I don't know anything about runners and I want to get a few new pairs.

I am training for a marathon but along the way I hope to do a few good 10Ks, 5Ks, 5 milers, 10 milers and halfs. I accept that I'll need more than one
pair of runners. I was thinking about some ligthweights for speed work and short races, and something with a bit more cushion for long runs and the actual marathon. Is this all that would be required or am I missing something? What models/brands should I be trying out. I think I'm somewhere between neutral and over pronation.

Any and all help appreciated.


  • Local specialist running shop is the place to start
  • Forgot to mention, I live in Ireland, there are only two running shops in the country, one in cork and one in dublin. I just want to get some advice before I go into the dublin shop, just so I know *sorta* what I'm looking for
  • Am no expert but from info i've gathered it's only worth it to get lightweights if you are a) light b) normal gait and c) quick. In any case don't use lightweights for speedwork - you don't get the benefit when you race.

    For 1/2 and marathon comfort is essential
  • Ahhhhhh I see, I'm not that light (12stone) and not that fast (48 for 10k), so just go for a nice cushioned shoe? Asicis Kayano? or what?
  • Hi TUnney

    As a fellow Irish runner (Dublin) I can recommend taking a visit to Sportsworld in Dublin. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. (Won't try and sell you the most expensive :) ).

    It's about the only shop in Dublin where you can get decent impartial advice. There was a lady who use to work in Arnotts department store in the Sports dept. who was a junior coach with Clonliffe Harriers AC who was also very good but I have not seen her there in a while :(

    Another way of getting advice is if you have a local running club available. They usually have people available who can give imformed advice on shoes etc.

    Good luck and happy running.

  • Cheers Michael, Sportsworld is where I make most of my purchases, I just didn't want to go into Mick or whoever and not now what I wanted. :) Might pop in later today then!
  • Hi Tunney

    I'm not light (14st) or quick (46min for 10K). I have Kayano's for long distance and are dead comfy but weigh >400g. For 10K and shorter I have a pair of Mizunos which are a bit lighter (but still 350g). Psychologically at least i feel I am putting on my speed shoes!!!

    Where is sportsworld, live in the Uk but am often in Ireland on business. We have an office in Ballsbridge
  • Hi Tunney, don't worry about not knowing what you want/need. Go into the running shop and ask questions. If they are any good they won't rip you off, they'll take time to consider your needs and give advice.

    I also have Kayanos and love them. But they don't suit everybody and some people can't get on with Asics so get them to show you a few different shoes that suit your needs.

    Try some on and run up and down the street outside, the salesperson ought to come out with you and look at your gait.


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