Manchester Bupa 10K

Hi Guys,

I'm doing my first 10K in May. This being the Bupa Manchester 10K.

Iv'e never done this distance but im a regular 5K runner.

Any advice will be much appreciated.



  • Can't believe you'll have a problem, just increase your milage gradually, if you get used to running just over the distance regularly you should find it a breeze image

    The course is flat, it'll just be the 'runners' 5 abrest you might find a bit frustrating, but enjoy the day and you can't knock the atmosphere.


  • yea the easiest thing is to simply build up and pick a victim on the day to pace yourself against i try to pick more than one to keep my self going
  • Has anyone got a spare ticket for the Manchester 10K?
    If so please contact me on 07971757575,

  • I've done this one a few times, and here's what I've learned...

    Get into the pens early if you want to get away quickly. It does mean you won't be able to fit in much of a running warmup, but it does get very, very crowded. If the pens fill up the bouncers won't let you in.

    If you are in the orange wave, look out for the elites coming back the other way on the dual carriageway. If you are towards the front of the pack you should see the elite women, and if you are at the back you should see the men. Blimey, they're quick!

    Start to pick up your pace when the big Hilton hotel comes into view as it should only be a few km to go then.

    Good luck!
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