100KM Association

Has anybody heard of this club, a member of it?!

In my infinite wisdom I joined this because I didn't want to join a running club where they meet because it doesn't fit in with my training and to save money on race entry fees.

I heard nothing - cheque cashed - rang secretary who said don't worry will send out some stuff and heard nothing since.

Also they say they're affiliated with English Athletics - club not on website as being affiliated and yet my local clubs are.

I am getting a bit worried that £10 of my money has just gone down the drain. image



  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    oh dear! ive never heard of it.. the more famous online club is ukrunners.net (or similar).
  • I have also recently joined, or rather I sent my money in, but received nothing. Further down the line after emailing various members, it seems that there was some kind of dispute within the organization, which is being rectified.
    I am now in the process of sending in my application for the second time, to Sid Morrison, the current membership secretary.
    At least I am getting emails back, so perhaps things are improving.
    The web site is full of useful info, and I thought that making contact with other 100km members, could well prove to be a very useful resource.
    Happy running,
  • you need to look for supergirl pam on here, she will help
  • I am a member of the club. From recall it did take quite long for my membership to be acknowledge.
  • Hi everyone. Just found this and thought I had better check that all is o.k. Did you all get yourmembership cards in the post? I am the Chairman so if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact me. Hope to be producing a Mercury newsleter before to long. If you have any interesting articles please forward to Kathy Crilley. Her details are on our website www.100kmassociation.org.uk
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