I am into week 3 of the RW sub 4:00 marathon training schedule and the one thing I've already developed an aversion for is speedwork.

The first fast 1 miler is ok, but then after my recovery jog, I cant seem to claw back the pace of the first mile... I've got the feeling that I could cope better with short sharp bursts. Does anyone know I can do this instead?

This week's was 1M jog then 3 x 1M fast, with 400m jog recoveries between, then 1M jog. 


  • Its not unusual to go out too fast on the first one.

    Back off a bit, extend your recovery a bit if needed and concentrate on getting your reps in rather than going like a nutter for a mile. Jog / walk the recovery 4400m a lot slower so that your heart rate is almost back to normal before setting off on the next rep, (ABOUT 3.5 min should do it).

    May be an idea to start with 3/4 mile intervals to begin with. Speedwork is supposed to be tough, be achievable, and it really does improve your overall speed - surprisingly quickly!

  • "Short bursts" can be useful, but they have a different purpose to the long intervals you are doing. As Johnny J says, you may well be doing the first interval too fast, getting anaerobic and suffering. "Fast" for this type of session doesn't mean eyeballs out.

    It is often easier to get the pace consistent if you run them with someone else. The pace judgement does get easier with practice (the intervals don't).

  • A 1 mile warm-up is totally inadequate which doesn't help.

    I'd recommend at least 15 minutes (preferably 20+) starting very slowly and finishing at a reasonable clip, followed by at least 4 * 75m strides.  Then you are ready for the session.

  • Brilliant advice - thanks guys! A real help!
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    I am training for a 20 mile race in 8 weeks 5th time doing this race and because in west yorkshire is a killer because of the hills I can do speed work up hills as I live in Saddleworth and is good fun to me
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