ICC to investigate 5th Ashes Test :(

Just seen this on Reuters, bit of a shock:

The International Cricket Council (ICC) are to carry out an investigation into irregular betting patterns ahead of the 5th and final Australia-England test match in Sydney.

Apparently, some bookmakers took bets on an Australian win...


  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    i can see how some people would bet on the Aussies. We're just not used to an England team deliberately trying to win - well anyone used to following football anyway.
  • Rumours that the Australian cricket team were trapped in the Queensland floods have proven unfounded as they were all out the day before!

    The Australian Cricket Team couldn't get the runs in a curry house.

  • 2005 was a much more exciting series because it as so close overall and indeed so was each match apart from the first one at Lords were they thrashed us.

     However the thrashing we have out this time with three wins by an innings does mean we can gloat a lot more and really get our own back for a few decades of suffering image

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