Oh the shame...



  • I've got Kevlar in my new socks. Dunno why - I have no problems with snipers as yet.
    Or maybe I do, and owe my life to my faithful bullet proof socks ?
  • I can't believe you iron your socks!
  • Hooray for women in vans picking up ironing! Hooray Hooray. Third on the list of things/people to worship after red wine and chocolate...
  • Looking through the classified ads in your local paper / postcards in post office windows / word of mouth eg asking other mums/dads at the school... Or you could try putting a postcard in the shop window?

    What will you do without your ironing Tim? It sounds vaguely like you are on the first step to recovery...it is possible to live without ironing (she says having been up at 6am ironing long sleeved school shirt for small boy who marched into my bedroom at 5.30am clutching said shirt and saying "I think I'll wear this today mummy". My response was slightly less cheerful, but I still got up because I was feeling guilty about you ironing at ridiculous hours in the morning!)
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