Best Tri Suit for the larger man

Hi all,

 Does anyone know which make of tri suit to got for if you are a large man - I am 6ft 1" tall 18 stone with a 48" chest - 2xu and others are very tight, even in the xxl sizes.


  • they are meant to be tight - no getting away from that as that helps under wetsuits and streamlining on the bike. tight is fine if they have some give but that will depend on material used. your height isn't an issue but your general size and chest is the limiter

    go talk to a decent tri shop and ask advise - not all will stock XXL sizes as they won't have a big market for them, but many can get them in for you to try. and take a shufty at some of the supplier websites and check their sizing charts out and see what they make - then you can approach some of the retailers with ideas.

  • cheers fb - think i need a one piece as the 2xu top looks like a boob tube on me!
  • the problem with 2 pieces and us larger chaps is the display of "muffin roll" which is why I prefer to race in a 1 piece - not too bothered on the bike as we are bent over, but deffo for the run!

    I like 2XU shorts for comfort but have yet to find a top that's long enough to cover said roll although Orca tend to fit well for us larger sizes - bought one last summer and it seemed OK but only raced in it once at the season's end for a sprint tri
  • I will have to take a trip up to TFN and have a look in the Orca section for an Orca sized suit, thanks for the advice FB and will have to post a fun pic when i am kitted out!
  • Morning gents. I have larger moobs and have similar height and size issues. I have been looking at some women's suits for comfort in certain areas and support (which is probably a little crazy). 
    Id be grateful for advice on good supportive trisuit. I have a Zone3 which is fair and lasted for 3 seasons but would like a choice. Many thanks.
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