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I'm going to Disneyland Paris for 5 days next month with the wife and kids for 5 days. This happens to be right in the middle of my marathon training so i'm planning on doing some running when I'm there. Has anyone done this before or does anyone know if there are suitable routes around the resort for running?


  • I went there the week before London 2 years ago, so did my final 8 mile run there. I was staying in one of the hotels next to the main lake, so I just waited until the evening when it was quieter and ran round the lake multiple times - it's fully lit. It was about 1.5 miles round as I recall, all on wide footpath with a few ups and downs over bridges, but nothing you could class as a hill. The only bit you have to watch out for is where you run across the top of the main shopping street as there can be a lot of people wandering round and they really aren't paying attention to where they're going and the kids especially can suddenly move in any random direction. Also watch out for the people on the 4-seater bikes - some of them will try to race you, especially the groups of young lads who've had a few beers, but few of them can keep up running pace for more than about 30 or 40 yards, and they have no hope up the inclines to the bridges. It was fun to slow down just enough to give them hope and make them work harder, then just slowly pick the pace back up and listen to the recriminations about who wasn't pedalling hard enough - they always seemed to be Brits!
  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Are you staying in the resort? Or nearby?

    As BOTF says you can do laps of the lake (which isnt inside the park, but is in the village so lots of bars ), but if you staying at one of the nearby hotels there's plenty of roads to run on which are very quiet in the evenings. This should help you get a feel for the space. If you need more info I can ask my friend who works there.

    5 days of disney food though image Take some bananas and some dried fruit with you - you will WANT fresh food trust me! 

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Im staying at the Disney Hotel Cheyenne Curly so should be able to get round the lake as BOTF has suggested.

    Good point about the food though. We were planning on taking some cereal bars and things for the kids but might need to think about taking some for me as well!
  • Leslie - As mentioned above, the run around the lake is really nice.   I think it's next to the Newport Bay Hotel (or something like that).   I did multiple laps and used it for fartlek training!   Agree about the Disney food - get something else and have fun!

  • Leslie I ran on the roads outside the resort, its fairly quiet,. The area around the lake was a bit crowded for me. The food in the hotels is actually quite good if pricey, on  a plus side they sell beer all over the place, keeps you sane!
  • Ah beer, it's full of carbs isn't it?
  • Leslie i've stayed at the Cheyenne and the kids loved it, the lake is nearby and I also ran there. If you go into the train station I think the shop there stocks some fruit/smoothies..etc. You will get sick of hotdogs and mickey shaped burgers.

    Good luck WR
  • Ps. Take a water bottle with you and bottles for the kids and fill up at the free water fountains. I spent a fortune on bottled water.
  • I just checked my Garmin records and the lap around the lake is actually only just over a mile - shorter than I remembered. Don't forget to look for the fish while you're running - there's some really impressive grass carp in the lake (steal a bread roll from breakfast and feed them).
  • Ah thanks WR for the tip about the free water fountains. We were talking about taking bottles of water/juice for the kids but that's good to know about the free water fountains.

    Will need to remember to show the kids the fish in the lake BOTF.

    Thanks again.
  • We escaped to Paris for a day for culture and edible food. As Curly says, the quiet country roads are full of possibilities.
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