kent 10k champs

can you enter a county championship race if you do not belong to a club?


  • ?? but your a member.
    or have you dumped them. ?
    or vice versa :)
  • i have resigned, should be solo from july.hence the concern that i cant do the kent champs in aug.or do i qualify cos i live in kent and you dont have to be in a club.
  • oh ! what happened ? although i don't suppose you can say on here.

    can't you email or phone the person(s) who organise the Kent champs to find out ?

    btw, whens your next race ? is it the Red Lion 10K ?
  • tell you when i see you.
    next race is bewl, then tunbridge not red lion as only race once a month then larkfield then wilmington, thats all for now.
    hows you?
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