Falling Off Bikes



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    Slugsta wrote (see)
     left me huffing and puffing even in the granny ring!
    That's got to be a euphemism for something, surely?
    cheeky! image
    tee hee! image

  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/442128/Gallery/Cycling._2008._Dyna-Tech_755Ti._3.JPG

    fat buddha wrote (see)
    RT - you're riding on 20's on ice?? very brave or a complete nutter...

     They're the biggest I can get on that frame with mudguards, as it's very close-clearance!!! (1994 Dyna-Tech 755Ti) & that's with 'Salmon Profil' mudguards!!!

    Well I get the 'Nutter' jibes anyway for riding/running to work whatever the weather, during the December snow, I ran every day (Inov-8 Mud-Claw 330's work great in snow/slush)

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    JB, I only learned to ride in the past couple of years, at the grand age of 50+. Not only am I carp, there's little hope of me improving appreciably!

    BBH - clear as mud!

  • RT - I ran almost every day in the snow as well - fell over a couple of times on well-trodden ice but mostly had a lovely few outings in Swinley Forest
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    I fall off alot - mostly clipless pedal related - once I'm going I'm grand - I'm not good at stopping - I was chatting to a girl today and she was saying that our local cycle club has a "ladies" Saturday morning ride for novices - sounds just what I need  NOT- a bunch of insecure, wobbly inexperienced riders for me to clean!image
    have you got your pedals adjusted to a loose fitting, so that it's easy to get out of them?
    I've now got pedals which clip in and out really, really easy - I just haven't had the chance (nerve) to get out on the bike for a while.
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