Humungously Hirsute Holdayers

Morning peeps, especialy the hairy ones :)


  • morning
    not running today
    meeting in cheltenham in the avo/eve
    then to cardiff
    So prob wont be on line

    Have a good social, good walk etc
  • Hi Benzy!

    Have a good time in Cheltenham - say hallo to my mate Anthony who lives there if you see him!

    I'm not running today either - resting pre the Dysart Dash Sunday ;)
  • did you run yesterday?
  • Hi , a thread title just for me .

    Well got to go , everythings bust this morning , I do like a challenge !
  • Two and a half miles this morning. Tummy getting flatter with twenty minutes exercise each day. Two more pounds lost. Am I boring you yet?

    Day off today, so going to have a little retail therapy :0) after I've done my accounts :0(
  • Morning All!.....

    am still sore achilles-wise.. and so ahven't run for a few days... hope to get out for a little trot tonight, but am off with school residential visit, so anything may happen

    thank Heaven I dont actually have to stay with them.....
  • Good morning!

    Just wait till the next time somebody ask me for a sick note because they've had a wisdom tooth out. To think I've been falling for that excuse for all these years!

    Have fun in Cheltenham, Hippo. If having fun in snooty, po-faced old Cheltenham is allowed, that is.

    Well done, Sassie. Keep up the good work.

    Let's have three cheers for the hairy ones. Personally, I find men with waxed chests a big turn-off. Hairless bodybuilders look as if they're made of rubber - gives me the creeps.

    If I were feeling combative, I'd say that men who prefer women without body hair are repressed paedophiles. But I'm not, so I won't.
  • Morning all - back in the land of the connected. Hope everyone's well and big hugs to anyone who needs them.

    Down the gym at 6.30 last 2 mornings 3.5 & 4km on the treadmill - seems so much further than running outside.

    Barkles - take care on the residential trip, don't forget your super-hero costume in case of emergencies
  • Sassie - nice one, well done you
  • Nick

    I'm not staying over night, jus go along to settle them in and then sit at home waiting for mobile to ring .....

    pop back Sat morn to cheer them all as they go off for the day and then Sunday to help them back..... no rest for the wicked!
  • Have fun, Barkles. I'm sure the kids will feel SO privileged to have the head teacher turn up in person. We did when I was a nipper, possibly because it was the only time we saw the head teacher without being in Very Serious Trouble and about to get the belt.
  • Vrap the little bu**ers get to see a lot of me, I make a point of going into every classroom every day... visible is good.. even do some teaching these days.. about half a day a week, got to keep my hand in...

    Don't want to be some mysterious figure in the office..
  • B - so no leaping over slippery boulders to save drowning cherubs this time then :)
  • My kids' head teachers seem to be very involved too. I think it's great.
  • I had fun with my eye teeth. When the milk teeth didn't budge, the adult ones came thru the roof of my mouth... which was nice!
  • Oooooh! Poor old Pixie!

    I must admit, I've seen a few very people who were barely able to walk due to the jarring pain in their faces after dental work, and who had so many stitches that it looked as if they were trying to swallow a mouthful of drowned spiders. Mine's very minor in comparison.

    I've just opened a letter from an ambulance-chasing firm and they seem to want me to complete a form detailing exactly which bus one of my patients was on when she fell in the aisle and bruised her ego. Essential information includes precise date and time of alleged event, registration number of bus, number of seats, name of driver and his PSV licence details. Hmmm. That's going back untouched in the reply-paid envelope. Just wait till they send for the notes, in which I think I really did record something unhelpful like "bruised ego".
  • One of my kids is growing permanent teeth before the deciduous teeth have come out, Jon. Fortunately, the permanent teeth have come forward on their own when I've eventually been able to part her from the baby teeth.

    Kevin has been told she'll need a brace in about a year. Poor little mite! I think I'll request one that clamps her jaws shut.
  • Braces are good. I had braces for 2 years, but I'm grateful for it now.

  • But don't your trousers fall down now that you don't wear them Jon?
  • LOL

    mornin peeps

    im feeling humumgous and hirsute so this must be for me too !!
  • Ooooh Bune!
  • must have been the cream horns i had last nite on the porkers thread!

    well done on your run and inchloss sassie - i seem to acquired them tho ! :-(
  • Ay-up

    Hope every one's OK

    Suffering fro hay feaver a bit at the mo'

    But going for a swim at lunch time :o)
  • Fruity, end of term already? time flies.

    Bune, I'm sure you look fine.
  • We go back early though :(

    Are you coming to the social Tall? Please? :)
  • When do schools break up for summer ?
  • Talking of which, Will, is it me, or does hayfever get worse when it rains? You would think rain would have the opposite effect on pollen count (and everyone yawns).
  • I thought the rain did dampen the pollen down?

    Most places don't break up for another three weeks.
  • Where's the social Fruity?
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