Talkback: Five Essential Injury-Beating Stretches


would it be possible to upload pictures alongside this article.  I'm never sure whether I'm doing something right when I try to follow the text



  • I agree. I don't understand the instructins for the first excercise. image
  • Hi folks,

    Will see what I can do - the exercises come from Sarah's book so I'll need to get them from the publishers.

    We'll do our best!


  • Hi

    Are these stretches for before running or after running?  Or both?



  • Hi Saffers,

    they are great to do after running to unwind you or a s a seperate session. However if on eof the areas feels tight please stretch gently before you run once warmed up.

    Hope that helps


  • Hi guys,

    Firstly, the plank and the  bridge are exercises, not stretches, to be performed as part of your conditioning circuit. Do not stretch off, cool down and then adopt the plank position! (Same applies for backwards walking, warm up exercise not cool down).

    Secondly, ref: assisted stretching. If you are aiding a quad stretch push down on the base of the thigh, not on the knee. Pushing on joints for a stretch is a contraindication. A good way of increasing the quad stretch is lying face down, pulling your foot up to your glutes, whilst pushing your hip into the floor, maintaining a natural posture. Try to stretch one muscle group at a time to get fuller flexibility. 

  • What is a good stretch - pre run - for the lower back.
  • Carl, it is a strange article when 3 out of the 5 injury beating stretches aren't stretches at all.

  • the bridge and the plank are standard yoga poses:

    here are some pics:

  • I find pilates is great for general stretching, core strength and also getting rid of a hangover. Foam rolling works very well also (but nort as good for hangover).
  • Quick video of Thomas stretch from a newbie:


     Hope this helps...

  • just broke the table attempting the thomas stretch-glad i wasn't trying anything more adventurous!image
  • That made me laugh fimakzee!  I think I'll leave the Thomas Stretch well alone until visual guidance is available.


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