wonderful! Wonderful, and given the course, possibly slightly optimistic for a first attempt - but we'll see. If the weather's like last Sunday I will probably finish in an ambulance if I attempt it!
  • Hi Laura,

    you mention on the other thread about running with the heart monitor. I have been trying it but I do my running on a hilly course so I find that my pace changes according to the hills. I am trying to do 9 min/Miles on long slow runs but find it impossible to follow the hrm. It is not realistic. Do you know any other ways you can pace yourself on hilly places?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Awww Spud, when you're training on a hilly route it's probably better to set upper and lower limits rather than trying to stick to one particular heart rate, specially when your trying to do a long slow run. It is very important that you do not exceed the upper limit.
  • Drew I think I shall start serious training again in Autumn- when allotment has quietened down and youngest son is at school full time- in time for cross country season and then London again.
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