Hi guys.

Any advice would be mucb appreciated as always.

i am thinking of starting one day a week, an intense sprint session by my house. I know nothing of the right way to do this, but was basically gonna pick a spot around 80-100m away, run as fast as possible to it, stop, get a breather, slowly walk back and start again.

Is this correct?

any tips please

thank you



  • ged i suppose it depends what your aims are?  there was something similar to this on the one show on monday night have a look on the iplayer. anyway the basics where running flat out for 30 seconds at a time then resting for 30 secs they did this 4 times a night for 3 times a week for 5 weeks and the lad lost a stone i think and improved his fitness.
  • Saw this, whilst he lost weight and improved his metabolic rate he admitted that in no way was he as fit as the woman who ran 20 minutes during the comparison.

    Wasn't the test designed to show how to quickly improve your health whilst not needing to do long periods of exercise.

  • g - what's the aim of the sprint sessions??

    for the sake of it or some other plan??

    there is a training philosophy called Tabata intervals where you go balls out for a very short period; short rest; balls out again and repeat a number of times. supposed to improve VO2 max and improve fat burning.

    more here - Tabata protocol
  • Not sure fb, have a look here and forward to 08:20 to see what happened.

  • no gaz what he said was he would rather run the 4 minutes rather than the 20 she was doing. his own fitness increased 50%. how he would go on in a 10k or half marathon we'll never know but doin short bursts along with normal training is proven to work
  • hi guys.some interesting information there.

    basically i am doing the half marathon in march for the third time, and (hopefully) the full for the first in october.

    ive got a (and i say it loosely) "mate", who is a bit of a smart arse, but hes not the type of fella you would go to for advice. Anyway he made s comment to me in football a while ago "bloody hell mate, youve gone slow you, this long distance running is doing no good for your explosion"

    "oh aye?"

    "yeah, you've replaced all your fast twitch fibres, with slow ones doing long runs"...

    now this may be nonsense, i really don't know. But to be fair to him as a kid i was really explosive over short yards but couldnt run distances at all.

    Now i'm 31 i can run 9min miles but struggle stepping up the pace.

    i thought in addition to my runs that if i do one sprint session a week, it can only help!
  • well i cant see it doing any harm, as long as there is adequate rest, ive just started reading galloways book its very interesting, he advocates faster sessions within a session a couple of times a week
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