Digital Pianos

Anyone got one? Anyone played one?
THinking about buying but I'm not sure which? Yamaha Clavinovas seem OK, but wonder if I the cheaper stage pianos are much good? What about Technics n Roland?

Anyone got anyideas, or shall I naff off to or whatever?


  • Buy a real one.
  • haven't got space for a real one. Plus, if i buy digital, I can plug headphones in and only I can hear how bad I am!
  • I'm no expert on pianos, in fact my piano playing makes Les Dawson sound good, but you can get ickle ickle pianos that doesn't really take up much more space than a Clavinova.

    If you want a Clavinova, I believe they now have weighted keys, so they feel a bit more like a real piano...
  • yeah plenty of digi pianos have "real feel" keyboards. just spoiled for choice so I'm bound to make the wrongone. Guess a trip to Chappell of Bond street is in order to try a few out
  • Yup... Never actually been in there, just get stuff sent!
  • Anyway, a keyboard ain't a keyboard unless it has a samba and 16-beat rhythm option.
  • and a cheesey little demo choon.
    It's a quite mind-blowing shop. loadsa sheet music as well as pianos
  • I know they've got loads of sheet music! That's why I use em!
  • cns

    Can't tell you which one to go for, but I did some research a while back. Make sure that you get weighted hammer action. Not quite sure that the sound is the same as an acoustic, but there are plenty of advantages. Tuning an acoustic piano every 6 months or so is such a pain.

    Hope you find the right one. Research on Google, once you've established a price limit.


  • Hi CNS,

    I put off getting a digital piano for ages as they never have same sound as an acoustic. However they are undeniably much more practical! So now I've got both, caused a bit of friction at home by taking up too much space in the living room, my husband naively thought I'd sell my 'real' piano having got the digital one. My suggestion of getting rid of the telly to make more space was rejected.

    Anyway, the best thing in my price bracket was a Kawai ES1, it does have weighted keys, and came with pedal, you can plug in your headphones, play through amp etc. It doesn't have too many fancy sounds, but that's no issue as I'm not interested in sounding like a digital tuba, and it had the best piano sound out of all the ones I tried. The more buttons, the less authentic the actual piano sound.

    However no digital piano will ever be as responsive as an acoustic one. It also has the facility to record 2-3 min snippets and play back which is useful when messing around with chord structures etc.

    In defence of digital pianos, if you're playing with other people you can control the sound/volume and in this respect they are better than acoustic.

    Hope you find something you like.
  • ah i just found stuff about Kawais today. thanks for that info I shall mull it over and probably end up not being able to aford one anyway :~(
  • I've got a Yamaha.

    Wonderful, wonderful purchase. You can play it late at night without annoying anyone (either by turning down the volume or using headphones) and obviously it never needs tuning.

    My mum says it doesn't feel quite like a real one, but I can't really tell the difference myself (but then I play the flute mainly, so what do I know?)

    It was 800 quid five years ago, but they may be cheaper now.
  • Littl'un (12) plays digital at school, but loves her big wooden thing at home (I don't play!). 'There's a word like athletics,' she said, to explain. I think she meant aesthetics. :o)

    (Send positive vibes her way - she has her grade 5 exam on Wednesday).
  • Hi CNS -

    Some of the new digitals are really good now and a lot of it will come down to personal preference - so an afternoon at Chappell's will be well spent. In general, if you're looking for a 'truer' piano sound and key action you'll find it on digitals with fewer voices and features.

    I'd recommend getting the best you can afford - you'll play it far more if you like it....nothing inspires playing more than a piano that sounds good (or demotivates as much as a piano that you can't get a good sound out of no matter how much you try!!)

    All of this has inspired me to head off to my piano to wake up the last of my sleeping neighbours!! (my pride and joy - an upright Steinway that meant I couldn't buy anything else for ages!!!! (and ages)(and ages)!!!)....

    Juliejoo - best of luck for your daughter! Piano exams - eeeeeeek!

    Cheers, Soo.
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