Why do we cry

What is it that makes us all Blub when we finish an event, It does'nt matter how hard you try it just wells up.


  • i usually try hard ot to be sick.
  • Do we ?

    Never happened to me - even on the first FLM I was left feeling strange at the finish - I'd thought emotion would get the best of me there.

    Might have had a tear in my eye on Tower Bridge - that was amazing, but it could have been the wind.
  • ot = not
  • I reckon I'd have cried when I finished my first marathon but I had no moisture left in me !!

    Now I fill up just watching it on the box
  • Cougie, a tear at tower bridge makes you a wimp like the rest of us.
  • Spose so ! ;-)
  • It was the church Just after the red start playing Chariots of fire that started me off, my little chest puffed out with pride and off I went.
  • I blub at anything normally, but have never cried at the end of a race. Mustn't be trying hard enough.
  • V-rap - try imagining you left your car keys at the start - that should do the trick !
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