Milford 21

Has anyone signed up for this event yet?

I understand it is a difficult event to organise, obtaining the necessary permits, marking the course the day before, lots of Marshalls spending upto 5 hours helping out.

It would be a pity if it were to cease, a real opportunity to run a difficult course in pleasant surroundings, with dare I say good company.


  • Delighted to find this the end of Feb rather than clashing with Rhayder round the lakes so I can do both and it'll be the first 20+ miler this year!

    I'm going to download a form right now and fill it in!

    Love this race , had some good times here and bad times but it's always been great.
  • Sent off my form!

    Just need to shift this cold!
  • Sent off for this one today. I've been told to expect a tough course. Anyone offer any info about the course. I'm doing this as training run for Stratford Marathon
  • I did this in 2003 before the Paris marathon and it is a tough course lots of different terrain, small field uphill and down dale but enjoyable never the less. Good training for a marathon though.
  • If anyone does this they can do a marathon easily! It's tough!
  • I shall be doing this one, it's been recommended by my running chums. Im doing the Paris Marathon too, so this will be good training. I've heard its as hard as a marathon with all the hills etc.


  • Done this one 3 times now, and it really is a good race. Beautiful scenery and a tough one, but thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely excellent training for a marathon, and I certainly recommend doing it. I won't be running it this year though - got the Barry Track 40 instead!
  • Go to Go to the Photo page and look at the photo's from last year's race. That will show you the terrain. There are also photo's from previous years on there.
  • I have to say I'm in real trouble here - a bad ankle , a mixture of too many miles , bad gait , a short leg and goodness knows what else has left me well short of the miles I need not to have this race turn into a disaster. Many years ago I made a right mess of this and barely made it.

    I'm seriously worried.
  • There is no doubt this is a challenging race, does it put some runners off?

    A relay race is being considered for next year, to run along side the main event. 3 x 7 miles, or 4 x 5.5 miles, depending on appropriate change over points.

    Would this get the numbers up, and ensure the event continues?

    Thoughts, and comments, please. 

  • I wasn't aware number were an issue? online entry on here would push up number for sure, nowadays many don't like sending off forms etc.

    I'm feeling a little better about my shin/ankle today, went to the gym to do light bike having done nothing since my 16 miler on Sunday. I did bike and core then having watched a few people use Powerplate machines I had a go - stretching and doing shin stretches whilst on it as it vibrates, I was skeptical given how these machines are sen as an easy way to fitness.

    But to be brutally frank I can walk now without pain, it feels ten times better than before after just 30 mins. So I'll be off to the gym tomorrow and Sat then try my planned 18 miler Sunday.

    Even then I feel now I could take on Milford whereas just a few days ago I was genuinely worried. I hate the desperation you get when injured , I worry that even if lucifer himself popped up and offered me injury free running I take it!
  • Feel much better today after an 18.5 miler , this dodgy ankle isn't as bad as last week at this time. I'm as ready as I'll ever be for next week1
  • Couple of questions - can you help?  

    I'm intending to enter on the day on Sunday. Does anyone know what time registration needs to be completed by?

     Also, in ligjht of the recent rain are we looking at usual trainers or trail shoes - is is time to bring back out the Innovates?

  • You definateley need trail shoes instead of normal road shoes.
  • Cheers Rob

    It does say normal shoes on the entry form though - is thisjust being weather optimistic?

  • Trail shoes it is then! Cheers, I was going to ask this.

  • It's all off road and can be very slippy up the hills , if you've trails wear them , I always wear roads and get on OK but I'm not going quick
  • Cheers mate. Looking forward to this, in a weird and apprehensive way!!
  • Hi guys, hope you had fun in the mud today!  I took a bunch of pics at the 17 mile point,

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