Kent Fitness League

Although I've been regularly running road races for the last 17 years , I didn't rediscover cross - country until 2009, after a gap of nearly 30 years and now I "kick myself" for not doing it sooner.

The Kent Fitness League is a great series of 7 x-c events, held over a wide variety of courses and venues in Kent, and is hugely enjoyable.

Today's race at Minnis Bay was particularly memorable : 6-ish miles of slippery mud,sand and ditches filled with waist- high water (in at least one of which I failed to remain upright) and a real test of fitness and stamina.

Above all, great fun and highly recommended- I'm already looking forward to Nurstead Park next Sunday.


  • There's a couple of good videos on Youtube showing us trying to get through the 3rd of the 5 dykes.

    I can't do links, but if you type in "Minnis Bay" they come up on the 1st page.

    What's apparent is that it got more slippery and difficult the more runners who had gone through before.

  • yes, i ran the minnis bay race too expecting it to be really wet, but the dykes were dry for the first time in god knows how many years apparantly.... we are promised water at Meopham though i think.....

  • Yes, we are promised water at Meopham but, like Minnis Bay, it is apparently going to be a pitiful level compared with previous years (i.e. ankle deep not knee deep)
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